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Re: Major League Baseball 2K7 Review (360)

I would like to smack the programmer who left in the switch hitting during the at bat. I think it is the RB on the X360 controller. This person definitely didnít play baseball or maybe he was thinking it was a wiffle ball game or something. We used to do that when we were kids. I know it has happened during an MLB game but maybe 3 times in 100 years. Thatís ridiculous even having that in the game. The programmers also had the smarts to have Morgan and Miller say some thing about it while it happens. This game is improved from 06 but I would say it deserves only a 7. Some good a lot of bad. Any one have a player just freeze with the ball while the runner takes 2nd base Maybe it is my controller wearing down but I was pressing the button and nothing happened. The runner took 2nd with no problem.
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