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Grand Slam Tennis 2 PS3 impressions

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Re: Grand Slam Tennis 2 PS3 impressions


Are you allowing others to upload these for their own personal use as well? Thanks!
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Re: Grand Slam Tennis 2 PS3 impressions

Just curious... what are you guys using to establish the characteristics? Do you really know all these players well enough to know all their CAP numbers?
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Icon5 Re: Grand Slam Tennis 2 PS3 impressions

How do you access the player's different attires?

The secondary outfits were available for Djokovic and Nadal in the demo but I don't see them in game.

Do you have to unlock them and if so how?
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Sony Move controls

Silly of me, it just occurred to me that I could try the Move controls on the PS3 demo.

Just my opinion here of course, but I think the controls work very well. Yes, the response is better than the Wii Motion Plus. The way I judge whether motion controls are good is this: am I more aware of making the right moves with the controller than I am about making the right move in the game. Example: when I play Mario Galaxy or Mario Kart on the Wii, I don't have to think about whether I'm holding the control the right way or contorting my wrists into strange bent angles to get the character on the screen to respond. But recently I played GoldenEye on the Wii and the entire time I was figuring out what the boundaries of movement were and trying to factor in the delay of the controller. Even the NES Zapper didn't have that problem. In Grand Slam 1, though it's very smooth, half the time I was reminding myself that a topspin swing is more like THIS and that a slice is the other way and more top to bottom than side to bottom. So, while I'm "playing tennis" and trying to have a 1:1 experience, my arms and body are playing some other thing very similar to tennis but not really. I don't think the fake movements are as big of a problem in other motion control games because they're just representation of obscure actions. But holding a controller is so organically like holding a racket that to do anything but actually swing naturally with the controller seems counter-intuitive and a bit like rubbing your stomach and patting your head at the same time. And who wants that experience while playing a game? And that's when the racket isn't turning inside out on you because the controller has lots its calibration.

However, gladly the PS3 Move controls on Grand Slam 2 don't suffer from that problem. I was actually finding myself placing topspin cross court balls near my opponents baseline and gently dropping a shot just beyond the net or running down a ball and cleverly slicing it back to center so I could have more time to get back in position. The controls work because in my head and in my hands, I'm "playing tennis". Because of that and the fact that I can always switch to the regular controller if I want to, I'm going with the PS3 version instead. It makes me think less, and play more.

Now the only thing left to consider before going to the store today is, assuming a patch may be released, is it safer to think the patch will be out sooner for 360 than for PS3 as usual? Cause that could seal the deal. And even if there is a patch, will that patch do more harm than good? (Hands up everyone who misses having the one cartridge and that's that. And if parts of the game sucked you worked around it.)

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Re: Grand Slam Tennis 2 PS3 impressions

oK guys, let'see. You know, Grand Slam Tennis 2 may no be perfect, but for it's a great game. I mean, career mode is disappointig, but see the good things: you can play a 128-players tournament, you can create 30 pros, and i don't know why so many people says that CPU never made an unforced error! I play yesterday (at Pro Level) my first entire match:

Ex. Tournament, Geneve: Bjorn Borg (me) vs MaliVai Washington (CPU):

i won 4-6, 6-1, 7-5 . The CPU made 26 unforced errors, me it's ok to me...

Listen to me: i have created 27 pros, and i started my first Custom Tournament (geneve as above). Well, it feels really like you are on the Tour! I mean, 32-players tournament with all REAL players, it's amazing!

I have created so far:
1 - Sergi Bruguera
2- Emilio Sanchez
3- Ivan Lendl
4- Petr Korda
5- Richard Krajicek
6- Cedric Pioline
7- Thomas Muster
8- MaliVai Washington
9- Marat Safin
10- Yevgeny Kafelnikov
11- Michael Chang
12- Andrei Chesnokov
13- Patrick Rafter
14- Andrč Agassi
15- Yannick Noah
16- Marcelo Rios
17- Jimmy Connors
18- Guillermo Vilas
19- Adriano Panatta
20- Mats Wilander
21- Ronald Agenor
22- Gustavo Kuerten
23- Alberto Berasategui
24- Jim Courier
25- Goran Ivanisevic
26- Albert Costa
27- Juan Carlos Ferrero

(now thinking of Magnus Gustafsson, Moya, Medvedev...don'tknow yet...)

Now, 27 created + 16 already in the game: 43 real male pros!

I won 1st round with Borg vs Washington, now i will face Berasategui...
It's really great to have a 32-players tournament with all real pros!
And you can entirely customize your tournament! You can decide the spot, the players, everything. I'm loving GST2...
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Re: Grand Slam Tennis 2 PS3 impressions

I for one hope GST 3 is going to really be a home run. I also hope Move is directly compatible with PS4 because all it really needs is a better camera. Man, this game is going to be awesome with the Move next time. I like this but there is still a lot of room to get it perfect.
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Re: Grand Slam Tennis 2 PS3 impressions

Sorry somebody help me how can I download player like Kvitova Li Del Potro there's a site???

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