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REAL Backstage Fights Between Wrestlers....An Official List....

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REAL Backstage Fights Between Wrestlers....An Official List....

This page is written by the fans, for the fans.
This section will eventually have a list of all REAL backstage fights ever occurred involving professional wrestlers.
For instance, remember the infamous Arn Anderson vs. Sid Vicious hotel room brawl from Europe? We want a detailed account listed here, pronto! And that goes for EVERY fight you've heard about!
I don't care if you write me and say, "I heard Hawk punched Randy Savage in Japan." Whatever info you have, TELL ME!!
Remember, all of these stories are ALLEGED and strictly HEARSAY, so take them with a grain of salt.
Here's the list of what we have so far. Any contributions you make are greatly appreciated. We don't do this page; YOU guys do! The most recently added fights are at the bottom of the page.
Shawn Michaels & Davey Boy Smith & X-Pac vs. Some Thugs from a Bar in Syracuse, 1996
We all know this one. As the story goes, Shawn got a little too flirty with a female who was dating one of the military thugs at the bar. Once outside, the thugs jumped Michaels and beat him silly. Big ol’ Bulldog and small (but feisty) X-Pac jumped out of the car to help out Shawn until the thugs ran away. A battered and bruised Michaels appeared on Raw shortly thereafter and the announcers acknowledged the legit beating. WINNER: Thugs, and all Canadian fans who hate Shawn.
Shawn Michaels vs. Ron & Don Harris, 1996
I think this happened right before the Syracuse incident. The Harris twins were on their way out of the WWF, and decided to shake a little fear into HBK in the locker room before they left. If they really wanted to scare Shawn, they should’ve threatened him with tapes of their matches in WCW in ’99. WINNER: WWF fans, who didn’t have to watch the Harris twins wrestle anymore. And the Canadians again.
Eddy Guerrero vs. Road Warrior Hawk, 199?

Heard about this one while listening to “Wrestling Observer Live.” Dave and Bryan were discussing the Hawk-Savage incident and brought up this fight. I suspect it happened in Japan. Meltzer said, “How could anybody beat up Eddy Guerrero? He’s like the nicest guy.” WINNER: Hawk, but he came off as such an arrogant bully.
Randy Savage vs. Road Warrior Hawk
Backstage at a New Japan show back in 1996, words were exchanged between the two men (not sure about what) but it ended up with a fight where Hawk hit Savage with a right hook and knocked him out. Heat obviously still existed between the two because they had another confrontation three years later in the United States backstage at a Kid Rock concert at the Sun Dome in Tampa, Fl. Hawk saw Savage coming in his direction so he put his hand out (probably just out of respect) but Savage immediately threw a sucker punch that staggered Hawk. Hawk's wife was then attacked by Savage's then girlfriend Stephanie Bellars (Gorgeous George) and another female leaving her badly beaten. Hawk claimed that he would take legal action against the two women for attacking his wife but not against Savage since fights amongst wrestlers are usually kept away from the law. However, no action was ever taken. WINNER: Whoever got to see this Jerry Springer-like free-for-all lucked out big-time. (thanks to Rob Harvey and
Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels, 1997

Tension had been brewing between these 2 for months. They had a shouting match in the locker room and Michaels just had to yell out, “What are you gonna do about it?” Bret punched him, they rolled on the floor, and Bret left with a clump of Shawn’s hair in his hand. WINNER: Shawn Michaels, for laying the foundation for the upcoming double-cross plot.
Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon in Montreal, 1997

What did Vince expect? After the infamous double-cross at Survivor Series, Vince approached Bret and got a handful of knuckles. A groggy Vince is seen walking out of the room in the movie, “Wrestling with Shadows.” WINNERS: A&E, some documentary filmmakers, Bret Hart, and bookers who plan to use this finish for centuries to come.
Nasty Boys vs. Ken Shamrock

This was quite a few years ago, before Shamrock was a UFC star. They really roughed him up in a 2-on-1 hotel room brawl. I heard Ken was thrown right through the hotel room window! Rumor has it that a few years ago when Shamrock was in the WWF, Rock and Shamrock were walking through an airport. One of the Nasty's was walking around and Shamrock spotted him. Story has it that Shamrock immediately went into the "zone" and Rock had to really calm him down, before all Hell broke loose. WINNERS: Nasty Boys, although it wasn’t a fair fight. (thanks to Matt Mazany) UPDATE: Mike Mooneyham of the Charleston Post and Courier interviewed Ken Shamrock for his latest column. He recalls a funny story regarding The Nasty Boys (Jerry Saggs and Brian Knobbs) many years ago in Charlotte where he claims they blindsided him at a hotel following a night club argument. "I was sitting with a friend and his fiance, and one of the Nasty Boys reached over and made an inappropriate gesture. They did it again. My friend was getting upset, but he was a small guy and what was he going to do? They disappeared, but I didn't let it lie because I thought that was just totally punkish of them. I knew where they were staying, so I went after them at their hotel. I had a few choice words and told them they had a lot of nerve. Rumor has it that I got clubbed from behind with a steel phone, and then they put the boots to me." That was the last he saw of them until a chance airport meeting while working for the WWF years later: "You talk about the biggest wimps you have ever seen... Knobbs ran when he saw me. The other one (Saggs) thought he'd be funny and walked up next to me at the counter. I was with Billy Gunn, and everyone knew the story because they bragged about how they beat me up. I looked at Saggs and said, 'You know what? I'm going to kill you.' He looked at me and said, 'Chill out, man, that was a long time ago.' I said, for you it was, but it feels like it just happened and I haven't forgotten about it." Shamrock says that Gunn pulled him away but he eventually caught up with Saggs: "I jumped up, pulled him around and told him I was going to knock him out right there. He turned his shoulders away from me, and said, 'If you hit me, it's a felony offense.' At that point and time all the anger left my body. He was totally sickening. But all the boys saw it. All the bragging about how he whipped my *** once... It was kind of satisfying at that point. I think I got the last laugh." (this came straight from Mike Aldren's W365 newsletter, thanks to Josh White)
Rick Rude vs. Ultimate Warrior, 1989?
During the Ultimate Warrior/Rick Rude program, Rude came back after the match and asked Warrior to "lighten up" a bit. Warrior got right in Rude's face and said, "I don't have to, because I'm the Warrior." Rude knocked him silly with one punch and walked away. (thanks to "name withheld by request.") WINNERS: Rude, Democrats, and anyone else who hates Hellwig.
Scott Steiner vs. Diamond Dallas Page, 2001

This was due to Kimberly Page finding an illegal substance in a locker room, then telling management that it belonged to Tammy Sytch (Sunny). Management confronted Tammy and she flat out denied it and offered to take a piss test. She passed. Scott Steiner found out and chased Kimberly out of the building and she never appeared on TV again. DDP tried starting something at the next taping where Scott shooted on TV, and that is what lead to the fight where DDP got his *** handed to him. (thanks to Dazraven) WINNER: Steiner. Duh.
Haku vs. Jimmy Jack Funk, 1987
There are tons of stories about Haku, apparently. Was this the time he bit off someone's nose? Funk was cracking on some women, and Haku went nuts on him. Details are in Dynamite Kid's book. (thanks to Jongregben). WINNERS: Haku, and one lucky plastic surgeon.
Andre the Giant vs. Ernie Holmes, 1986

I guess Holmes got hot-headed backstage at a WWF taping. Andre muttered, “You know, you talk too much,” and Ernie never said a peep after that. According to two people in the van when it happened (it was a rehearsal for the Battle Royal at the 1986 Mania), Holmes was talking about how tough he was and Andre got tired of hearing about it. Holmes was ready to fight, but was talked out of it and nothing happened. I forget who told Holmes that it was probably a bad idea. WINNERS: Wrestling fans who hate football. (thanks to Dave Meltzer)
Andre the Giant vs. Akira Maeda, 1985

Major disaster. The mega-hyped match that turned into a near shoot because Andre wouldn't sell Maeda's offense. Maeda was getting a big head and Andre was told to embarrass him in the ring since everyone believed in the Andre myth. Maeda didn't know and Andre, even drunk, was powerful as hell, and started going for Maeda's eyes after no selling his submissions. When Maeda saw it was on, he reacted as only he could. The reason it wasn't stopped earlier was the idea was for Andre to kick Maeda's *** and they were waiting for it to happen. Maeda was kicking Andre's knee until it turned bright red and took him down rather easily a few times. He turned to Kantaro Hoshino and asked if he could finish him off and Hoshino shook his head "no." Maeda was pissed and threw a kick at the guard rail that was more brutal than any kick he threw at Andre. Maeda has been very unprofessional at certain points in his career and is a baby, but in this case, a guy twice his size started it with him and he was trying to protect himself, put some fear into Andre, and not hurt Andre all at the same time. Dick Murdoch, who believed in the myth of Andre, as did everyone at the time, came back and said that he thought Maeda was going to end Andre's career. WINNER: Certainly not the fans. (thanks to Dave Meltzer)
Lex Luger vs. Bruiser Brody, 1987

Brody was, despite his natural charisma and ability to get the fans going, a pain in the ***. Luger was leaving the territory and refused to job on the way out, not the other way around. Brody showed up hung over with razorblades(!) taped to his knuckles. He played around for a bit before no-selling everything Luger tried to do. Referee Bill Alfonso told Luger it was all a rib, but later on realized it wasn't and told Luger to go right for the ref bump. Luger did and scampered out of the cage immediately. Said to be hilarious. Right after it went down, Hiro Matsuda, who was the owner of the promotion, was running around the locker room, which had Ron Simmons and Dewey Forte, laughing about how football players think they are tough and they are all chicken**** next to a tough wrestler. (thanks to Dave Meltzer, "Jesus Christ" and HB2KBuzzsaw) WINNER: Brody.
Brian Pillman vs. Sid Vicious, 1991

Ahh, the original dying days of WCW. Sid said some words about a would-be feud with Pillman that never came about, and it led to a skirmish. Sid left and came back with the infamous squeegee. People who know Pillman say he’d kill Sid in a street fight, which is hard to believe but I believe it. WINNER: Pillman. Sid will never hear the end of this one.
Arn Anderson vs. Sid Vicious, 1993

Perhaps the most famous shoot brawl of all. Lots of versions of this story. Sid started going off on how Arn had never drawn money, and they had both been drinking. Words were exchanged and maybe a beer was thrown, but both went back to their hotel rooms. Sid later went to Arn’s room and blindsided him with an object, and started a pummeling an unconscious Arn. Arn woke up and the two really got into it. Scissors were involved and the entire hotel hallway was smeared with blood. 2 Cold Scorpio came to the rescue. Just a mess that embarrassed the company. WINNERS: 2 Cold Scorpio for saving Arn’s life, and Arn for defending himself against a huge monster and holding his own.
Dynamite Kid vs. Davey Boy Smith, 1994

After years of pent up aggression between the two, which included Davey phoning up All Japan, telling them Dynamite had died in a car crash, just so he could try and ruin Dynamite's deal in Japan, Dynamite finally had a chance to do something, when Davey was booked on an independent show in Howe Bridge in 1994, just a few miles away from Kid's house. He arrived at the arena, where he found Davey's dad, and tipped over a table with pictures of Smith on it. He then taped his fists as he walked down the corridor to "knock **** out of him". Davey had gotten word Dyno was coming, and locked his dressing room door. Davey had also phoned the police, and Dynamite was escorted from the building. WINNERS: No one. This family feud was out of control. (thanks to Hb2kbuzzsaw)
New Jack vs. Pitbull

Jack jumped him backstage over some comments Bull had made, I think. Jack was so unpopular that the guys let them fight because they knew Bull would hurt him. Not sure how this ended up. WINNERS: The locker room guys, who got to witness someone they dislike get roughed up.
Buff Bagwell vs. Shane "Hurricane" Helms, 2001

Buff Bagwell told Helm's he would never be a superstar because of his size and a few more words were said. Bagwell slapped Helms, but then Helms threw a frozen bottle of water at Bagwell, and punched him in the back of the head a few times, causing Bagwell's head to split open. This incident led to Bagwell's last moment on TV, where Bradshaw powerbombed him twice. After the first, Bagwell had said his neck was broken. Bradshaw called him a ***** and powerbombed him a second time. It was during a moment when all the WWF guys ran in on some of the WCW guys, and it was pretty well known that it was Bagwell's last WWF TV appearance. WINNER: Can Bagwell ever be a winner? He does win at being a loser. I actually went to college with a guy who went to Bagwell's high school. It was Sprayberry High, which isn't a name you forget, and Ventura made fun of that name like crazy on WCW commentary at the time. (thanks to Doug Adams, Trevor, & Chris)

New Jack vs. Junkyard Dog

Not sure about this one, but it’s pretty sad. Dog was older, got a good reaction from the ECW fans, and this was his last high-profile gig before passing away. May have been over a $500 loan from New Jack that Dog wouldn't pay back. WINNER: Nobody. Even if Jack got the better of this, he looked really bad in hindsight. (thanks to Chuck Richmond)
Tony Atlas vs. Paul Orndorff

Paul and Tony were in the car with Tommy Rich and Brian Blair on the road for GCW. Brian's driving with Tony riding shotgun. Paul's in the back seat right behind Tony. Rich is in the back, too. Tony reclines his seat way back to where it's crowding Paul. Paul asks him to sit up a little and Atlas shoots back at him, "you don't want none of this...blah, blah, blah...". Anyway, Atlas pushed the wrong guy too far. Paul told Brian to "pullover!" Tommy Rich got scared and tried to smooth things over. Blair finally pulled over at a truckstop between two semis. Paul and Tony got out and squared off. Orndorff kinda bearhugged tackled Tony and bit part of his ear off on the way down. Blood everywhere! Ear on the pavement. Tony's in shock. Fight over. Cops coming. They scrambled to their feet, picked up the ear, and went straight to the hospital to have it sewn back on. WINNER: Orndorff.(thanks to The Masked Man and
Paul Orndorff vs. Big Van Vader

Vader cornered Paul in an office backstage at a WCW show and picked this fight, which he soundly lost. Paul knocked him right down and kicked him in the face repeatedly. Vader had showed up late for the Center Stage tapings and Orndorff started yelling at him to hurry up and do his promos. There had been previous heat between the two. Both got face to face and Orndorff begged Vader, who outweighed him by 200 pounds, to start something. Vader shoved him down with a palm blow and Orndorff came back fighting, flooring Vader and knocking him for a loop with a punch from his bad left arm. Orndorff proceeded to kick at Vader?s face with his sandals until all the wrestlers broke it up. Amazingly, everyone just left Vader on the floor in a fetal position and went back to doing their thing. If you didn’t think Paul was tough before this, you knew after this one. Also, as a sidenote, Vader has said in his shoot video that he declined to strike Orndorff back in fear of losing his job. Orndorff later said on Wrestling Observer Live that he attacked Vade from behind. (thanks to Asa Taylor, Tom Hogan, "Jesus Christ" and an unknown website where this info came from). WINNER: Orndorff. Does this guy ever lose a fight?
Shawn Michaels vs. Marty Janetty

Read about this in a Janetty interview. The two never did really get along. WINNER: Janetty, according to himself (I believe it).
Kevin Nash vs. Roddy Piper, 1997
On the very same night that Michaels and Hart were fighting backstage at Raw, Piper and Nash were doing some of the same at Nitro. After a match that ended up being a complete mess between Scott Hall & Nash against Piper & Ric Flair, Nash stormed backstage, booted Piper's dressing room door open and leveled Piper with a punch to the head before the pair were pulled apart by various backstage personnel. Nash went unpunished (which became the theme for WCW later) and nothing further came of the fight. WINNER: Nash, but he picked on someone half his size. (thanks to Rob Harvey and
Eric Bischoff vs. Juventud Guerrera, 2002

