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Re: ESPN NHL 2K5 (2024) Mod for PS2/PCSX2

Originally Posted by devils17
NHL 09 PS2 doesn't have good emulation; it's really slow to render. Can't do PS3/360 games cause no emulator works well enough on my computer; we're not there yet with the optimization. Those are the last great games though (NHL 14, 2K8/10).

True. The problem is, I can't really find a truly great hockey game that I'm satisfied with 100%---

NHL 94 - Greatest ever, but no season mode.
NHL Hitz 20-03 - So fun, but the 3v3 gets stale after a while, and no franchise mode; season only.
NHL 2004 - Dynasty mode is cool, but you can trade your 1st round pick for an All-Star and stack your roster and win the cup every year. Plus the gameplay is jarring.
NHL Hitz Pro - Would be perfect outside of no line changes mid-action and the game forces a goal, icing or goalie cover; also no franchise mode.
ESPN NHL 2K5 - Harder difficulties means the game will give random puck physics as turnovers to the other team. PBP audio is compressed, and the PS2 crowd is 2D. Also the dated rules.

The problem with 2K6-2K10 (PS2) is that every one of them doesn't render out widescreen properly, 2K5 for the most part does. The skating in 2K5 also feels better cause of the physics and the players feel like humans rather than robots. Their presentation also suffers with lackluster graphics and boring commentary, let alone glitches like constant ice skating (2K10) or nets not being lined up on goal lines (2K8). 2K5 is the best out of the bunch, with 2K7 coming in second.

Modern CHEL - They're catering to streamers that whine, so defense is removed and the offline AI cheats with board pin suctioning and takeaways you can't replicate as a user, or you'll get a penalty.

It's hard finding that perfect hockey game haha. The lessest evil is just playing modern chel and being used to the BS just to have "fun" online with your buddies and pray the game gets better over time.
Thank you for explaining yourself.
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