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Re: NHL 24 Gameplay Video - Edmonton Oilers vs. Vegas Golden Knights (Superstar Diffi

Originally Posted by MizzouRah
Game looks slowed down on default, which is good. I honestly don't mind the icons and stuff, at least they are trying new things, unlike Madden.
I can assure you: It's NOT... Game runs at the same "ludicrous" speeds by default. The game was obviously tweaked for the video to make it look more tame, or running on default FULL SIM presets.

It still looks too fast to me. Skating still looks floaty, rotation of the players on the ice still looks completely off. Don't even get me started on the goalies... That first goal? Where the goalie flops around and makes back to back saves, only to not even move when he takes the puck behind and around the net and attempts a sliding blocking butterfly save when he gets the wrap around? ... *sigh*

Why didn't the goalie FLOP or dive to make a save there? Why didn't he go spread eagle or, i don't know, MOVE WITH AN URGENCY TO DO HIS FUSHLUGGINAH JOB AND SAVE THE PUCK!!!

I'm not disputing the fact that it was probably going to be a goal anyways. I'm disputing the fact that the goalie does NOTHING while he moves to the other side for 2 whole seconds, and when he does move, he does the WRONG save animation (what goalie in the NHL or even in the MINOR LEAGUES, goes for a sliding butterfly save attempt when going from one post to the other???)

Sister Mary-Francis... I can't. And they had to pick NASHER to narrate the vid... God! I couldn't stand more than 3 and a half minutes of his innane, over-hyped drivel. Ugh!
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