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NHL Legacy 23-24 Roster x360

Another year, another Legacy roster in the works. This will be my version of the 23-24 rosters for NHL Legacy for the x360 (RPSC3 users, see note section). Once ready, this file will only contain updated NHL and AHL rosters. No other league will be touched. I’d say this roster will best for season, playoff, and exhibition play. THIS ROSTER IS and WILL NOT BE A GM FRIENDLY.

Initial release: Completed
Next update: TBD

- You’ll find LTIR/IR either on NHL rosters or AHL squad roster based on their estimated recovery time
- All rookies currently on rosters have been created and added to their appropriate team
- Updated all player positions according to official team rosters
- Player ratings and styles updated. Ratings may not be how you see them. My suggestion, update whatever you want to update.
- Goalie equipment will not be updated at this time.
- Carey Price (G), Robin Lehner (G) ratings have been lowered due to their inability to play.

General Notes about these files
- Vegas, Seattle, Henderson, & Coachella Valley Firebirds, are custom teams. Rosters are accurate and can be substituted in game modes
- In-game, the Kraken are announced as team Kazakhstan. No, I cannot fix it. No idea why this change in commentary occurred.
- I suggest utilizing the team strategies for each team. You can create and save them. See the NHL 23 section for team strategies as someone updated each team there.
- I CANNOT guarantee that this is going to convert flawlessly for PS saves.
** FOR THOSE OF YOU WITH RPSC3, you can use this tutorial to learn how to take the database for this file and convert it to work with the PS3/RPSC3 saves**
- How do I get this on my xbox?

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