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Re: 2023 Offseason Thread

He's a dynamic QB that is like a wildcard. He can single-handedly win you a handful of games throughout the course of a season, but there are questions about the ceiling of any Lamar led team.

Baltimore has had such a unique offense with him at the helm, its very difficult to compare or gauge him in the context of other NFL QBs.

Maybe Baltimore was mistaken to craft their entire offense around Lamar's unique skillset. Maybe if they ran a more conventional offense and had his playmaking on top of that we wouldn't be having this conversation and Lamar wouldn't be available. Or maybe he would not succeed in such an offense.

With Lamar, teams have to ask 3 questions:
1. Are we willing to change our entire offensive identity?
2. Would Lamar be worth the price if we ran a conventional NFL offense?
3. Can he stay healthy?

Setting aside the two firsts (because if thats all it was he would undoubtedly be worth the risk), with the contract that Lamar is demanding if the answer to those 3 questions are no, the team isn't going to be able to escape that contract for at minimum 4 years. I love Lamar, he's the most fun player to watch in the league, but as long as those questions remain with his asking price, pulling the trigger to sign him is definitely not a no-brainer
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