Nothing physical, but they exchanged words at a recent WWA show. Juvi was in character and there is still bad blood between them. Juvi SHOULD be pissed after the way Bischoff made him take off the mask and buried him in WCW after having some incredible matches. WINNER: Anyone who theorized Juvi can’t act like a professional, because this situation proved him/her right.
Buddy Rogers vs. Some Loudmouth at a Restaurant

This happened when Rogers was well into his 60s, I believe. Not sure how it happened, but the loudmouth was several years younger, and it was over in 1 punch. WINNER: Rogers!
William Regal vs. Van Hammer

They were at DDP's Christmas party and Hammer was saying some naughty things about British and/or Mexican wrestlers. Regal got word and reportedly gave him a royal thrashing. Word has it he headbutted him 5 times over the punch bowl. Hammer stunk but I always dug his gimmick because I’m a metalhead. Still, Regal is a tough hombre. (thanks to several who wrote me on this one) WINNER: Regal. LOSER: Heavy metal fans.
Rickson Gracie vs. Yoji Anjoh

What an embarrassment. Anjoh goes down and challenges Gracie an impromptu shoot to prove he’s tough. Gracie drove to his gym, taping his fists on the way. Once there, he gave Anjoh the beating of a lifetime. What a career killer. WINNER: Gracie and all the pupils who got to witness this massacre.
Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle, 2001

Not really a fight, but a friendly challenge of who could take down whom. Not surprising who won, but it’s still impressive given the size of that Lesnar beast. WINNER: Angle.
Riki Choshu vs. Akira Maeda, 1987

An unprofessional “shoot kick” to Choshu in a 6-man tag that obliterated his eye. Not cool, and what’s worse is that kick turned Maeda into a superstar for many years. WINNER: Maeda’s career.
HHH vs. Bill Goldberg, 1999 or 2000

Nothing physical, just Goldberg shouting at HHH at an autograph signing over some harsh words HHH had to say about Goldberg in an interview. Goldberg also said on ESPN that the wrestler he’d like to beat up in real life the most is HHH. If WWE signs Goldberg, expect the sparks to fly! WINNER: Goldberg. Only because HHH is such an ***.
Capt. Lou Albano vs. Shane McMahon, late 80s
Albano was one of the people Vince Sr. asked Vince Jr. to "take care of" after he died. So Lou apparently tested this one out one day. An 11-yr-old Shane would always walk up to Lou and say, "What's up, Fatman?" This would piss Lou off and give the boys around a chuckle. One day Shane went up to Lou and said once again, "What's up, Fatman?" Lou reportedly told Shane if he called him Fatman one more time, he'd forget who he was and slap the taste out of his mouth. Sure enough, little Shane said, "No problem....Fatman." Then little Shane got slapped a good one! (thanks to Matt Mazany). WINNER: Shane, who will soon be the new owner of WWE for decades to come.
Buff Bagwell vs. Ernest Miller
Bagwell's parody leading up to Road Wild of Miller didn't go down too well. Right before the live PPV match, Miller approached him about it. Bagwell slapped him. Miller immediately responded with two punches, and Bagwell fell, cutting his elbow badly. Bagwell backed off before more damage could be done, and the match went ahead as planned. Bagwell won, and neither man was disciplined. WINNER: Miller. How many times you think he has bragged about this one? (thanks to HB2KBuzzsaw)
Eddie Gilbert vs. Jeff Gaylord, 1991 or 1992
Gilbert talks about this on that tape, "Looking for Mr. Gilbert." A promoter named Gordon Scorazzi (sp?) was mad at Gilbert for no-showing a show or something like that. The guy put a $1000 bounty on Gilbert's head and Gaylord sucker punched him in the dressing room of the Sportatorium after a TV taping. Eddie, Doug, Bruce Prichard and James Beard were in the office talking and Gaylord showed up asking to speak to Eddie. Eddie walked out of the room and there was a noise that told everyone something was up. Doug bolted out the door with Bruce and James behind him. Gaylord had sucker punched Eddie from behind, but before he could continue, Doug caught him in the head with a Coke bottle/can that was not entirely empty and Gaylord ran out holding his head. Eddie said he wished he'd known what Gaylord was up to, because he would have split the "hit money" with him (Gaylord) and turned it into an angle so both of them could make a little more money from it. But, Gaylord didn't see that side of it. WINNER: Gilbert. Someone with a last name like Gaylord has the advantage because he probably got in tons of fights as a kid. (thanks to James Beard & Robert Solari)
Rod Price vs. Chris Adams, early '90s
Rod's opponent yanked out his implanted hair, which caused quite a bit of blood loss. They always worked stiff with each other. Rod missed about 2 months work because of it. But, Chris apologized and that was all that happened concerning it...nothing physical. WINNER: Cy Sperling, who received a repeat customer at his hair loss clinic. (thanks to Chuck Richmond, James Beard, & Brandon Finch).
Road Warrior Hawk vs. some patron
An old news program reported on Hawk punching some guy in line at a movie theater, reportedly because the guy's brother had killed a Minneapolis (Hawk's hometown) cop earlier. WINNER: Hawk. LOSER: The unlucky recipient of Hawk's violent wrath. (thanks to Chuck Richmond)
Juventud Guerrera vs. Australia, 2000
Old Juvi Juice was reportedly tripping on ecstasy and went on a spree beating up cops (what cop can't handle a guy the size of Juvi?). He may have broken the ribs of a female cop. WINNER: Wrestling fans who have something to talk about. LOSERS: Wrestling fans embarrassed by a truly phenomenal wrestler. (thanks to Chuck Richmond and Lewis Feinman)
Messiah vs. ? & ?, 2002
Finally saw the "America's Most Wanted" piece. Two guys broke into Messiah's apartment and beat him down, cut off his thumb, and broke a fish tank over his head. The suspects are still at large. WINNER: Messiah, who got this case some national pub.
Jim Cornette vs. Ed Ferrara, 2002
A few months back, Ferrara went to shake Jim's hand, and Jim responded by spitting in his face! Yeah, go Jim! He told Ferrara "That was for JR." What a hero Cornette is. WINNER: All of us. (thanks to several, including Chuck Richmond)
Jim Cornette vs. Bruce Mitchell & Wade Keller, 1993ish
I remember this one crystal clear. Bruce and Wade had written negative articles on SMW based on the "riot" in Wise, VA. Cornette hated the story and left nasty voicemails on their machines, saying if he ever saw them, he'd "Slap 'em until they fought me." Apparently he once went after Bruce in the stands at a house show, but I've heard stories saying otherwise. Let's just say Jim was going through a lot of stress at this point in his life. WINNER: Us, because we can't stand Bruce. (thanks to Chuck Richmond)
New Jack vs. Sandman
Don't know the specifics but allegedly New Jack overheard Sandman telling some racial joke. Jack jumped him and Sandman kicked his ***. Don't know if that's true but the story has gone around more than once. (thanks to David Crawford)
Jacques Rougeau vs. Dynamite Kid

Dynamite was mistakenly accused by the Rougeaus of cutting their clothes with scissors (while notorious pranksters, the Bulldogs were innocent was Curt Hennig who did it). In short, Dynamite punked out both Rougeaus for their false accusations. Two weeks later in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Jacques and Raymond Rougeau got their revenge as Jacques suckered Dynamite, knocking out four of his teeth. Dynamite got money from WWF agents to get the teeth fixed. When Vince McMahon sat down both sides to talk out the problem Dynamite suggested the Rougeaus pay the bill. Not knowing the agents paid for it, they unwillingly agreed to pay for the broken teeth. All that happened was that Dynamite Kid got an extra $1,800. Thus the real winner was Dynamite Kid, who got his teeth fixed and some extra money. (thanks to Tom Hogan and Nicholas Argirakis)

DDP vs. Firebreaker Chip
Chip was mad because he thought DDP tried to take advantage of him during a match. Ended when DDP hooked Chip in a front face lock, and had to be pulled off Chip. WINNER: DDP. And just where was Todd Champion in all of this? (thanks to Justin Newbould)
Big John Studd vs. Basil V. Devito Jr.
Studd, upset over the marketing of the football players over the wrestlers for WrestleMania 2, and showed up at Devito's hotel room (Devito was director of marketing for WWE, and I believe was laid off earlier this year). He yelled at him, picked him up, and slammed him against a wall. WINNER: Devito, who kept his job. (thanks to Justin Newbould and "WrestleMania: The Official Insider's Story")
Vince McMahon vs. Kurt Angle
Not really a fight, but yet another Angle skirmish. On an airplane, Vince jokingly reminded Angle that he was the only person to take him down. Angle decided to have a little fun, and promptly took Vince down in the aisle. For the rest of the flight, Vince would try to take Angle down at any opportunity he had. During one altercation, the noise woke up a sleeping Undertaker, who either not knowing who was wrestling with Vince, or not realizing that they were just messing around, grabbed Angle from behind, and choked him out. WINNER: Angle, who now has a good reason to kick Undertaker's *** if he ever decides to. (thanks to Justin Newbould and Kurt Angle's book)
RVD vs. Taz

After a match involving RVD and Sabu wound up Taz, he went around the ECW locker room saying he was gonna kick RVD's ***, Sabu's ***, etc. Word got around to Van Dam, who went up to Taz, and said "Pick the hand." Taz replied, "What?" and RVD punched him in the mouth. Taz went on the defensive, saying he didn't want to fight him. (thanks to HB2kBuzzsaw)
New Jack vs. Dances with Dudley, 1995
It's not clear why this one started, but apparently Jack was upset about something that happened in a tag match earlier that night involving the two. Jack proceeded to walk up to Dances from behind and crack him over the head with a nightstick. Dances quickly rebounded and managed to hit back, before the two were separated by other wrestlers. WINNER: Who HASN'T New Jack jumped? (thanks to Matthew Singh)
Scott Norton vs. Tony Halme, early 90's
Both were in a Japanese bar, when Halme flattened Norton for an unknown reason. Norton reportedly put up no resistance whatsoever and has since claimed he was drunk at the time of the incident. WINNER: Halme. Had Norton been sober, trust me he wouldn't have such an easy time. (thanks to Matthew Singh)

Doug Gilbert vs. Jeff Gaylord
Doug Gilbert broke a bottle over Jeff Gaylord's head. That's all the info I have. If you know more, tell me! (thanks to Thomas Daubler)

Sid Vicious vs. A Squirrel

Vicious had a squirrel he took with him everywhere. Two wrestlers (I'm pretty sure one of them was Arn Anderson) bet him he couldn't keep the squirrel down his pants for a whole minute. Vicious accepted the challenge and stuck it down his pants. After about 30 seconds the squirrel bit a very sensitive area, if you get my drift. Vicious fell down in pain and crushed the squirrel. He needed a rabies shot and stitches on his genitalia. WINNER: The squirrel, who is now a hero to all squirrels worldwide for flattening Sid. (thanks to "Jesus Christ")

Shane Douglas vs. Brian Lee vs. Tracy Smothers
During a Brian Lee vs Pitbull #2 match, they got a little out of control in the stands and Shane Douglas went to Todd Gordon and Paul E. and said they should be fired. Sandman and Tracy Smothers overheard this and Sandman told Lee about what Shane had said. Lee went over grabbed Shane by the throat and dragged him across the hall into the shower and put the fear of God into Shane before releasing him. Shane went running into the locker room and yelled, "Who stooged me out?" Before Sandman could answer, Tracy Smothers tackled Shane and start beating on him until they were separated. Turns out that a long while back Shane was living at Tracy Smothers house back in his younger days for free and Shane had recently said some unkind things about Tracey, who had a horrible temper. After it was all said and done Sandman told Shane that he stooged him out. (thanks to Dazraven)

Sandman vs. Shane Douglas vs. Bill Alfonso
It was the Triple Threat vs Sandman and 2 others, and Sandman had told the wrestlers earlier not to touch his cane when he dropped it for a spot later. Anyways during the spot where Sandman gets knocked out of the ring and the cane is in the middle of the ring, Shane picks up the cane, shakes his head in disgust and drops it right back to the same spot. Sandman was livid and after the match goes up to Shane in the locker room and gets right in his face and says, "Shane, if you ever touch my ****ing cane again, I'm gonna beat the hell out of you." He then goes down the hall into another room and sits down next to Bill Alfonso. Sandman went on to say that even if Shane had picked up the cane and used it, he wouldn't have been mad, but to just stare at it pissed him off. So back to the story, Sandman is next to "Fonzie," and they hear Shane coming down the hall, Sandman is still seated and Shane gets closer cursing, when Bill Alfonso tackles Shane and starts hitting him. It gets broken up shortly after. (thanks to Dazraven)
Big Show vs. Ballz Mahoney
The next story involves Big Show when he was still training to be a wrestler at Larry Sharpe's Monster Factory, where Ballz was helping to train people. Giant showed up with some of his buddies and they stood around, while Giant was working some weights. Ballz came up the his buddies and asked them to leave because they were training. The men said, "Oh, well we're with Paul Wight and he said we could stay." Wrong thing to say to Ballz, who has a horrible temper and even told Vince McMahon to, "Go **** himself" one time. Ballz got right in their faces and told them to get the hell out. Giant walked over and asked what was going on. They told him and he tried to calm the situation, but Ballz was pissed and got in Giant's face and challenged him. He told the Giant, "Sure you're 7ft tall, an 500pds, and you could probably kick my ***, but what happens if I kick your ***!" Giant simply sighed and took his friends and left. Ballz later admitted he was glad it went down that way, because Giant would have killed him. (thanks to Dazraven)
Frank Gotch vs. George Hackenschmidt
For wrestling historians, this is one of the most famous matches in pro wrestling history. Sometime in 1911, Gotch had beaten Hackenschmidt three years earlier and was universally recognized as the world heavyweight champion and this was the first ever rematch of the century. Weeks before the match took place, a sparring partner of Hackenschmidt's by the name of Ad Santel had done some damage to his partner's knee in training. It later turned out that Santel was paid $5000 by the Gotch camp to do a number on it. A record breaking crowd was expected for the show so the promoters kept the injury quiet from the media (who actually cared about wrestling back then). Gotch obviously knew about the injury told Hackenschmidt, who wanted to pull out, that he would carry him to a credible match and give him one fall in the best-of-three falls. Once the match started though, Gotch double-crossed him and started to shoot quickly won two straight falls. (thanks to Rob Harvey &

Ed Don George vs. Strangler Lewis
Promoter Billy Sandow (who basically worked with Lewis) worked closely with another promoter called Paul Bowser were making big bucks with a former football player called Gus Sonnenberg as the world champion. Sonnenberg, who supposedly couldn't wrestle a lick, was beaten up in the street by a middleweight wrestler in a set up organised by rival promoters. At this time, the heavyweight champion had to be looked as being the toughest man in the world because people still thought wrestling was real so Bowser then had Sonnenberg drop the world title to George, who was a great Olympic wrestler, without consulting Sandow or Lewis (who was meant to be next in line for the world title). George was then later booked in a match with Lewis where he was meant to win. However, it didn't quite go down like that because while they were in the ring, Lewis told George he was taking the belt and they could either do things the easy way (George doing the job) or the hard way (Lewis beating the living piss out of him and taking the belt). He took the easy way. (thanks to Rob Harvey &

