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Re: NBA 2K24 Attention to detail Roster (PS5 & Xbox Series S/X)

Hi everyone, the final version of the ATD 2K24 Opening Night roster is finally out! In this version you'll have
  • new tendencies scales after months of testing that will bring out the best gameplays as we possibly can
  • a fully edited G-League roster (all credit to cdk10, nynb1129, DerekCross85, br82186, JotaKelmer and nba2kleague_ for their amazing work)
  • attributes and tendencies updates for rookies and some players after the first 10-12 games of the season
  • correct opening night injuries duration
  • updated accessories for all 30 teams based on the first games of the seasons
  • accurate sig edits (shots, free throws, pullups, dribbles, etc) for all the players (all credit to ZayTreece for his incredible work)
  • updated and automated CPU rotations, the CPU will set the most realistic rotation even after injuries/transactions
  • a lot of sim stats edits to bring values as close to real life as possible

We also set up two scenarios, one starting on opening night and one starting today (11/21) with correct picks, teams records and injuries (credit to Deflo) + our MynBA setting and the ATD Gameplay sliders (starting from superstar)

Opening Night Roster: ATD 2K24 Open. Night
Opening Nigth Scenario: ATD 2K24 x Deflo
Start Today Scenario: ATD Start Today 11/21

Latest transactions roster (Harden, Theis to the Clippers & more): ATD Live Transactions

MyNBA Sliders: ATD MyNBA Sliders
Gameplay sliders: ATD 2K24 Sliders (from all star to HOF, game speed 50, check the#sliders-and-clips section in Discord Server for more sets from other creators)

All under my tag CelticLG5

Big thanks to everyone involved once again

If see this a little DLC for 2K and you want to support the project and say thanks to us here's my and our Patreon where you can also unlock exclusive tools for your gaming experience like the MyNBA Random Event Generator with 250+ events has just been released! The new version is here, with a new period addition: the Summer League!

Be ready to spice up your myNBA save and live in a unique universe using our new updated tool with 250+ possible events in 10 different periods of the NBA life (Regular Season pre and post deadline, trade deadline, playoffs, coaching carousel, draft combine, NBA Draft, Free Agency, Summer League and training camp). Just insert 0 or 1 in the "DRAW THE EVENT" section of every page and you'll have your new scenario to follow, then draw a team and eventually a player with our two generators in the right side of the file. In the first page of the tool you'll have my personal recommendations on how many events to draw in each period, and at the last page the Personal Reasons Generator too!

For any question regarding the roster and generator send me a DM here or on Discord, and let me know if you like and if you have any suggestion!

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