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Old 01-04-2019, 05:36 PM   #1
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Considering purchasing HELP!

is SMB2 a significant upgrade from SMB1? Both on sale... 1 is 3.99 and 2 is 16. is it worth the 13 dollar difference to buy 2?

Also... is there roster sharing, or just strictly I make all my own stuff.

I'm on console

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Re: Considering purchasing HELP!

Buy SMB2, not SMB1. Full team creation, logo editor, and for those that like online play it has that. The player models aren't quite as cartoony in 2, but it still has a fun arcade style look.

SMB1 is way more shallow, less teams, less modes, no online play, no team creation. Not worth it.

Gameplay feels pretty similar. I went about 7-8 months between playing SMB1 and then playing SMB2 and honestly it feels the same to me.

I'm on XB1. No sharing.
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Re: Considering purchasing HELP!

PV answered pretty much all of it, but the gameplay has also been significantly refined in SMB2 for me. The controls and such are the same, but there are a lot of under the hood tweaks that have just made much more sense from the previous game.

The customization shows moments of robustness, and then it shows its many deficiencies at the same time. I have fun with it though and is definitely worth owning this version to have.
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Re: Considering purchasing HELP!

I think SMB2 is one of the best baseball games I've ever played. It's just fun and the customization options just add to that. If you've got the time to make your own teams, you'll get a lot of mileage out of it.
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Re: Considering purchasing HELP!

Bought SMB2... LOVE IT. Began creating a team with my friends and family on it. I have missed out for a long time. Love the game. It's just fun

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Re: Considering purchasing HELP!

It's actually not bad for a Beatles movie!
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Re: Considering purchasing HELP!

definitely my game of the year for 2018.
such a great game.
hopefully they keep making stadiums for it
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Re: Considering purchasing HELP!

I played the demo for 2. Loved it and bought it. Played it a lot. Created my own team with some awesome uniforms. Great game.
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