Strangler Lewis vs. Henri DeGlane
Three weeks after the Lewis vs. George match, Paul Bowser booked Lewis to defend the title in Montreal (sound familiar?) against the 1924 Olympic gold medalist. Lewis went into the ring knowing he was going to win the match by 2 falls to 1. Back in these days, wrestlers would return to the dressing rooms after each fall. After the second fall, DeGlane bit himself in the arm until he drew blood and then came out for the final fall with the arm covered. Within seconds of the third fall starting, DeGlane starting screaming like he'd been shot. Lewis then backed off not knowing what happened but the referee then saw the bite marks on DeGlane's arm and then DQ'd Lewis and awarded the belt to DeGlane. Lewis then went backstage to beat the **** out of Bowser but he had six bodyguards armed with baseball bats waiting for him. (thanks to Rob Harvey &

Wendi Richter vs. Spider Lady
November 25, 1985 at Madison Square Garden. Minutes before going to the ring to defend the WWF women'' title, Richter was given a contract by Vince McMahon which included a clause to sign away all her merchandise rights. Richter said she wanted to look at the contract after her match. McMahon then demanded she sign the contract but Richter stuck to her guns and said she would look at it after the match. However, Spider Lady wasn't the same lady who had played the character previously. It was Fabulous Moolah. During the match, Moolah rolled up an unsuspecting Richter and held her tight for the pin. Richter never worked for the WWF again. Moolah claims that she wasn't aware of the double-cross and she didn't expect the referee to count the three. Again, does it sound familiar? (thanks to Rob Harvey &

Vince McMahon vs. Kevin Wacholz
Some of you older fans may remember Kevin Wacholz as Nailz, the former convict, in the WWF back in 1992. Story goes that Wacholz, who was in line for a program with the Ultimate Warrior before he left the company, was pissed at Vince McMahon because of his pay off from SummerSlam 1992 which was, and still is, the highest attendance ever for a WWF event. Wacholz confronted McMahon about the pay off and reportedly, McMahon blow it off which angered Wacholz more so he attacked McMahon and choked him until he was turning blue. Wacholz was fired because of that incident and aside from one pay-per-view appearance in WCW against Sting, he hasn't worked in the big time since. To add another chapter to this story, later at the Vince McMahon steroid trial, Wacholz gave evidence against Vince McMahon but he came off so badly on the stand (including continuously contradicting himself) that word is that his evidence probably was what kept Vince from doing time. WINNER: Nailz, for doing what so many others have dreamed of. (thanks to Rob Harvey &
Rick Steiner vs. Corporal Cajun/Big Vito/Konnan
On three straight Nitro's prior the to sale of the WCW to WWFE, Rick Steiner took blatant liberties with all three men during singles match. Steiner, who has a reputation for being a tough guy, had no clear reason to shoot on these three men. For the record, all three of his opponents on these nights stayed professional and tried to work their parts in the match. Rumor has it that prior to the news that the WWF had bought the company, many people backstage were planning on running in during a Steiner match on the final Nitro to beat him down live on the show. Whether it would have happened or not we will ever know. WINNER: Steiner. I'm afraid to call him a loser. (thanks to Rob Harvey and

New Jack vs. Brian Pillman
On June 1, 1996, Brian Pillman returned to the ECW Arena just week after breaking his foot in a Humvee accident. Pillman cut a promo in the ring where he made a reference to the NWA (the rap group, not the wrestling organization). To this day nobody expect New Jack is 100% on what he thought but it's believed that New Jack either misheard the comments or was misinformed by someone backstage but he went nuts backstage anyway talking about the infamous N-word. When Pillman came backstage, in his wheelchair mind you, both men got into a very heated confrontation where many believe New Jack would attack the crippled Pillman. To his credit, Pillman never backed down to anything. New Jack threatened to leave the company over the incident and Pillman never went back to work for ECW ever again. Days later, Pillman signed the first ever guaranteed contract issued by the World Wrestling Federation. (thanks to Rob Harvey and

Rickson Gracie vs. Yoji Anjoh (duplicate story from above)
You know how you always see those publicity stunts between two fighters prior to a match where it seems to be very heated and makes you want to see the real fight between the two men more? Well this is what Yoji Anjoh, a middle ranked shoot fighter/wrestler, had planned to do but things didn't quite go to plan. At a Japanese press conference, Anjoh claimed he could beat the Mixed Martial Arts expert and undefeated jujitsu fighter Rickson Gracie in less than a minute and challenged him to a fight. Gracie never responded to the challenge, obviously thinking he was a class above Anjoh. This didn't still well with Anjoh who then got on a plane and went to Gracie's front door step to issue the challenge face to face. Unfortunately for Anjoh, Gracie called his bluff and beat the **** out of him there and then in quick time. Lesson in life, if you are gonna issue a challenge like this, make sure you know that you can actually beat the man you are challenging!
Shinya Hashimoto vs. Naoya Ogawa (duplicate from above)
I'm actually not 100% certain that this was a shoot or not but I'll write it up anyway. Over 62,000 fans turned up for New Japan's annual January 4 show in 1999 to see New Japan superstar Shinya Hashimoto take on the 3 time judo world champion and 1996 Olympic silver medalist Naoya Ogawa in the Tokyo Dome. Everything in the match seemed to be going well with both men were wrestling against the ropes. Suddenly, Ogawa took Hashimoto down to the mat where he landed a barrage of mounted punches. Hashimoto, with his face busted up, cut, bruised and swelled, rolled out of the ring where he lay beaten while Ogawa walked around the ring with his arms raised in victory. The match was a no-contest and Ogawa remains one of the company's biggest stars. (thanks to Rob Harvey &
Andre the Giant vs. Ultimate Warrior
During their series of matches. They had a spot set up where warrior would charge Andre w/ a clothesline knocking the Giant back into the ropes to be tied up. Problem was, that Warrior would charge at Andre going at full speed. Now it didn't hurt Andre, but pissed him off royally. When he was hit by the clothesline, Heenan would hear Andre grunt. This went on for a while, match after match, same thing. Warrior at full speed and Andre grunting. Finally Andre had enough. The spot came up and Warrior charged full speed at Andre, but the Giant simply held up his fist which connected and Warrior was knocked senseless. Next match, spot comes up, Warrior goes for the clothesline and basically goes in slow motion and connects with the clothesline. Andre gets tied up in the ropes and leans over to Bobby and says "He's learning." (thanks to Dazraven)
Curt Hennig vs. Brock Lesnar, 2002
Can't believe I forgot to list this one. On the "Plane flight from Hell" earlier this year on the European tour, Curt was loaded up on booze and challenged Brock to take him down. Brock, new to the industry, didn't know what to make of it. Heyman reportedly told him if he doesn't do anything about it now, he'll never live it down. So Brock did take his *** down, and nearly burst a hole through the plane in the process. I'd love to have seen this one. Hennig lost his job over his behavior on this flight. WINNER: Lesnar. (thanks to Matt Phillips and Steve Vendeland)
Bill Watts vs. Scott Steiner
In the early 90's, Bill Watts and Scott Steiner had been hating each other backstage. I believe Steiner began requesting title shots, and Bill Watts told him that he could have the TV title (which Steiner eventually would win). Scott apparently went ballistic on Watts (possibly due to roid rage as well), and a number of superstars had to pull him off. (thanks to Steve Vendeland)
Scott Steiner vs. DDP, Part 2
I think that Scott Steiner and DDP had another fight a week before Superbrawl 2001. This was a different fight, but DDP got his *** kicked, and Kevin Nash left with him afterwards, thus changing the format of the whole show. I remember Steiner said some trash about DDP and his wife in the ring. Backstage, the two got into a fight where DDP jumped Steiner, got beat up, and a bunch of wrestlers had to pull them apart. To make up for some time lost, Mike Sanders and the Natural Born Thrillers went to the ring and improved for a little bit on the stick. I'm not 100% sure when this was, but it must have been before early 2001/late 2000. That's all I can remember. (thanks to Steve Vendeland)
Kevin Nash vs. Jean Pierre Lafitte, 1995
Apparently Pierre didn't want to job when the WWF was touring Quebec. There may have been a spot in which Jean Pierre went for this cannonball finisher and nailed Nash very hard and legit. Rumor has it Nash didn't sell it whatsoever, got up, potatoed Jean Pierre a few times and then gave him the jackknife for the pin. I think Kevin Nash referenced this incident in late 2000 at a house show. (thanks to Steve Vendeland, Tony Notsay, & Martin Filion)
Steve Austin vs. HHH, 1999
I remember hearing something at the Summer Slam '99' taping. After the main event witch included Mankind, HHH and Austin, Austin confronted HHH about the way he was hitting him with chairshots. I heard they got in a heated conversation but don't know if any fists were thrown. (thanks to Melissa Munoz)
Bill Goldberg vs. Evan Karagias, 2000

Before the 9/5/00 Nitro, Goldberg was backstage with Kevin Nash when Karagias walked up to shake Goldberg's hand. Bill was slow to acknowledge Karagias and apparently Evan took offense to it and said something to Goldberg. So, Bill grabbed him by the throat and pinned him on the floor, choking him out. Goldberg later tried to apologize but Evan refused, which made Goldberg angry again but nothing came of it. This was during the time period that Goldberg was going through major heat with Russo and obviously couldn't control his temper throughout the duration. On a side note, 3 Count was told by management they would go over Kronik to make up for the incident, but Kronik, when they heard this, again refused to sell for the smaller guys. Winner: Goldberg and anyone with a big man/bad management fetish. (thanks to Troy Anthony)

Steve Austin vs. Raven

Steve Austin once exchanged heated words in a locker room with Raven. Debra was cutting a promo near the showers backstage, when Raven came out wearing nothing but a towel. Austin confronted him, grabbing Raven and verbally laying into him, feeling that Raven was showing off in front of his wife. Raven claimed he didn't know Debra was there. The situation was quelled quickly, but wrestlers have said Austin was always over-protective of Debra. Austin later apologized. Winner: None, but is there any doubt that Austin would have whipped his ***? (thanks to Troy Anthony)

Sabu vs. a Fan

I also recall an incident when Sabu kicked the **** out on some fan for pulling off his turban while Sabu was walking to the ring. This happened in Japan, I have it on tape somewhere. Anyway, after the fan pulled off the turban, Sabu hopped the railing, chased him down, then knocked him out with a few punches and some wicked *** knees to the face! Afterwards Sabu continued to the ring and proceeded to wrestle Eddie Guerrero like nothing ever happened. (thanks to Troy Anthony)

Mike Awesome vs. a Fan, 2000
At Halloween Havoc 2000, Mike Awesome knocked a fan out with one punch during a crowd tour with Vampiro. The fan tried to jump in and give Awesome some clubs to the back when Awesome laid him the F out. (thanks to Troy Anthony)
Bill Johnson vs. Tony Galento
State police arrested Two-Ton Tony Galento, former heavyweight boxer, on an assault - and - battery charge. The charge was filed by Bill Johnson, a wrestling promoter in nearby McKeesport. Johnson said the Galento knocked out four of his teeth after a wrestling show in an altercation over a split of the proceeds. Johnson later dropped the charges when Galento agreed to pay him $250 for hospital bills. The 41 year old Orange, N.J. saloon keeper appeared on a wrestling card at McKeesport. (thanks to Bob and Associated Press)
Chris Jericho vs. Bill Goldberg, 2003
Yet another recent incident at Raw. Goldberg mouthed off to Nash about Jericho, stemming from their real-life feud in WCW years back. Word got to Jericho what Goldberg said, and he confronted him about it. Seconds later, they were rolling around on the ground (violently, not lovingly, you jokesters). Jericho reportedly had him in a front face lock. It was broken up before any punches really landed. Jericho was quite the hero for this, with Hurricane reportedly being his biggest mark. Don't these guys know their fights will be broken up right away? Knowing that, even I'd pick a fight with Goldberg just to look brave for 2 seconds. Both guys ended up shaking hands when it was over. WINNER: Neither, but this incident showed the Balls of Jericho. (thanks to Scott Ryan Czasak, Ronnie Pruitt, Geoffrey Joseph, & many others)
Ric Flair vs. a Backstage Guy named Richard Fullerton
Ric said hello to Richard and Richard said Flair was too old to be wrestling, and that his wrestling has always stunk. So Flair attacked him and the two got in to a major punch up for about 3 minutes, until others broke it up. It was believed that Flair won the fight (thanks to Michael Gawith)

Kevin Nash & Scott Hall vs. a Bunch of Stupid, Drunk Kids, Spring Break Nitro, 1997
Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Syxx (Sean Waltman) were guests on stage as a part of MTV's annual spring break coverage. The three were there to punish losers of a talent contest I think and to build up the annual Panama City Nitro that Monday. Anyway a drunk guy in the crowd was causing trouble and threw something at the stage. The NWO guys asked security to get a grip on the rowdy crowd, but were blown off. When the guy threw something else the NWO guys astonished their MTV hosts by leaping off the stage, grabbing the guy themselves, and turning him over to security. They then threatened to walk out if security didn't get the crowd under better control. MTV usually shows the footage annually as a "wildest ever moment" while building up spring break coverage. (thanks to Tamalie,, & the Meatball)

Great Sasuke vs. Dirtbike Kid, 1999
It was in July of 1999, in the Michinoku Pro promotion. They were having a "Mask Tournament" where all the competitors were, well, wearing masks. One of the first matches was all-time-******* (and owner of M-Pro) Great Sasuke vs. the Dirtbike Kid. The match starts out normally, and a minute or so in Dirtbike Kid is hitting all the offense. After taking a few moves, Sasuke starts to become a little lethargic, not no-selling stuff, but kind of half-assing it. Anyway, something Dirtbike did must have pissed him off or maybe he just wanted a sandwich or something, because about 2 minutes in he stops taking offense and starts kicking the hell out of Dirtbike in the legs and in the torso. I've read some reports that Sasuke may have cracked the dude's ribs. Then after kicking the snot out of him for a bit, he picks the Kid up and puts him in a standing choke-hold. Dirtbike Kid starts flailing around like crazy and the ref calls for the bell. Then Sasuke kind of stands around, stares at the kid for a minute, and then heads straight for the back. (thanks to Ed Reese)

Bradshaw vs. Duke Droese
There was a scene between Bradshaw and Duke the Dumpster Droese, that has gained some fame. Apparently, Droese was making homemade GHB, and slipping it into girls drinks and raping them. The wrestlers backstage had told him how distasteful it was. But someone got word of it, and told Bradshaw to take care of it. So he essentially tied Droese up in the shower, and the stories vary from there. The most widely told version would be that Droese ended up raped in some way shape or form. I am more likely to believe that Bradshaw just made him think he was going to get raped. (thanks to Chris)

William Regal vs. Bill Goldberg, 1998

Regal had the moment with Goldberg where he did a little unscheduled mat wrestling. I think the only reason why this is considered, is because Goldberg didn't know what was going on. Regal could lead a dead man through a believable sequence, and I believe that is what he was trying to do. But Goldberg flopped around, and ended up looking like an idiot. I remember watching this live on Nitro, and didn't know about it, but it sure looked like something was wrong. (thanks to Chris &

