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Re: NHL 24 Gameplay Video - Edmonton Oilers vs. Vegas Golden Knights (Superstar Diffi

Originally Posted by PernellKarl076
Flopidy flop, flopidy flop, flopidy flop !

That is gonna be my last post on NHL24. Watching this video more than 5 minutes hurts my brain, it hurts my soul…

Watching all these icons on the ice, watching that tunnel of doom Fortnite emote when you score a goal, seeing 40 hip checks in a game, 30 tries of the Michigan and seeing goalies face first doing the pretzel having a seizure on the ice….

Also seeing that they didn’t give any love for the offline community for how many years in a row now ? It's another slap in the face. This game is clearly not for me… To each their own…

Have fun to all of you that can’t wait for this game. I wish you all the best !

Sincerely !
Absolutely agree with you. This game in the video is looking terrible.
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