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Re: ML's Madden 24 All-Pro Sliders

Originally Posted by ML
Hello All!

This is my first attempt at providing gameplay sliders for franchise mode in Madden 24. After using many other's on this forums and then tinkering from there, I decided to post my own this year in an attempt to give back as well as share what I am seeing and tracking my own data. Shoutout to A&S, Kenobi, Matt10, and many others for giving us base sets to work off of as well as paving the way for slider testing / utilizing the community's feedback in a collaborative effort to find some solid gameplay sliders. Without further ado; please see below.

BETA V1.0 *8/22/2023*
Note: There will not be an official finalized set until HFA is fixed (assuming this happens sooner rather than later). I believe momentum is still a large factor in deciding gameplay outcomes, so there will have to be adjustments made after the player is finally able to turn it off.

Skill Level: All-Pro
Game Style: Simulation
Quarter Length: 12 Minutes
Min. Play Clock: 15 Seconds
Passing Type: Classic
Auto Flip: On
Ball Hawk: On
Heat Seeker: Off
Switch Assist: Off
Injuries: 40
Fatigue: 65
Speed Parity Scale: 75

QBA: 35
Pass Block:25
WR Catching:50
Run Block: 0
Fumbles: 48
Reaction Time:60
Pass Coverage:65
Tackling: 50
FG Power:55
FG Accuracy:32
Punt Power:45
Punt Accuracy:42
Kickoff Power:50

Pass Block:45
WR Catching:50
Run Block:35
Reaction Time:65
Pass Coverage:75
Tackling: 55
FG Power:55
FG Accuracy:32
Punt Power:45
Punt Accuracy:42
Kickoff Power:55

All 99 except Roughing the Passer @ 50

In Game Coaching Adjustments:
Ball In Air Defense: Play Ball
Cornerback Matchup: Depth Chart

Again, shoutout to the OS Veterans on laying the foundation for these sliders. All credit goes to them. I will be posting results below as well as comments on the games that I play. Please feel free to provide feedback as I believe having as many eyes on this as possible is the best way to create the perfect game sliders.

Happy Gaming!
These look very nice and well thought out. The only thing I donít understand is why a lot of slider makers lower punt lower and accuracy? Have you seen how the cpu shags every punt? They need all the help they can get. 50/50 worked fine I thought bud accuracy should be 100.
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