William Regal vs. The Giant (Big Show)
Regal came to near blows with Paul Wight. Wight was complaining about selling for Rey Misterio Jr, and Regal got in his face and told him he was a fat slob, and that the only difference between Wight and Ron Reis was a push (ouch, that hurts). They were broken up quickly after that. (thanks to Chris)
Nobuhiko Takada vs Trevor Berbick

Berbick (ex (WBC I think?) Heavyweight Boxing Champion) was brought into UWF-I to have a worked match with Takada, but Takada double crossed him in the ring and started kicking him in the knee. Berbick protested to the ref about these being illegal blows (below the belt), but the ref said go on and fight. Berbick tried to fight back, but Takada's leg kicks and footwork were such that the Bozer couldn't get position to throw, let alone land, a punch. He backed into the corner, Takada kicked him some more, and Berbick left the ring and ran away. WINNER: Takada (but this is the only real fight he won in his life) (thanks to Alex Boothroyd)
Torrie Wilson vs. Chyna & Trish & Debra
According to numerous reports during the Alliance-era, Torrie Wilson was not very welcome by three WWE Divas apon her hiring. Apparentally Chyna was caught backstage mocking Ms. Wilson by Torrie herself. And if you didn't read at least one report about Trish and Torrie not getting along backstage then you must have been living under a rock. Finally Debra got the impression that Torrie had the hots for Stone Cold and was being a little too nice to the then-WWF Champion. Looking down the score card.... Trish and Torrie have reportedly patched up their difference while Chyna and Debra were both eventually released/left. WINNER: Two out of a three-- Torrie Wilson. (thanks to Lita Maivia)
Tatsumi Fujinami vs. Kevin Nash

Nash had been talking smack backstage during his first tour of New Japan and supposedly made some derogatory comments to Fujinami. Fujinami, taking exception to it, walked over and hit Nash (who was seated at the time) with a palm strike (open hand slap). Nash didn't say anything to Fujinami the rest of the tour. (thanks to Nick)
Jim Duggan vs. Balls Mahoney
Balls Mahoney tells a story on his shoot tape about Hacksaw Jim Duggan. At the time Balls is still doing the fire breathing gimmick. He was working all the tops faces that came in to work shows. Before the match they go over some stuff they want to do in the match, including the fire gimmick, which Duggan will duck. So they got the match going and Duggan screws up the first two planned spots. So Balls decides to just finish it and get over it and Duggan agrees. As they are going for the finish, Balls get the fluid in his mouth, lights the lighter, gets ready to blow..... Duggan just knocks the lighter out of his hand. Mahoney ends up just spitting fluid. No fire. Balls stops. Flips Duggan off in the ring. Drops and rolls out of the ring and goes to the back. Mahoney gets in the back and is ready to kill. Some of the guys lock him in an office. At the time Mahoney was working in Puerto Rico and carried a knife at all times. He was ready to come out swinging. Someone got to Duggan who was blaming Mahoney for everything going wrong and told him if he didn't leave it would be bad for his health. By the time Mahoney got out of the office. Duggan got his stuff and had left. (thanks to WJD and
Mace vs. Jason Helton
A fight stemming from an internet flame war. A rookie named Mace was insulting former Stampede and ECW wrestler Jason Helton. Mace didn't like the money Helton was receiving and complained long and loud how Helton wasn't as good as he said he was and wasn't worth paying money. He posted all over the internet how Helton was overrated and a never was and was too old to wrestle with the young guys in Australia Helton got pissed. A few months later there was a royal rumble that the 2 were in and Mace was out second or third and under orders no one threw out Mace until Helton came out. Mace tried to run but Helton chased him around the ring and when he finally caught him He tied up Mace in a half nelson and threw about 30 rapid fire punches in the head He followed up with some kicks to the ribs and head until mace rolled out of the ring and hid under the ring. (thanks to Dave Hergott) (this story has since been amended. click here for the real story straight from Mace himself)
Eddy Guerrero vs. Charlie Haas, 2003
Eddie Guerrero aggravated an injury while in a tag match and Charlie unknowing kept working that area which lead to a confrontation after the match in which Guerrero was reported to have thrown the first punch and Haas fought back and it was soon broken up. (thanks to Nathan) Rene Dupree vs. Bob Holly, 2004

During a house show hardcore tag match Holly gave some stiff shots to Dupree with a chair and ended up in confrontation. Dupree got a parking ticket using Holly's rental car in a different state and then made Holly fly out to deal with it. Holly, *** that he is, took it out on Dupree in the ring. Dupree bolted out of the ring and there was more that took place backstage. Holly was fined, but should've been fired. Thanks to Dupree's lack of popularity, Holly got the sentiment and kept his job. (thanks to Dave "The Beast" McGuckiin)
Ric Flair vs. Mick Foley, 2004 On Raw, it was reported that Ric Flair and Mick Foley had a bit of a punch up backstage. Flair, who made some pretty nasty remarks about Foley in his autobiography and called him a "stuntman," offered a handshake to Foley when he arrived. Foley declined and made a snide remark about Flair's book. Flair took exception to this and walloped Foley. Officials intervened before it escalated. Some believe this may have been a work, possibly to begin the internet speculation before a WrestleMania 21 match, but time will tell. Winner: Probably the WWE, who now have another good reason to make a landmark match between these two at Mania (thanks to Dave "The Beast" McGuckin)

The Sandman vs. Stevie Shaker 'Babymaker', 2003

Back in December '03, Sandman and Perry Saturn traveled to Ireland to wrestle for WIN in Dublin. They were the only 'names' on the card so thought they could take it easy and still steal the show. However, a hardcore match between Stevie Shaker and Dunkan Disorderly tore the house down and killed the crowd for the rest of the show. Apparently when the 'Babymaker' went backstage after his match the Perry ignored him and The Sandman made a sarcastic comment, obviously pissed at the 2 'card fillers' stealing their thunder. Stevie just walked on by and went to the bar to watch the rest of the show. Back at the hotel all the guys were in the bar and Sandman had a few drinks and livened up enough for Stevie and Dunkan to invite him to Belfast to party the next day. Whilst out in a pub in Belfast, Sandman got totally wasted and was a mess. Afterwards, when they were trying to get a taxi Sandman bumped into Stevie and apparently told him he was a **** worker and would never draw outside of Ireland. Stevie punched him and knocked him out cold before casually going to get a subway. When Sandman came round he apologized and the 2 guys made up. (thanks to Arthur) Chavo Guerrero vs. Big Show, 2004
After a SmackDown taping, Chavo started yelling at Show and started a fight with him. Show pie-faced him to try to diffuse the situation. Chavo went after him again and Show shoved him hard into a group of wrestlers, and the noise from the commotion caused everyone to step in and break it up. What in the Hell was Chavo thinking?? (thanks to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

2 Cold Scorpio vs. Road Warrior Hawk
Scorpio talks about this on his ROH shoot interview. He and Hawk were part of the WCW event called Kollision in Korea, held in Pyongyang, North Korea. Scorpio and the rest of the guys were on the bus, and Hawk comes on the bus and makes a comment about how Ric Flair was taking a limo instead. Scorpio shouted out, "F&$&@ that *****, let him ride by himself!" Hawk said "What did you say?" Scorpio repeated himself. Hawk then used the dreaded N word, and it was on. They were wrestling on the floor and Hawk was swinging, but never connected, even when people were holding Scorpio down. Once they got up, Scorpio threw a thrust kick and connected, but it was broken up. Over the next few days, they traded glances and promised to beat each other senseless once they got back to Tokyo. Scorpio dropped chopsticks at dinner on purpose, picked them up, and stuffed them in his coat pocket. Back in the hotel room, he sharpened them up, just in case Hawk tried something. They met again face to face, said they'd save it for Tokyo, and then Hawk turned his back. When he turned back around, he punched Scorpio out of nowhere. Scorpio thought, "Is that all you got? My mother hits harder than that!" Cooler heads prevailed, though, and they worked out their differences before leaving North Korea. The Steiners and Scott Norton were on Scorpio's side, but Benoit was friends with both and tried to soothe things over.
Vader vs. Shamrock

Vader and Shamrock got into a backstage fight when Vader insulted Shamrock and told him his MMA stuff was BS. Shamrock beat the snot out of Vader and stuck his head in the toilet. (thanks to Rob Park) Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels, 1998
Austin, McMahon, Undertaker and Michaels were in a meeting with other officials planning the WWE's strategy going forward. Apparently, leading up to WMXIV, the idea was for HBK to drop the strap to Austin, which HBK initially rejected. At this point Undertaker began to tape his fists methodically. The Deadman told HBK that it was advisable that he, HBK, change his mind about doing the job by the time that he, Undertaker, finished taping his fists or he will MAKE HBK change his mind the hard way. WINNER: WWE and WWE fans because Austin went on to become one of the biggest stars in wrestling history during the Attitude era. (thanks to Geoffrey Joseph)
4 Horsemen vs. Random Fans
Some years back, I would say circa 1987, the 4 Horsemen were at a house show and some fans, who were obviously marks for the babyfaces, thought it wise to jump into the ring to save Barry Windham from the usual Horsemen beatdown. Arn and Tully delivered what had to be some of the wickedest knee drops I have ever seen on the idiots when they entered the ring. (thanks to Geoffrey Joseph)
Randy Savage vs. Random Fans
I once saw Randy Savage deliver vicious right hand punches to a couple of WCW fans who were drunk enough to interfere in a steel cage match. (thanks to Geoffrey Joseph)

CM Punk vs. Teddy Hart (NWA TNA)

The heat started on ROH show which Hart no selling and showing off to the crowd. He hit unplanned spot on Special K from top of the cage. This led Carnage Crew to beat up Hart legit, hoping he'd sell. After the team left, Hart continue to show off more, doing moonsaults into standing position. He was fired and his bags got tossed outside, and thus begun the war of words between him and Punk. Punk tore into him for being disrespectful while Hart goes off claiming Punk was on drugs and drinking despite being straight-edge. They still manage to stay paths away from each other until both were working for TNA. It was at a restaurant (ironically called White Trash Cafe), both bump into each other and escalated into a verbal and physical fight which Sabu broke up. Hart was unable to wrestle in the America's X Cup, and Punk was eventually released. Shame too, because both Punk and Hart are very good workers. Hart was also released later while his Canadian teammate Petey Williams went on to win the X Division title. (thanks to Tim and Raymond Wong)
The Wifebeater vs. Johnny Kashmere

This fight happened over some things Kashmere said. Kashmere was saying some anti-CZW things on the internet. John Zandig (the man who runs the show at CZW) heard about this and sent the Wifebeater, a wrestler known for chopping up opponents with a weed-whacker, to Kashmere's house. I don't know the rest of the details of this fight, but I heard that Wifebeater beat Kashmere up. WINNER: Ironically enough, Wifebeater. And the neighbors who saw this. How do guys get away with assault like this? (thanks to Tim)

Ric Flair vs.The Nasty Boys

Got this from Ric Flair's book. At the China Club in Manhattan, The Nasty Boys were bothering Flair's friend Robby Kanoff, who was drunk. The Nasty's took Kanoff's sunglasses and stomped on them, and then tore his suit. Flair got pissed about it, and confronted Knobbs about it. Flair told him to leave Kanoff alone but Knobbs responded with a bad look on his face. Flair slapped Knobbs silly, but he tried to fight back but Flair had it under control. Saggs then jumped across the bar and hit Flair in the eye. Saggs and Flair started fighting but it was broken up and Flair was tossed out of the bar. The damages were put on Flair's credit card. Like it says in Flair's book, What's wrong with this picture? The Nasty Boys stay in, but Ric Flair goes out? WINNER: The Nasty Boys. (Another unfair fight) (thanks to Tim)

Hulk Hogan vs. Harley Race

From Race's book. As Race (then NWA) stormed the backstage area at a WWF show at the Municipal Auditorium, the Funk brothers looked stunned. Hogan was staring at the Funks and could see their faces. Before he could turn round, Race slapped him in the ribs. Hogan fell backwards into a chair. Sensing a difficult situation, Hulk joked, "Harley, I thought the first time I saw you in Kansas City you'd have a great big gun." Hogan should be advised not to play 'call my bluff' with Harley Race, as Race shot back with, "I don't have a great big one..." before pulling out a .380-caliber handgun. (thanks to Brian Cooper at

Booker T vs. Craig Titus

When WWE comes to Vegas, they always work out at the local Gold's Gym. When Smackdown was in town last, Booker T, Chavo Sr. and Orlando Jordan came in together to work out. About 25 minutes into their workout, a professional bodybuilder named Craig Titus got into a argument with Booker T about Booker not putting away his weights after he was done with them. Titus is a celebrity trainer who was featured on the"Remaking of Vince Neil" episode that aired on VH1. He has been in prison for charges of steroid use. Orlando Jordan and Chavo Sr. were in between the two monsters while they were screaming at one another when Craig Titus lunged over Jordan and Chavo Sr. and caught Booker with a weak punch. That’s when Orlando Jordan turned around a threw a right hook at Craig Titus and dropped him to the floor. Chavo Sr. then grabbed Jordan in a bear hug and was yelling at Booker T to get his stuff and that they should all get out of there. Booker, Chavo Sr. and Jordan left in a hurry out the door. Craig Titus was not hurt, just his ego. Whaddya know, a fight was BROKEN up by Chave Sr?? He's usually the one starting something. (thanks to, well, he probably doesn't want his name printed)

New Jack vs. Chad Austin, 1996

Feeling he had been thoroughly dissed by Austin (an ECW jobber), New Jack sought out his retribution. During a double tables match between the Gangstas and Austin/Meanie, Jack laid into Austin with stiff shots at ringside. Then came the planned finish of the chair shot, which was also stiff. It didn't end there, as Jack kept at it with 5 more chair shots after the match had ended. (thanks to Power Slam magazine and Brian Cooper at

XPW wrestlers showed up at an ECW event for publicity. The ECW guys, understandably, didn't like it. Words were exchanged between Francine and XPW valet Kristi Myst. They pushed and shoved, then the XPW guys got involved, and suddenly the whole ECW locker room emptied out. Witnesses say that the XPW guys took a beating from Jack Victory, Mikey Whipwreck, New Jack, Chilly Willy, Sal Graziano, Kid Kash, Paul Heyman, and others. The fights ended up going into the streets, and the XPW guys escaped in a limo. WINNER: Heyman, because XPW will never be close to what ECW was. (thanks to Justin Newbould, Power Slam magazine, and Brian Cooper at
Scott Hall vs. Terry Taylor
In yet another drunken stupor in Germany, Hall decided to harass WCW road agent Terry Taylor. Hall never flew back with the WCW crew- pilots said he was too wasted. So when Hall eventually made it back, he vowed to get Taylor at that week's Thunder taping. When word got out, plans were scrapped for the show, which was written around Hall. With them having to rewrite the show, the taping was delayed, and Hall dealt with the situation by hitting the bars. (thanks to Power Slam magazine and Brian Cooper at
Scott Steiner vs. Terry Taylor
Taylor, the agent, told Steiner about the planned finish of him losing to Awesome. Steiner refused, but Taylor held his ground. Steiner flew off the handle, cutting a promo on Taylor and threatening him. He eventually did as he was told, but was suspended for 11 days WITH PAY. Steiner then lost the title to Awesome at a PPV, but not by pinfall. Amazing. (thanks to Power Slam magazine and Brian Cooper at
Sandman vs. Jack Victory
Before a scheduled 8-man main event in Florida, Sandman nearly passed out on the way to the ring, a result of his usual drinking binge. He then got on the mic, mumbled something about Raven being on the wagon, and then dropped his pants. The other guys were ****ting their pants and trying to cover him up, realizing how he was embarrassing the company. Backstage, Sandman got into it with Jack Victory, before it was broken up by Sal Graziano. Was ECW party central, or what. (thanks to Power Slam magazine and Brian Cooper at
Hogan/Savage vs. a fan
On a pay-per-view in about 1997, the main event was a cage match between Hogan and Piper. Savage was at ringside with Hogan and when the match was over, Savage ran in and both began pouncing on Piper. Some kid with a painted face jumped the rail into the aisle, climbed up the cage and got in the ring. I can't remember who it was, but somebody tried to hold him down outside the ring and he got away. He got in the ring and Savage held him as Hogan popped him two or three times. He eventually was pulled out of the ring. (thanks to John Nunez)

