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Re: Perimeter Defense Seems Way Too Tight - Smothering

Originally Posted by Rori Daed
YES! I forgot to mention this as well! It's as if which each passing day the defense gets tighter and tighter on the perimeter... what's the point of improving the spacing in the game if you can hardly move without constant bumping and hip riding and a complete inability to free yourself for outside jumpshots beyond a complete defensive breakdown?
Yup not to mention the bumping drains your adrenaline and then when I try to get up a midrange shot, it will miss or is highly contested.

Few days ago, It was paying really well, I was playing great then the AI made some adjustments and then came back and won, but I never felt cheated!!. I felt the defense improved and adjusted to what I was doing and then they won.

Right now, it just feels off and just not enjoyable.
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