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Re: cdcool's 15 min Quarter: CPU vs CPU (Watched General Manager) Madden 23 sliders

Originally Posted by forme95
LOL, I meant that just more as a wow. Just a surprising jump in amount of injuries. More variety of players though which is a nice change. Had a Punter go out for 4 weeks. Wasnt saying anything was really wrong. 154 plays, I didnt realize it got that high. Ive been thinking around 137 for plays. Good to know.
By both, I meant main menu and cfm. I was still using Orye, where he had 52 inj and 50 fatg in main menu and 25 inj and 65 fatg in cfm.
Still love the old set. Games still playing great. I just made the injury jump, so injury 52 and 65 fatigue are both in the main menu and cfm.
OH! LOL Okay, my mistake I agree then, the games are Playing well!
65 is working fine in the Main and in The Game, as I said before having different numbers in both does nothing from my Testing.

I recommend everyone use what I have, not a variation, especially if you are seeing issues so I can fix it, Otherwise don't report it in here.

The Old set was not working stat wise, after the Patch, that's why there is a New one.

100% of what I'm using only, it confuses people if you are not.
Madden Xbox and PC 24 (CPU vs CPU), Footbal Mogul 24 (CPU vs CPU), Front Office Football 7/8 (CPU vs CPU), NBA 2K23 (CPU vs CPU), and several Military and 4X PC simulations.

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