Reid Fliehr vs. Colby Hardin, 2005

This was after a championship wrestling match for the North Carolina 4A Western Regionals. Reid (Ric Flair's son) and Hardin were in sudden death, and Hardin won after making an escape with Reid on top. Hardin then did the strut and "Whooooo!" That was too much for Reid, who charged him. Before he got there, punches were being thrown by students from both schools (Providence High and South Mecklenburg High). The fight was broken up quickly, and Reid ended up getting suspended from his first 3 wrestling meets next season. Both high schools were also fined $1,000 each. Looks like Reid inherited his father's temper. If Reid was going to beat up a North Carolina resident, he at least should've beaten up Torch columnist Bruce Mitchell. (thanks to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

WWE vs. British kickboxers, 2005

After the April 2005 TV tapings in England, there was a minor altercation at the Hilton Hotel in Birmingham. There was a kickboxing exhibition the same night, and the fighters and fans were all liquored up. They started calling wrestling fake and making fun of the wrestling fans. One of the fans went after WWE ref Jack Doan. At that point, the wrestlers, who were much larger than the boxers and their fans, held them back and restrained them until the cops came. That was it. But the tabloids, of course, blew the story out of proportion to the point Batista was reportedly throwing around the boxers. Again, that is probably just tabloids being tabloids (maybe they got their journalistic lessons from the Torch). (thanks to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Andrew Jubraj, and Mohamed Ahmed)

Lance Storm vs. JBL & Bob Holly, 2005

Storm, who is a trainer for OVW, was telling one of the OVW students to be careful when dealing with infamous ribbers and pranksters JBL and Bob Holly. In particular, Storm told him that they were bullies who sometimes work stiff, and that he thought it was unprofessional. JBL and Holly confronted Storm backstage at a WWE show, and heated words were exchanged. JBL challenged him, but Storm blew him off. Many saw it as Storm being professional, while others saw it as Storm being a chicken. Anyone with a brain would see it as Storm being a professional. This is a Fortune 500 company, and there's no place for crap like this to happen in 2005. Having said that, I wish someone would finally muster up the courage to beat the **** out of JBL and Holly, because they both need serious beatings. Puder? Angle? Lashley? Come on, one of you has gotta step to to the plate! (thanks to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

Dustin Rhodes vs. his wife, 2005

In April of 2005, Rhodes was arrested on charges of domestic abuse. Details are not known at this time. Why is it that whenever domestic abuse charges happen in wrestling, the guy getting charged is always from Texas?

Kevin "Mordecai" Fertig vs. a drunk bar patron, 2004/2005

A drunk guy at a bar picked a fight with Fertig, and Fertig "finished it, with an exclamation point." It was so bad that now the guy might sue Fertig. Mordecai, who wrestled on SmackDown in 2004, has returned to OVW, where Paul Heyman is working with him to improve his game. (thanks to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

Peter Maivia & Lia Maivia vs. The Police

In the early 1970s, Peter and Lia (The Rock's grandparents) were out drinking with friends. One of their friends was refused service, and Peter stepped in. The commotion caused the bartended to not serve drinks to anyone in the group. Then a drunk, off-duty cop jumped in and a huge brawl started. Peter and his guys beat up cops from San Francisco, Brisbane, and San Mateo. Finally they were taken to jail, but so many Samoans protested that Peter and Lia were eventually released and not charged (welll, this IS San Francisco we're talking about). This all happened right on the Peninsula of the Bay Area, which is where I lived for 3 years, and is also where Crash Holly used to live.

King Blitz vs. Fiend Boy A wrestler by the name of King Blitz who wrestles for indy feds in Memphis went backstage and caught another local Memphis wrestler by the name of Fiend Boy, and Blitz began to beat him in the side of his face with brass knuckles until he was pulled off by J.E.W. (the promotion they were working for at the time) locker room. (thanks to Jesse Matthews)
Ric Flair vs. a fan, early 80's

Flair was going to face Kerry Von Erich for the championship at Kiel Auditorium. Flair was walking down the aisle (which were much smaller back then) and some moron grabbed a hold of the golden locks. Flair reached back with one hand and landed a vicious punch with the other. Fan went down hard as St. Louis' finest grabbed him. Said moron was "literally" carried out kicking, screaming and bleeding all the way. The winner: Flair and those of us lucky enough to be sitting next to the exit. (thanks to Mike Skinker)

Gordon Scozzari vs. Madusa

This was part of the whole Gilbert/Gaylord thing where Madusa, I believe married to Gilbert at the time, heard Scozzari paid Gaylord to attack Gilbert over something to do with Scozzari's ill-fated promotion. (thanks to Vinnie Carolan)

Matt Hardy vs. Edge (verbal), 2005

Edge was messing around with Matt's girlfriend Lita. Matt was alerted to it after Edge's wife called Matt asking him why Edge and Lita kept calling each other. Matt asked Lita, and she denied anything. Matt later found a hidden cell phone of Lita's, and checked the messages. He heard a message from Edge that led Hardy to believe something was definitely up. Lita admitted it, and Matt kicked her out of the house. Matt wrote remarks on his website about Edge (his former best friend), calling him "feces." No punches thrown, yet.

Kurt Angle vs. Daniel Puder, 2004

During the Tough Enough thing on SmackDown, Angle challenged anyone to wrestle him in a shoot. Puder volunteered. Angle berated him and then they wrestled. It was just an angle, though they were wrestling for real. Puder slapped on a painful lock out of nowhere, and would've broken Angle's arm had he not let go. The agents backstage in the Gorilla position were screaming at the ref to stop the match, which he did. And thank goodness, because it would've embarrassed WWE badly (not that they would've aired it). WWE never turned it into an angle, and from TV you can't tell it happened.

Mike Rotundo vs. a jobber

This was a prelim match on WCW syndication in early 90's that turned into a shoot. I think the jobber was a larger, African American man. (thanks to Vinnie Carolan)

Vader vs. Stan Hansen

Not a real shoot, but a stiff match. Vader's eye did indeed pop out... so he pushed the damn thing back in and continued. He took his mask off to a chorus of ooos and ahhhhs from the Japanese fans because he was having some problems with the swelling. His eye swelled up pretty bad. (thanks to Maddog (Joe))

Bad News "Allen" Brown vs. Andre the Giant

One time in the early 80's during an early stint Bad News had with the WWF, the boys were all on a bus traveling between shows. Andre the Giant was in the back of the bus with Hulk Hogan and company telling
racist jokes that Bad News took offense to. Bad News told him to shut up, then when he turned around Andre
shouted out a racial slur. Bad News made the driver stop the bus and told Andre to meet him outside. Andre
refused and Hogan and others tried to soothe the situation. The next day Andre apologized to Bad News. Keep in mind this was back when Andre was still in decent shape, before his body really deteriorated. (thanks to Grant Prairie, who heard this from Bad News himself)

Bad News "Allen" Brown vs. The Guerreros

Another time around the beginning of his wrestling career Bad News wrestled a tag match in Japan against the Guerrero's (Hector, Mando and Chavo Sr.). Bad News was still quite green at the time and the Guerrero's took exception to how stiff Bad News worked. They confronted him in the locker room afterwards. Bad News apologized but the Guerreros were steaming and wouldn't it let it go until it turned into a 3 on 1 with Bad News destroying all 3 of them. As a side note, Bad News was backstage at a WWE show in Calgary a few years back and Chavo Jr. went up to Bad News and was in awe of him since he'd heard the story from his dad and was telling all the other wrestlers how tough Bad News was back in the day. (thanks to Grant Prairie, who heard this from Bad News himself)

Ric Flair vs. a Journalist (duplicate from above with Flair vs. Richard Fullington)

I was just reading that Flair was backstage when an interviewer walked past. Flair said 'Hi' and the guy replied 'Hi, you're too old to be in the ring, its time you retired' (or words to that effect), prompting Flair to go ballistic. I don't know if any actual punches were thrown. Hope you can include this on your page. (thanks to AJM)

Bruno Sammartino vs. Johnny Shumway

This wrestling match apparently happened in Toronto when Bruno was wrestling for Frank Tunney. Sammartino claims that Shumway tried to shoot on him and Bruno hit him with one shot and it knocked him out (thanks to Marcos Cortest)

Bruno Sammartino vs. Antonio Inoki

Sammartino claimed this as one of the reasons he never would work for Inoki. He was wrestling a tag match and felt that Inoki was trying to make a name for himself by shooting on Bruno during the match. According to Bruno, he responded to Inoki shooting on him by catching him in a front facelock and "almost broke his neck."
After that match Bruno knew never to trust Inoki and would only work for Giant Baba in Japan. (thanks to Marcos Cortest)

Masahito Kimura vs. Rikidozan

Kimura is the famed Judo legend who once beat Helio Gracie in a submission match. He later did pro wrestling and before wrestling Rikidozan the two got into some sort of an argument about the finish. Kimura later stated that the match was supposed to be a draw but as soon as it started Kimura ran across the ring and shot in on Dozan taking him down. From there, he pummeled him with punches while on top and the match was stopped with Dozan winning by KO. (thanks to Marcos Cortest)

Akira Maeda vs. Wataru Sakata

Sakata was a student of Maeda's and was being interviewed by the Japanese press after a disappointing shoot match for Maeda's rings promotion. Maeda, pissed off at the lack of effort he felt his student displayed in the bout, ran up to Sakata knocked him out of his chair and starting beating him up with punches and kicks. The whole thing only lasted a minute or so and aired on Japanese TV, it was not an angle or a work though it sounds like one. (thanks to Marcos Cortest)

Arn Anderson vs. Disco Inferno

Disco was sitting on a plane behind Arn Anderson. Mike Enos is on a cell phone and Arn tells him to turn it off. He tells him several times. Finally, Arn threatens Enos and Disco jumps up with four fingers in the air and says, ‘Yeah Arn, take care of him Horseman style’! Arn turned around and bitched slapped him right in the face. (thanks to Bryan Alvarez at Figure 4 Weekly newsletter)

Rick Steiner vs. Vordell Walker, 2005

There are many versions of this story, so I will just cut and paste from the W365 Newsletter. "Rick Steiner went nuts at a Southern Championship Wrestling event this past weekend in Ocala, FL. He was teaming with Erick Stevens vs. Vordell Walker & Dustin Rhodes. According to those at the show, Steiner (who had taped his fists up ready for a fight backstage before the match) began shooting on Walker and tried to choke him out. Walker broke free with ease and then basically gave Steiner a beating, taking him down twice with front face locks. Steiner was really taken back because he thought he was dealing with a kid who didn't know any better. The match was thrown out with Stevens and Walker visibly upset. That left Steiner and Rhodes to work singles.
After that match the crowd watched Walker run out to confront Steiner at the concession area, shove him, and call him out. Steiner backed down telling him to "f--k off" and then left the building, apparently worried for his well being." Basically Steiner was being his usual ******* self and going rough on the indie guys. Vordell knew how to shoot, and gave it right back to him. Steiner realized it and backed off, wisely. Vordell is now becoming a hero for it, and rightly so. Steiner always does this crap and it's entirely unprofessional. (thanks to Zeeboe and Mike Aldren at the W365 Newsletter)

Scott Norton vs. an Armpit reader, 1997

We got this from a reader named Jon Southerland: "Just wanted to let ya guys know of a close call I had a few years ago while WCW was in Las Vegas in 1997 for Halloween Havoc. The night before the PPV at the MGM Grand, numerous wrestlers and fans were checking into the hotel. Myself and a few friends were hanging out drinking with some of the wrestlers at the Betty Boop bar located in the hotel. We were not bothering the wreslters, but just saying hello and shaking hands with most of them as they passed our table. During one point I went to the bar and ordered a few beers, Scott Norton was seated at the bar with a female patron. Scott looked my direction as I was ordering our drinks and I said hello. I told him I was big fan and shook his hand, the female then became upset and told me I had interrupted their conversation. I apologized and tried to leave and go back to our table, but Scott still had a grip on my hand. Scott then looked rather pissed off and would not let go of my hand and started to squeeze. For a moment I thought he was going to break my hand and I had thoughts of hitting him with my beer bottle to escape, I'm sure he could have very easily broken my hand if he wanted too. Anyway, he finally released my hand and I returned to our table." Now that is frightening. Glad you're okay, Jon.

The Rudeboy vs. Abdullah the Butcher

This was a match on the Insane Clown Posse's JCW in a cage match. Not really a backstage fight but Abdullah took some liberties on Rudeboy by stabbing him with a broken beer bottle. I heard Abdullah was drinking before the match too. WINNER: Abdullah the Butcher. And the ICP for being able to witness this massacre. (thanks to Tim)

Zach Gowen vs. a fan

We got this from a reader who asked to remain anonymous: "This is an extract from Zach Gowen's own Livejournal. After reading all of the entries, it seems like Gowen really has a hatred of fans, or the smarky ones at least. "I turned from fan favorite to rule breaker early in the show with an angle that was heavily influenced from Flair/Funk in 1989. We had a big brawl and a pull apart gimmick which was fun but I accidentally beat up a fan that I thought was part of the show. I jump on this dude and start working punches when all of a sudden I hear Brain Gorie say, "Dude, he's a fan, get off him!" So I started punching him as hard as I could. ****ing idiot. Fans should NOT run onto the floor in a basketball game and they most definitely shouldn't get involved in a wrestling angle." WINNER: Zach. I just find the concept of him hitting the guy harder after being told to stop hilarious."

