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GT5 Prologue vs PGR4 (PS3)

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GT5 Prologue vs PGR4 (PS3)

CVG has the scoop.

" AI wise, again it's brilliant. The CPU cars make mistakes, react to changing situations and battle with each other. You'll see towards the end of the Eiger Nordwand course that one of the CPU cars goes into a tight right-hander with too much speed, which allows another car to catch up, and barge each other in a fight for the load."

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Re: GT5 Prologue vs PGR4 (PS3)

That site needs to be slapped for that comparison video...

PGR looked way better and actually moved like it had speed.

GT5 looks like its moving really slow, even at 145 miles an hour, thats horrible....
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GT5 not enough speed huh? I'll tell you what. Grab yourself a Bugatti and head to the Nurb. Now here is the putting. Drive as fast as you can with out hitting any walls. What happened? You made a mistake? Maybe you where traveling to fast to make the correct judgement? I will admit when you start into any GT it can be very slow (lame) but as you progress you will find cars that are moving so fast there hard to maintain. Now the real life comparison. Pushing down the interstate @ a buck 30. I can still see the road, trees, cars. it doesn't really look that fast. But I can feel it, in the way the car handles. Just the way it looks and handles in GT. Amazing.
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Re: GT5 Prologue vs PGR4 (PS3)

it looks amazing, can't wait
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Re: GT5 Prologue vs PGR4 (PS3)

I've been to the ring so to speak, my wife was driving at 20 MPH and I never felt so scared!
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Re: GT5 Prologue vs PGR4 (PS3)

The lighting looked pretty spot on in GT. Nice and natural.

Otherwise it is still PGR4 for me. (Mainly because I don't own a PS3)
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Re: GT5 Prologue vs PGR4 (PS3)

Thanks for giving information about this and really i like it and can't wait.
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