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Re: Perimeter Defense Seems Way Too Tight - Smothering

I totally agree, it's loke everytime I play the game, it had a different feeling.

Few days ago to me it was playing perfect, quite possibly the best version of 2k I have played jn a long time.

Yesterday, shooting felt a bit weird and off

Today, it's like as soon as u cross half court, defense is smothering and by the time I get a shot off, I usually miss.

This is not a skill thing, I know thats the common excuse, and it's not that I want AI defense to be easy, as I love defense. As I said 2 days ago it was playing great, I lost some , won some, it was challenging and fun.

But 3 days, 3 different game play feelings, it's very un predictable and takes away the fun.

I really want to get a Mynba going but it's hard to with how the game plays different everyday until it's just uncomfortable and not fun.
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