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Re: Kudos to EA: Madden NFL 24 sets new sales records!

Went through my 10 hr and played the free weekend. I must admit, the gameplay is just perfect. I feel like they finally got it right with everything other than penalties. I wish I could put $70 to only support the effort that's happening, but I don't think I'm ready to pay full price just yet (haven't legitimately bought Madden since M20).

I think this iteration gave me that feeling of excitement that I haven't felt in a while with Madden. It's on its way to being a great game, but there are still things that bug me and prevent me from not waiting till the gamepass release. Injuries, weather, penalties, presentation/commentary, "everything you see on Sundays" aspect, etc. are still are bugs me. So now that they have the gameplay in the right spot, I see them focusing on all that plus QOL things and Franchise next year

Madden finally feels like it's back on track though. EA, keep Dueces' influence going
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