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Out of the Park Baseball 2007 Preview (PC)

We have just posted our Out of the Park Baseball 2007 preview. Find out what Chris Sullivan thinks about the game, so far.
"There are very few games, console or PC, that dominate a genre the way Sport Interactiveís Out of the Park Baseball series has here in the United States. Itís the ultimate in text-based simulation for stat geeks like myself. After only a year off, the series returns to the virtual diamond with Out of the Park Baseball 2007, and from my early look, it could be the best yet.

While most of the new features are only recognizable to those familiar with the series, some significant tweaks were made to the user interface, making it much easier to navigate for those coming on board for the first time in 2007. Last yearís game wasnít my first experience with the OOTP series, but it was easily the first of the series that I put a good amount of time into. With that said, the user interface was perhaps a major deterrent for those new to the series. I was often contacting friends to guide me in the right direction. With 2007, this didnít seem to be the case. While it could just be my experiences with 2006 talking, the slick interface was the first thing to jump out at me as I opened up the game for the first time."
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