Zach Gowen, Truth Martini and Brian Gorie vs. a bar patron

Another anonymous reader sent us this. "Another Livejournal extract. "I was part of a 4 Horsemen beat down tonight. Keep in mind this actually transpired outside of Derby's Bar and Grill in Detroit. To protect the innocent, names have been changed. I'm Ric Flair, Truth Martini is Nikita Koloff and Brian Gorie is Arn Anderson. The guy that got *** beat is Lex Luger. Ok, so we're in the bar minding our own business when this ugly fat chick starts verbally assaulting me. She keeps accusing me of calling her a fat bitch. Did the words "You're a fat bitch" come out of my mouth? Well, of course they did. Were they directed at this particular fat bitch? No, they weren't. She finally stops bothering us and I'm thinking all is cool. That is until we step out of the bar. The same fat bitch is waiting for me outside and she starts up again with her incoherent rambling. I gently pull her aside to explain to her that I wasn't talking about her and here's where Lex Luger jumps in. He grabs my arm, pushes me away and says, "Don't ****ing touch my girl". This guy's just asking for trouble. I try to explain to him that I have no interest in touching his "girl" but he won't have any part of it. Then he starts threatening me, that's where he crossed the line. I keep looking over at Nikita (played by Truth) and I can see the fire building up inside of him. So I start cutting the promo on this dude. I cut the ****ing promo of my life. I don't remember word for word what was said but I do remember saying this..."Look at you, you little bald headed ******. I'm Zach Gowen baby, I drive a 75,000 dollar car (ok, so I lied in my promo, big deal), I'm a ****ing multi-millionaire (again, another lie) and I **** the hottest girls in the world (that part's true actually). And what do you do? Go home and **** that fat cow of a bitch every night? You ****ing hillbilly, you make me sick. Get the **** outta here." That's when he started to walk away. I thought, "Cool, no fighting". Then he called me a *****...or maybe I called him a *****, I dunno. But the next thing I know, Arn Anderson (played by Brian Gorie) spits at him. He comes charging back but Nikita's hot as hell at this point. Truth grabs him by the collar of his shirt and throws his *** the ground. I mean this guy took the bump of his life. Details are a little sketchy after this but I remember looking over at Truth and him flashing the 4 Horsemen sign at me. Luger (played by douchebag) gets up and starts punching Truth, that's when Gorie tackles him to the ground and puts the choke on along with a few punches to the face. So, they're on the ground, Truth's kicking 50 yard field goals into his ribs and I'm just punching this dude in the face as hard as I can. That goes on for a minute or two, the cops show up (no charges were filed) and I end up with blood all over my new shirt my mom got me for my birthday. And my knuckles are swollen and my hands hurt like hell. Gorie gotta black eye and lost his glasses. All in all, it was a fun night." WINNER: The Four Horsemen.

Kurt Angle Vs. Eddie Guerrero, late 2004

Zeeboe sent this in. "Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero got into an altercation backstage at Smackdown after the final segment of the show. As they came through the curtain, they exchanged words, loudly, in front of everyone at the Gorilla position. It quickly escalated from verbal to physical. The word was that Angle grabbed Eddie in a face lock and took him down to the ground, incapacitating him, before being pulled off by Johnny Ace and some of the agents. Then, they apparently got into it again further in the back before getting broken up again. From what I was told, Vince McMahon talked to both men about the incident before leaving the building. The rumor making the rounds was that Eddie missed his cue in the final segment, which made Kurt's character look weak. Given the fact that Eddie wasn't himself at the time with some people thinking he hadn't fully recovered from his concussion, the story I heard is that Angle grew frustrated and told Eddie to basically get his head in the game, and it escalated from there. WINNER: Kurt Angle" (thanks to Zeeboe and PWInsider)

Perry Saturn vs. Mike Bell

In this match from WWF Metal a few years ago, Saturn snapped and started to work stiff on Mike Bell. The match began with a bit of chain wrestling, but after a few botched takedowns from Bell (Saturn landed on his head/neck) Saturn snapped and started to punch him for real. After that, Saturn threw Bell out of the ring (right on his head, it looked really nasty), then he threw him on the steel steps. Saturn rolled Bell back in the ring and brawled a little bit and delivered a vertical suplex. He ended the match with a stiff looking superkick. Word is that WWE management were mad at Saturn, and on the next show they let Bradshaw to work stiff on Saturn. (thanks to Frits)

JBL vs. Sean Conaway, 2005

Sean Conaway was Stephanie McMahon's favorite member of the WWE creative team. He has a reputation for befriending wrestlers, just to figure out what their real opinions of WWE management are, then ratting them out to Stephanie. Conaway, along with a few other production assistants, were in the same bar that Orlando Jordan and JBL happened to be in after a show one night. JBL and Jordan decided to get some revenge on Conaway, and challenged him to a drinking contest, which lead to much more. Conaway lost the contest and began to walk away, however Jordan told him he couldn't quit, so he kept on drinking. Conaway passed out in his room, and Orlando Jordan went in and ordered gay pornography on his room bill without him knowing. Conaway, who was still passed out, ended up completely missing his flight for RAW that night. Conaway ended up lying to Stephanie McMahon about it, telling her that he was detained by airport security, and that was what caused him to miss the flight. She understood, and there were no issues. The next night at the Smackdown tapings, JBL and Jordan told other wrestlers the negative stories about Conaway from that Sunday night. Not only did they tell the wrestlers, but they also interrupted the production meeting before Smackdown, which was attended by Vince and Stephanie McMahon, to tell the story about what happened. As a result, Stephanie McMahon found out that Conaway had completely lied to her about why he missed raw, and needless to say, is furious. On top of that, now management knows about the other negative stories, and has probably gotten word about those extra expenses on his hotel bill as well. Sean Conaway, a member of the WWE creative team, is no longer with the company. Conway, only 23, had been with the WWE since June 2004, serving as a writing assistant. Within the company, many considered him a "spy" for Stephanie McMahon. (thanks to XtremeFalls43 and and

Ric Flair & Dusty Rhodes vs. Carmine Despirito (wrestling Eye magazine editor), Richard Sanders (photographer for Apter Mags), and Brian Razzi (Carmine's best buddy at the time), 1987

Here's an email we got from a reader: "This ridiculousness actually started at the show earlier that night. Upon entering the cage for War Games 1987, Flair gets into it with a photographer at ringside (for no apparent reason). Flair tried to have the photographer (Sanders) removed from ringside but couldn't. (Sanders was working with the Pennsylvania Athletic commission at that time as well as the Apter mags). After the show, the after party spilled back to the airport Marriot. Despirito, Razzi, and Sanders were outside of the lounge when Flair walks by. Just so happened we were all laughing about jokes Carmine was telling at the time. (that had NOTHING to do with wrestling). Carmine had heat with all of the boys because his magazine printed the "truths" about pro wrestling. Flair walks back again returning from the men's room, and we just so happened to still be laughing. (Carmine was a REALLY funny guy if you ever had a chance to talk to him.) Flair stops, and confronts Sanders. "Do you think something is funny?" he asked. I reply, "What are you talking about?" No one is laughing at you, if that's what you mean. Then he goes on about me never being allowed to shoot at ringside again, and I remind him that he's not in North Carolina, and he doesn't call the shots with athletic commission here. He then starts to cut a promo about the things he has (what was funny, I was making about $45K a year between my regular job and selling wrestling pictures on the weekends) and how he bets I'm broke, (poor) blah, blah, blah. At this time, a semi crowd starts to form from the fracas. Flair and I are about 1 ft apart (as I was wishing that he slugged me, so I could have whipped his ***, and then sued him later. At that time, I was benching 325 in sets of 8. About 245lbs and 6'4" tall) I reminded him that no stomping would be done when my punches starting flying (mocking a wrestling punch). Out of no where, Dusty Rhodes is in the middle of this. "What the **** is your problem?" he asks. I immediately return the same question to him. The F bomb was dropped a couple of times from all parties involved. They were reminded that they were a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng way from home to be talking trash to guys that they didn't know. (A few of my frat brothers were less than 25ft away talking to some women) Hotel security intervened. Of course, we were thrown out. We all left the hotel lobby, went to Denny's (where we ran into JJ Dillion and Ron Simmons. Simmons pulled me to the side, and told me that " I knew what this was about," (assuming he was talking about race, because I'm black) and I told him the same thing that I told Flair a little while earlier........ He was a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnng way from North Carolina to be talking to strangers in a disrespectful way. Ron Simmons tried to remind me that he wasn't worth spending the rest of my life in prison for. Today, I have to agree with him. Winners: the crowd who got to see someone stand up to that punkass Flair and Dusty Rhodes. I covered a Turnbuckle sports show last year in GA featuring Abdullah the Butcher and Rhodes on top and I wanted to remind Rhodes soooooooooooooo bad about bragging about the "things he had" back in 1987. I probably have more money in my wallet, than he has in bank account. I'm equally glad to see Flair make an *** out of himself in the WWE nowadays. I wonder if he still thinks he's the man?? Whoooooooo that. Chump." (thanks to Ricci Bard)

Harley Race & Nick Bockwinkel vs. Stan Hansen & Bruiser Brody

Taken from "Tagging with Nick Bockwinkel against Hansen and Bruiser Brody- Nick started out one match against them and got the absolute dogpiss beaten out of them. Harley tagged in to face Brody, sidestepped a kick, twisted Brody's ankle, then put his foot near Brody's nose and told him that if he wanted to get serious, he was up for it. Brody tagged out to Hansen, who was uncooperative with Harley in a suplex spot and just sat down. Harley just dragged Hansen to the ropes and Hansen got up because he figured that the referee would call for a rope break. As soon as he stood up, Harley suplexed him." (thanks to Big M and

Dynamite Kid vs. Danny Spivey

One of our readers remembers reading in Dynamite Kid's book that after ribbing Danny Spivey on a tour bus Spivey went for him. A few wrestlers got in between, but Dynamite noted that with his long reach, Spivey was able to reach around and crack Dynamite in the ribs really good. Realizing that Spivey was no pushover, Dynamite quickly befriended him. (thanks to PHender864)

Kevin Von Erich vs. The Great Kabuki

From "Great Kabuki- Kabuki insisted on wrestling him and Kevin insisted on
giving him a rough time because he didn't think Kabuki was ready because of how his body looked. During the match, Kabuki turned his back on him, which is ALWAYS a no-no but, when Kevin attempted to blindside him, Kabuki kicked him with blinding speed and broke his cheek and nose. He had a new respect for him after that and made sure to get on the mic and challenge him to a match the next week." (thanks to Big M)

Gino Hernandez vs. A fan

From "Gino Hernandez- He bitched a lot but could only kick the *** of one person
in the business. Ox Baker. Because of that, Gino would always find an excuse to kick Ox's *** whenever he ran across him. He also remembers one show where Gino made an open challenge to the crowd and a huge cowboy answered it. Gino's plan was to kick the guy in the head while he was coming through the ropes but didn't land it in the right part of the head because all it did was piss the guy off. Gino then went to the all-purpose Plan B. running to the back and cowering in the locker room. He then stuck with Killer Brooks for the rest of the night and, when the cowboy ran into them at the hotel, Brooks knocked the guy out then Gino started kicking the **** out of him while he was down." (thanks to Big M)

Sabu vs. the Yakuza

From "One time, when Sabu was wrestling, the Yakuza were sitting at ringside.
The promoter had told everyone that they were there and what section they were sitting in, but Sabu didn't care. One of the guys ended up taking a swing at Tiger Jeet Singh , and Sabu ended up kicking the **** out of him.
It turns out there were 50 of them there, including a boss. They started a near-riot. He (Awesome) was in the locker room at the time and heard some commotion outside, thinking the match had ended up there, and came out to see Sabu on the floor, several guys kicking the **** out of him, and someone about to hit him with a chair. He ran out and started clearing house long enough to get Sabu back to the dressing room. All the foreigners ended up stuck in the locker room for about 2 hours until Onita could get things calmed down." (thanks to Big M)

Jim Cornette vs. Fans

From "Tulsa, OK- The fans from Hell. Every time they went to Tulsa, Cornette
seriously considered quitting. It was quite a contrast from Oklahoma City, where they'd work a morning show before going to Tulsa that night and which had the nicest arena in the whole territory and clean-cut fans. The fans in Tulsa tended to be of the redneck variety, even moreso than other Mid-South cities, and tended to be drunk off their asses and looking for a fight. Without fail, there was a riot whenever the Midnight Express wrestled there, whether it be against Magnum TA and Mr. Wrestling II, the Rock and Roll Express, Bill Watts and Stagger Lee (Junkyard Dog under a mask), etc. The show before their match with Watts and JYD, there had been a HUGE riot because one moron had tried to get in the ring and got his face split open by a Condrey kick. "Nature Boy" Buddy Landell would come halfway to the ring to help them fight their way back to the dressing room each week. Buddy had the guy in a front facelock with his legs spread, so Cornette kicked a field goal on the guy and sprained his leg in the process. Right before they got back to the locker room, someone jumped from the archway of the general admission seating to try and get the Midnights. Buddy punched the guy while
he was still in midair but slipped on spilled beer and they both took flat back bumps. The police already had the guy who had started the whole thing pulled aside in the back and he was passed out, so Cornette started "kicking the **** OUT OF HIM, I don't give a **** if he's unconscious." The only cop who hadn't been involved in the riot pulled Cornette off of him, then Dennis went behind the cop's back and started beating up on the guy even more with Cornette's belt wrapped around his fist. Cornette thought was hilarious because it was a spot right out of one of their matches." (thanks to Big M)

Jim Cornette vs. Fans

From "Another night, the cops pulled the guys who started the fight into the back and Watts stood on their heads. Fortunately for them, he was only in tennis shoes because Watts later said "****, I should of worn my cowboy boots!" Watts then picked the guy up, told Grizzly to hold him against the wall, then punched him and let the cops take him away " (thanks to Big M)

Jim Cornette vs. Fans

From "The bad riot in Tulsa- Because one of the people who got the **** kicked out of him was a Highway Patrolman's son, Internal Affairs got involved and the Tulsa PD was no longer allowed to work security at the matches. They ended up with the county sheriff's department deputies, which was bad enough. It got worse when the next show was at the Tulsa Fairgrounds instead of the city arena, as it was a big rodeo barn with absolutely no seating pattern. Watts drove to the match in his Rolls Royce and pulled it into the archway of the door that night. Before the Midnight's match, someone had tried to clobber Nikolai Volkoff with a chair on the way to the ring and missed, breaking the chair over a deputy's head. The stipulation of the Midnight Express vs. Junkyard Dog and Watts match that night was that, when the Midnights lost, Cornette would get put in his mother's pink dress. Things went downhill when Watts decided he was going to put on a clinic for the boys in the back of how to sell for the Midnight Express, which scared the Midnights ****less because you DON'T put that kind of a beating on the hometown hero. There was so much heat that night that "If we'd won, they wouldn't have been able to get us out of there with a helicopter." It was so bad that guys were jumping into the ring while Watts was making his comeback just so they could help out. Watts beat up the Midnights, stripped Cornette down and put the dress on him. At that point, Cornette was wearing a pink dress, dress shoes, and carrying a tennis racket when he sees four deputies who look at him and say "RUN!" He starts running back to the dressing room and he's losing cops as he goes along because the fans are tripping them.
Eventually, he started windmilling the tennis racket and ran as fast as he could. Once he broke free of the crowd, Jim Ross was trying to stop him from getting near Watts' Rolls Royce because the crowd had started throwing beer bottles at him. Cornette just kept running and all kinds of stuff landed on the car. As far as Cornette's concerned, the two shows that day did $194,000 in business and, since those were 1984 dollars, Watts could have afforded another few Rolls Royces after that kind of business." (thanks to Big M)

Batista vs. Randy Orton

This happened sometime after Randy Orton turned face, apparently Randy Orton had made some joke about Batista. The two got into a minor scuffle with no punches thrown. The two made up soon after. Winner: no one seeing as about 3 people saw it (thanks to Daniel Simpson)

Ron Simmons vs. Big Show
Big Show was making a point about something when Simmons basically told him to sit down and shut up. The two men faced off and had to be separated. Winner: Big Show (Ron Simmons was released from contract about 2 weeks later) (thanks to Daniel Simpson)

Edge vs. Eddie Guerrero

Apart from the usual matches, some fans saw something 'extra' which involved a fight between Eddie Guerrero and Edge. The location of the seat was located near the entrance way which was easy to sneak around
backstage. Guerrero apparently was mad at something that Edge did and told him, "Don't you ever ****ing do that again" to which Edge responded with a huge shove almost knocking Guerrero to the floor. Officials stepped in instantly and broke up the fight as well as shutting the curtains after spotting the fans watching what was
happening backstage. Winner: (no one really) (thanks to Daniel Simpson)

Hulk Hogan vs. Glacier

Apparently, Glacier was boasting backstage about how over he was. He made a joke about being the 'next Hogan', and word got back to him. Hogan saw him at a later date and gave him a couple of blows to the face, but Glacier managed to fend him off, before applying the 'Ice Pick'. (thanks to Mark Rowley; by the way I'd like someone to confirm this because you never know with Hogan how much truth is involved)

Johnny "Laurinaitais" Ace vs. Gary Allbright

Sent in from a reader: "I was friends with Gary Albright, who was a sweet, genuine human being who worked his *** off. After Giant Baba died and Ms. Baba was in charge, Johnny went to her a couple of times and told her that Gary was injured and couldn't work the next tour and he had someone else to fill the spot. And it was complete bull****! Gary wasn't hurt but Johnny used his stroke with Ms. Baba to f*ck Gary over and get his friends a booking. Johnny Ace is a complete waste of flesh and a scumbag."

