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Re: NBA Live 19: Five Reasons Why the Game Is Still Fun Today

Originally Posted by CujoMatty
I actually spent the weekend getting a use able current roster. Moved all the players included in the game to their correct teams then filled out the rosters with FA scrubs.

I then went through and matched the ratings with the ratings from 2k23 as a lot of things have changed since 19. Example would be Blake Griffin is a 92 in live 19 and a 75 in 2k23.

I then created 15 of the top missing guys like Zion, Ja Morant, RJ Barrett etc. I got the roster glitch after 19 guys on my first try but I might try to add some few more. Honestly though this game would be completely relevant if not for that dumb glitch. Oh well making the best out of it.

Anyways started a new franchise and am having an absolute blast.

Thanks for reminding me I should still play this.

Hi there, I am doing the same and when filling in the other players, I tend to pick the best FA who actually used to play on that team, say Lou Will I put him on the Hawks, so that would make all the teams no teams have strong rookies since after 2019

And in terms of creating players, I heard that after 5 created players or so there is a glitch, may I ask what exactly the glitch is? Is it all those created players will turn bald or something? I never heard someone is about to create 19 players, thatís a lot and if I can confirm with you that no glitch will occur till then, I will do the same manÖ

For the franchise mode, do CPU donít do any trades?

Lastly, what sliders/setting are you using?

Sorry for the many words.
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