Chris Benoit vs. Maxx Payne vs. Samu/Fatu

Sent in from a reader: "This comes straight from the horse's mouth. Maxx Payne told me while training in the New Japan Dojo that Chris Benoit and himself went out with Samu and Fatu, who were over on a tour. Massive drinking followed with Benoit getting tore up and passing out at the table. As they started to leave, Samu and Maxx got into a verbal fight outside the bar and it got rough. Samu would charge Maxx, who had to fireman's carry Chris. Maxx would set Chris down, take Samu down and hold him until he'd say it was over. So they'd walk a while more and Samu would attack Maxx (still carrying Benoit) again and they repeated this by Maxx's estimate for over a mile and a half every few blocks. At one point Samu hit Maxx from behind on a bridge and almost dropped Chris into the empty seabed at low tide. Finally they arrived at the hotel and after putting Chris in his room, Maxx was in the hallway going into his room when he heard Samu's battle roar again coming down the hallway and turned planted his feet and threw a charging Samu so hard Samu broke his ankle on the ceiling, ending his tour with New Japan on the spot."

Earl Hebner vs. a fan, 2002

Back in May of 2002 on Raw, Edge and RVD were having a ladder match for the IC title in Edmonton. Eddie was climbing the ladder for the belt, when a fan hopped into the ring and shoved over the ladder. Eddie was
lucky to land to his feet and Earl Hebner caught the fan with a chokehold and wrestled him out of the ring.
Security finally stepped in (I read they were actually a sports team, rugby I believe and were more interested in watching the show) and Eddie landed in a few shots as the fan was escorted from the arena. (thanks to Jimmy Jett)

Jericho vs. a fan

Not sure of the date, but during either Jericho's WCW title reign or his Undisputed one (I'm believing it
was the previous) a fan attempted to steal the "big gold belt". I believe Jericho tagged the fan (but he
might've just pulled the title away) and security took care of it from there. (thanks to Jimmy Jett)

Virgil vs. a fan

I caught this on Wrestling's Greatest Steel Cage Matches Ever. DiBiase and Savage were having a cage match in the late 80's in one of the Gardens, I believe, when a fan (wearing a Hulkamania do-rag) hopped over the railing and began quickly scaling the cage. His mother appeared to be yelling at him from ringside as the wrestlers looked confused. Virgil scaled up for the kid and grabbed his leg, but it appeared as if he realized the kid could easily get hurt. Security quickly appeared afterwards and a member climbed up and tossed the fan down to other
members. (thanks to Jimmy Jett)

Security vs. fans

Nothing major, but at the first RAW show I attended (the June 30th, 1998 taping) Edge was early in his
career and appearing in the crowd. Anyway, he was hanging above my section and immediately, a few fans
nearby got up and went to surround him, I remember one saying something along the lines of "man, now's a good
time for to go to the bathroom" when a woman looking in her forties stepped down from the gate and simply
folded her arms. The fans mumbled and sat down, Edge left shortly afterwards and my friends and I laughed,
since the woman wasn't that big. (I'd guess under 5'6" and 200 lbs.) (thanks to Jimmy Jett)

Randy Orton vs. Rochelle (WWE Diva)

Apparently news has spread about the backstage incident of Randy Orton's outburst at Rochelle. Rochelle was doing an interview backstage or something and Randy Orton was trying to hit on her or something and Rochelle said, "Aren't you from Canada?" Then Orton went ballistic and shouted at her "I hate Canada and I hate you!" Then later on Rochelle found out that her purse was smeared with baby oil lotion in which the rumor online said that her bag was smeared with feces which in fact was just lotion. (thanks to Patrick)

Billy Kidman vs. Brock Lesnar

Billy Kidman was very pissed off about Brock Lesnar trying the shooting star press on Angle. Billy said, "I could do the F-5, its possible, but I just won't do it." Later on they both were seen bitching at each other but not actually fighting. (thanks to ChrisJericho911)

Perry Saturn vs. Minion

A reader sent this in: "Everyone knows Perry Saturn, and most people think he blew a great opportunity. Perry Saturn works many shows in the Midwest now, and recently he had an altercation with no-name Iowa worker Syphin. Syphin is a horrible worker, but the crowd digs him, and the fourteen to fifteen year old demographic loves him. Anyway, he was involved in a match, Syphin and his partner Minion taking on Saturn and Brutus. Saturn wasn't selling anything, as he usually doesn't at these shows, and this lead to him posing to the crowd after a suplex. Syphin got pissed and bum rushed Saturn from behind and started raining blows on him, and they were stiff. Perry covered up for a minute, and then when Syphin had backed off, jumped up like nothing, and gave him a sick punch to the face, that knocked Syphin stupid. Saturn then left the ring, got his things and left. Two weeks later, working for the same no name promotion, Saturn and Minion got into it after the show. Saturn had shown up as the "surprise" entrant in a battle royal, which he won. After the show while some of the wrestlers were taking pictures and signing autographs, yelling was coming from the back hallway of this dingy auditorium. It was Saturn and Minion throwing down, and I have to tell you that Saturn won again."

Tracy Smothers vs. JBL, 2005

Word has it that after Smothers got word that JBL stiffed on Blue Meanie, he gave it right back to JBL. According to the Observer, JBL's eyes were swelled up after the show. Later on the internet, Smothers issued a challenge to JBL to have a shoot, putting up his entire life savings.

Dave Meltzer vs. Tracy Smothers, 2005

Meltzer posted in the WrestlingClassics message boards that Smothers was probably not as tough as JBL. Smothers then issued a statement ripping into Meltzer, telling him he's never done anything athletic in his life. Nothing could be further from the truth, by the way. Meltzer did write in the Observer that Smothers was a crazy fighter who has been in his share of backstage scuffles.

Dave Meltzer vs. Terry Gordy

In the aforementioned rant by Smothers, he told of a story of how Meltzer introduced himself to Gordy in Japan at a bar. Gordy got pissed and grabbed the Observer from him, threw it down, stomped on it, and dared Meltzer to report that in his "sheet." This is insane, because Meltzer has always written nothing but nice things about Gordy.

Francine vs. Dawn Marie, 2005

Before the ECW One-Night Stand PPV, Dawn and Francince greeted each other backstage. Apparently Francine smirked or something, because Dawn went and complained to Laurinaitais about it. It didn't do either one of them any favors in the eyes of WWE management.

Blue Meanie vs. John "Bradshaw" Layfield, June 12, 2005

Meanie had, earlier, stated that JBL took liberties in the ring, and called him a "bully" on his website. At ECW One Night Stand, JBL took a huge liberty by stiff-punching Meanie in the face, opening up a fresh wound and giving him a black eye. Backstage, the fight continued physically as JBl went after Meanie again, but it was broken up. WINNER: Blue Meanie, after his point was proved in front of the Hammerstein Ballroom and the locker room. UPDATE: A handheld video of the incident has surfaced. Meanie is clearly taunting JBL before the brawl, although that was part of the show. JBL then punches him in the head from behind and they lock up. JBL lost his balance and got back up. The lock up again, and JBL nails him with face shots while all Meanie can get in is some weak body shots. JBL puts Meanie down and staggers away, looking back one last time to make sure he's down for good. After Meanie gets up, you can see him tell Al Snow what happened, and Snow looks concerned. Backstage, Meanie and JBL had to be separated, with JBL complaining about what Meanie had said about him on the internet and in a previous court case, testifying against him in a totally separate case involving ex-referee Billy Silverman. WWE never punished JBL for this. (thanks to The Lone Wolf)

Jamie Noble vs. a fan, 2005

At an ROH show, a fan accused Noble of only having his job because he performed a certain sexual act. Noble later got on the house mic and dared the fan to get in the ring and fight (he didn't, of course). Noble apologized for his actions and there was no further incident. (reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

Axl Rotten vs. a bar patron

This fight was mentioned on the IWA King of the Deathmatches 2003 tape. Before Axl's match against Corporal Robinson, Corp got on the mic and put over how tough Axl is, saying he got in a bar fight and broke his left hand and a few fingers in the other. Axl then got on the mic and said he beat the crap out of him. WINNER: Axl Rotten and anybody who saw the fight. (thanks to Tim)

Buh Buh Ray Dudley vs. a fan, 2002

First hand account from Tim Winers: "It was the night of HHH's return from his quad injury. Not the televised one on RAW but the house show in Binghamton NY. This guy I was with was ripping on the Dudley Boys, especially Buh Buh. He was saying things like "you suck" and you're a piece of sh#t." Buh Buh spat on him and that was that. Then as we left the arena, my friend yelled out "Buh Bub Ray Sucks, whooo". Well, Buh Buh was just getting in his car and he heard my friend. Buh Buh jumped out of the car ran towards my friend (I sidestepped out of the way) and my friend starts to back pedal faster then I've ever seen anyone before. Buh Buh kept chasing him saying "I guess I don't fuc#in suck now do I?" and "Get back here you little sh#t" and "Who's the piece of sh#t now"? D-Von got out of the car laughing and holding Buh Buh back. It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen and my friend deserved it. You can enjoy the show without being a putz and taking it too far. (Winner: Buh Buh Ray Dudley for teaching my friend about respect and for making the night a little more enjoyable)"

JBL vs. Steve Blackman, 1999/2000 - Updated

WWF was in between shows at the local airport, and the wrestlers were waiting by the baggage collection bay and Bradshaw decided to dick about trying to push Blackman onto the moving luggage belt. Blackman turned around unflustered and planted a crescent kick flush on Bradshaw's jaw, knocking him clean out, picked up his bag and walked on. Both shook hands when it was done. UPDATE: a reader saw an interview with the Blue Meanie which says Bradshaw was pissing Blackman off, calling him allsorts of stuff. Blackman just turned around and hit him in the face and body a dozen times then went to finish him off with a kick but got his foot caught in a luggage bag. This gave the guys watching a chance to separate the two. Bradshaw apologized straight after. If only other legit tough guys would do the same to Mr Layfield. (thanks to Steven, Chris, and John)

Big John Studd and the Road Warriors vs. Rochester, NY
This is from the autobiography of former MLB umpire Ken Kaiser. Kaiser was hosting a charity banquet in Rochester, and among the guests were Big John Studd and the Road Warriors, who apparently had a
little too much to drink, as they decided to throw chairs off of their balcony and see who could hit the most cars. It was zero-all when security ran in, looked at the three, and ran off. (thanks to Ryan)

New Jack vs. Gypsie Joe

Sent in by Tim: "I've seen this fight before. New Jack was at a show and was taking on the 80-year old Gypsie Joe (I'm serious). Apparently earlier, Joe was bragging that he was hardcore before hardcore was even considered. This, for some reason, angered Jack and he took his frustrations out on Joe in the match. Here's the sick part. On the outside, Jack started throwing chairs at Joe and whipping Joe with a chain, which was all real. Jack had Joe down, and then pulled out an aluminum baseball bat wrapped in barbedwire. Jack just kills Joe with the bat, smashing it over his upper-back. Jack finally stops and throws Joe into a row of chairs. Jack then walks away and threatens people in the crowd. Funny thing is, Joe just walked it off, not even resembling being hurt. WINNER: New Jack and anybody who's seen the fight. That's for sure." (thanks to Tim)

The Great Malenko vs. a fan

Malenko and Dale Lewis were in a match in Orlando when a fan jumped in and attacked Malenko. He ripped his shirt off and Malenko kicked him in the *** until security got him. (thanks to John)

The Samoans vs. a fan

Long before The Samoans of WWF there was a tag team managed by Dandy Jack in Florida with that name. A

fan attacked one of them and was chopped across the chest twice. Who in his right mind would mess with a tag team named the Samoans?? (thanks to John)

Roddy Piper vs. a photographer

Roddy Piper who was brought in a bounty hunter to unmask the Midnight Rider in the ring. The Midnight Rider was giving a young contest winner his jacket. Bill Otten, a photographer, was on the apron taking photos. Roddy Piper took exception to this and threatened to kick his ***. Otten replied "Go ahead and I'll sue you." (thanks to John)

Nishimura vs. a photographer

This was sent in by John, a former photographer from the territorial days of wrestling: "I was taking photos in Clearwater of a match featuring Nishimura vs. Tiger Mask#? I was laughing at things like The Spoiler taking photos with his point and shoot. Jimmy Suzuki, a photographer, was shouting up instructions to the wrestlers like abdominal stretch. I laughed again. Nishimura went outside to the apron and I stepped back thinking he was going to the top rope. To my surprise he jumped down and got in my face. I was saying "What did I do?" I was backing up from him he said "You have smiling face." I tried telling him I wasn't laughing at him. He got back in the ring and I finished shooting the match. I heard he was still mad after the match." (thanks to John)

Bubba Ray Dudley vs. Donna D'errico

Not a fight but this was during the days of MTV's Beachhouse and Donna went in to a house to wake up guys and put them on TV. Bubba was asleep and Donna just kind of taps him, waking him up in the process. Bubba happened to rollover and knocked the mic right back into her nose. Donna, of course, if the wife of our hero, Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue. Winner: Bubba Ray for getting woken up by a Baywatch babe. This story came from Bubba himself when the WWF then had their thing with MTV for Sunday Night Heat some kind of preview thing that MTV does. (thanks to Andrew Betts)

Bubba Ray Dudley vs. Sylvan Grenier (circa 2003, perhaps early August '03?)

This occurred during the feud between La Resistance and the Dudley Boyz, although it was either before Rob Conway's debut or he was somehow mysteriously not involved. There was a RAW house show in which the Dudley Boyz and La Resistance (Rene Dupree/Sylvan Grenier) had a match, and Grenier botched a spot by failing to get involved: Dupree took a 3-D, but the match wasn't supposed to end yet, and La Resistance being Tag-Team Champions meant they probably weren't even supposed to lose. Thus, the idea was for Grenier to rush into the ring and kick whichever Dudley was covering in order to break up the three-count. He didn't. Grenier completely missed his cue, forcing Dupree to kick out to keep the match going. Bubba Ray Dudley was reportedly furious--after all, can you imagine what it looks like to have Rene Dupree kick out of your finisher?--and laid into Grenier backstage after the match. Words were definitely exchanged and there may have been one or two "minor scuffle" style moves before it got broken up, though the violence didn't escalate *too* terribly high. (thanks to Kjorteo)

New Jack vs. Larry Sweeny

Sent in by Shane: "Not a big deal, but I heard that Larry Sweeney and New Jack got into a verbal fight backstage at IWA-MS, believe it or not. It was in January in Highland. New Jack was drunk when he showed up. At some point, he asked Sweeney to untie his boots, and Sweeney hesitated. New Jack then flipped
out on him, saying that Sweeney thought he was a big deal and that he (New Jack) didn't know any better because he'd only been in the business 6 months. One of the other wrestlers (I think Chris Hero) diffused the
situation by untying New Jack's boots. Sweeney quickly left the locker room, saying he had calls to make." (thanks to Shane)

JBL vs. Stevie Richards

On the night Blue Meanie was asked to show up at SmackDown to go over JBL (as a way to prevent Meanie from filing a lawsuit), Meanie's buddy Stevie Richard stiffed JBL with an incredibly brutal chairshot that opened him up hardway. In an interview later, Stevie admitted JBL will probably kick his *** eventually for it. Stevie said that JNL had it coming to him and that it was the right thing to do. (name not given by sender)

Big Show & a cookie vs. a random drunk

As told by Big Show himself on an episode of "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" this was back before Big Show was a a wrestler and he was a bouncer at a bar. Some random drunk mouthed off and said something like "F-You Lurch" so Big Show was very mad and all he had was a cookie so, being a pitcher back in high school, he threw the cookie and hit guy right in the back of the head. The guy ran and hid in a cab but the cab driver was inside. Big Show got to the cab and never got to the guy but the guy pissed himself. Winner: Big Show

Andre The Giant vs. 4 drunks

As seen on the documentary "The Unreal Story Of Pro Wrestling." In the mid '70's, four guys were hassling Andre at a bar and he got pissed and decided to so something about so he chased the guys out of the bar. They got in their car and thought they were safe. They were wrong. Andre proceeded to roll the car on to its roof and then left. Winner: Andre. It makes him even more of a legend. However, like all Andre stories, this is probably embellished. (thanks to Andrew Betts)

Jim Cornette vs. Anthony Carelli, 2005
This is the slap that got Jim Cornette fired from WWE. Carelli is an indie guy who was brought to the OVW tapings to be a plant in the crowd and act scared of the Boogey Man gimmick, played by Marty "Liar" Wright. Instead of acting scared, Carelli laughed and screwed up the whole angle. Cornette was naturally pissed and went backstage and ordered Carelli to come in. He cut a promo on Carelli and started slapping him over a dozen times. Carelli did nothing, smartly knowing that if he retaliated, his WWE career would be history. He did complain to WWE, and Cornette was then fired. We love Cornette, but I would've fired him too if he had done that. Luckily for Cornette, Carelli (who has a shooter background) didn't demolish him like he could have. WINNER: The anti-Cornette writers in WWE.
Anthony Carelli vs. fans
The aforementioned Carelli wrestled in Canada, and ended up in a scuffle with 7 or 8 fans in the parking lot along with wrestler George Terzis. According to the promoter that broke up the fight, Carelli had already beaten 2 of the guys up himself. Imagine what he would've done to Cornette. (thanks to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

Road Warriors vs. The Crusher & Dick the Bruiser

Not a fight, but Hawk and Animal decided to take some liberties with the guys in a match. So they press slammed them; mind you theses guys never left the ground in the 30+ years they wrestled. Apparently Crusher said "What are you guys doing?" and Hawk's response was "Whatever we want." This came from Animal on the Road Warriors DVD. (thanks to Andrew Betts)

Road Warriors vs. The Fabulous Ones (Stan Lane & Steve Keirn)

Not a fight, but just a match. Backstage, Verne Gagne said the Fabulous Ones were going to pull the the switch and the Road Warriors were supposed to lose, but when they got to the ring Animal said "We're not going for the finish." So the Warrirors beat the living Hell out the Fabs. The Warriors got some chairs, then the Fabs got chairs. The match ended up a double DQ. Needless to say, Verne gave the Warriors a scolding at some point in his tirade "Nobody has changed the finish on me in 30 years." The Warriors were like "Well, we just did." (thanks to Andrew Betts)

Nick Bollea (Hulk Hogan's son) vs. The Big Show

Backstage, Nick shot Big Show with a slingshot. Big Show retaliated by duct taping Nick to a chair for approximately three hours. This came from a Hogan interview in Maxim magazine, so take the truth for what you will. (thanks to Jeremy Cundiff)

Earl Hebner vs. a Fan (Raw House Show, 2003)

Got this email: "My name's Matt. I had front row seats to a November House show which was headlined by Kane vs. Goldberg. During the Evolution vs. Maven/Booker T match, Evolution started prancing around the ring and flipping fans off and posing, and for some strange reason, a "You screwed Bret" chant broke out. I chanted it just for fun, to which he turned to us and told us to "F*ck off". We all laughed, but I took it one step further. I screamed at him telling him his son was a better ref and that Nick Patrick was better than him and he yelled back at me, "F*ck you!" I was shocked because he looked pissed legitimately. I yelled back the same comment to which he replied, "Your mama likes big white balls" and then grabbed his crotch and I told him that his mom had "jungle fever". He looked at me and in a sad manner said, "My mom's dead, ****er" and he walked across the ring to start the match. After the show was over, I saw him going to his car, but didn't know if it was him or his twin brother, Dave. I asked, "Dave or Earl?" and he said that it was indeed Earl. I asked for his autograph and either he didn't realize that it was me, or he had forgotten or figured the entire situation was a joke. I didn't take it seriously, but figured it would be fun to humiliate him in front of the rest of the group of wrestlers around him and gave him the crotch chop. He kicked the fence and then got in his car as surrounding fans laughed and a few of the wrestlers did too, most notably Rob Conway, Rene Dupree and Lance Storm. Winner: Me. I laugh everyday knowing that Earl got fired for selling merchandise illegally." (thanks to Matthew)

Ric Flair vs. Eric Bischoff, 2003 -Updated!
On the night of a recent Raw taping, Bischoff and Raw exchanged a few words about their past in WCW. Words got heated up and it led to blows. The scuffle was quickly broken up, but while it lasted, Flair got the better of it. Suspiciously, WWE officials, Flair, and Bischoff have been extremely tight-lipped about this. Here's the excerpt from Flair's book (p. 438-439, ironically this happened the same day Flair filmed his comments for the Monday Night Wars DVD): ... Finally I told myself, I've let him get away for too long. If I want to raise my boys to be men, it's about time I acted like one. On March 17, 2003, before a broadcast of Raw, I saw Eric in the dressing room on his cell phone, talking about some Girls Gone Wild Pay-Per-View that he'd gotten involved with and how it was going to "revolutionize" television. I heard him use the classic cliché, "It's taking on a life of its own." I went into the catering area and asked Arn Anderson if I could speak with him. He followed me into the hallway, and I said, "Please, just watch the door." He had no idea what I was talking about. I returned to the dressing room and approached Bischoff. "I need to talk to you," I said. He held up one finger so I would wait, but I had already waited too long. I slapped him hard across the face, knocking the cell phone out of his had. He began backing up. I swung at him three times, but couldn't connect because he was moving so fast. When Bischoff got to the wall, I pushed him onto a couch, climbed on top of him, pressed my finger against his eye, and said "I could take your f*ckin' eye out right now." (I could have also used my fist to bust open his face while he was cowering underneath me, but that wasn't what I wanted to do. I wanted him to get up and fight.) I backed away so he could rise from the couch. "Let's go! Right Now!" I yelled. I swung my leg around and kicked the back of his leg, hoping it would jar him out of his seat. "I'm not going to fight you," he said, but I wasn't going to give him a choice. Suddenly, Sergeant Slaughter--who's now a WWE road agent--was standing between us. "Ric, what are you doing?" he asked. "Just paying a debt," I told him. Personally, I'm sure that Slaughter would have just as soon pulled me off a bloody Bischoff than separated us. But Vince doesn't want his agents to lose control of the dressing room, so I let Slaughter led me away. Go figure, the guy finally stands up for himself, about 15 years too late. Winners: Flair, and anyone who hates Bischoff.(thanks to Scott Ryan Czasak, Mario Logan, & several others)

Harley Race vs. a civilian

This camestraight from Race's book. At this point in time, he was working as a process server for his local court. Harley was running out of time to serve a guy who couldn't be found. Harley just found the guy at his workplace, and threw the paperwork in his lap as he was trying to speed off. The guy gets out, and attempts to smack Harley around. Harley blocks, and bitch-slaps him around. Since Harley was a process server for the court, he was not allowed to do much. Winners: The Kansas City courts (screw the Mountie, Harley always gets his man) and the guy for not feeling the full wrath of Handsome Harley. (thanks to Mario Logan and Harley Race's book)

Harley Race vs. a disrespectful student

This fight came from Harley's World League Wrestling school. When he began, he had a student who was very disrespectful towards him, and wrestling in general. The student used his previous athletic training to take Harley down during a lock-up. The student later brags about all of his achievements, and how he is about to pin this "old man." When he is done, Harley takes him down, and puts him in a cross-face. The student later screams to the "old man" that "Harley is the king! Please let me go!" The student would later leave his school. Don't ever mock this "old man." Winners: Harley's students, who just witnessed a lesson in respect. (thanks to Mario Logan and Harley Race's book)

The Godwins vs. fans

We got this email: "I didn't see this one so I thought I'd leave my memory of it. It was at a RAW taping in Topeka KS two nights after Bad Blood 1997. It was after the Godwins vs LOD match where the Roadies won the straps - I believe this match is on their new DVD. Anyway after the Godwins laid out Cletus (Tony Anthony) they left the ring but one of them, Dennis Knight I believe, got into it with a fan at ringside. They began jawing at each other then they began fighting. The other Godwin got into it and they began swinging at fans at ringside. WWE officials got involved and got them out but it got ugly quick and could of gotten worse. The best and funniest part was afterwards. As they were trying to calm the crowd down, Vince McMahon, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler were at ringside at the booth. I was ringside just down from them, and Vince loudly exclaimed to Lawler to "get up there" and Lawler reluctantly went up ringside. The King promoted the upcoming dark main event and riled the crowd a little. A ton of crap pelted the ring and someone threw a big beer and it smashed Lawler right on the back of the head. As he left the ring he looked at Vince and said sarcastically 'thanks.'" (thanks to Drew Murphy)

Haku/Meng vs. A Pac-Man machine

Apparently, sometime in the 80s (or possibly the early 90s), Haku/Meng was possibly under the influence of a potent, let's say "exotic coconut beverage," and decided to play a game of Pac-Man. When the game took "both of his quarters," he then went on to totally decimate the machine, much to the dismay of the bar's owner, thus adding another chapter to his legacy of one of the most feared wrestlers/coin-op enthusiasts that's ever lived. (thanks to Jimbo)

Tommy Dreamer vs. Sandman - Updated

Notes from a Johnny Swinger interview. He was asked about the best locker room fight he’d seen in ECW: "In Ft. Lauderdale the Sandman was drunk as usual. He decided to pull his pants down in the middle of the ring. Tommy Dreamer was livid. He was scared we would not be allowed back. There was a huge pull-apart in the locker room with Paul in the middle of it. At one point, Sandman grabbed Dawn Marie’s comb out of her purse and began to comb his pubic hair with it as Tommy was being restrained." (thanks to Bryan Alvarez at Figure 4 Weekly newsletter) UPDATE: We got this email from Brandon: That’s incorrect. It wasn’t in Ft. Lauderdale, it was at Pensacola, FL on June 3rd, 2000 at the Saeger Bayfront Auditorium. I know because I was there front row to witness the madness. I talked with Swinger about it at Wrestlereunion in January in Tampa, FL and he vividly remembered it being in Pensacola. If you want further confirmation, check out the Straight Shootin’ DVD with Raven and Sandman where they talk about him pulling his pants down in Pensacola. Sandman even fell off the guard rail twice doing his entrance. You can also check out New Jack's 2004 shoot interview to hear the same thing about Pensacola. New Jack says something like “We did a show in Pensacola, Florida and Sandman pulled his nuts out; in the ring!” It was actually more between Jack Victory and Sandman anyway because the drunken Sandman caned the **** out of Jack Victory, and Big Sal E Gratziano ended up going in a room with them and standing between them so it didn’t come to blows. Dreamer did have to hold Sandman's **** and balls though so the cops didn’t see it. Swinger mentioned Dreamer was pissed, but Raven has told me Victory was even more pissed off because he got hurt. Either way, thought you might want to know that the location at that story was wrong. I witnessed it live and in person, and have an event poster from the show (although the poster is for the night before, June 2nd, because they didn’t make posters for the June 3rd show.)

Terry Funk vs. a drunk

From Terry Funk's book: While he was in a bar with his wife, a large man asked his wife to dance with him. The large man recognized him as Terry Funk and squeezed his hand. Funk slaps him, and he lets go. The large man grabs a table, and Funk tries to take him down using his pants--Funk accidentally rips his pants off (and his underwear too). Funk responds to this sight by biting his ***. The next day, Funk was sued--he settled for $750. Funk claimed that this was the most expensive piece of *** he has ever had. (thanks to Mario Logan)

Dory Funk Sr. vs. ?

From Terry Funk's book: When Terry was five (and kayfabe was still alive), a man approached him and his brother, interrogating them about whether or not wrestling is fake. Dory Jr. ran to tell their father. Dory returns with Dory Sr. Terry only writes, ". . . and that was one of the first times I remember seeing someone truly getting the **** beaten out of them." Winner: Kayfabe. (thanks to Mario Logan)

Andre the Giant vs. "Barney Fife"

From Bobby Heenan's book: Andre had a bad habit of never buttoning his shirt in public places. One day, Andre and the Brain were in a small country and western bar, when Andre had refused to button his shirt. A bouncer demands that Andre button his shirt now--Andre remained silent and continued to drink. The manager called the police. The officer that arrived reminded Heenan of Barney Fife from The Andy Griffith Show. "Barney" told Andre to button his shirt. Andre still drank quietly. "Barney" called for backup. "Barney" asked that Andre button his shirt again when several officers came in to backup "Barney." Andre stood up, and "Barney" realized that it was just too hot to be indoors. Winner: "Barney," for not finding out what happens to those who anger the giant. (thanks to Mario Logan)

George Hackenschmidt and other wrestlers vs. British boxers (1900's)

George Hackenschmidt and an assortment of wrestlers were touring the UK putting on shows in various halls and arenas . George's tour finally came to Liverpool and its local theater. But the theater's owner didn't want "fake wrestlers" in his hall so he told George's promoter to takes his group and get lost. The promoter promptly told this hall owner were to go so an hour later this theater owner cam back with a mob of local boxers from a nearby gym. The result was a pitch running fist fight which went around the theater and on to the streets of Liverpool. The wrestlers apparently beat the living **** out of the boxers. At one point Mr. Hackenschmit press
slammed the local boxing champ over his head and down a flight of stairs. The end result: Hackenschmit and co. were barred from performing in Liverpool and the boxers got a 5-star arse kicking of a lifetime (thanks to Bashman and PowerSlam magazine)

CM Punk vs. a fan

Got this email: "This one was reported on in the Observer and I was a firsthand witness to it. My friend and I are regular attendees of ROH shows in the NY/NJ/Philly area and all the ECW shows before that going back to the mid nineties. My friend is well known by the local fans as being very vocal. He's not one of those people that heckles all of the wrestlers just for the hell of it, but if he doesn't like a wrestler, he will heckle him relentlessly. One of the wrestlers he happened to dislike was C.M. Punk. He would give Punk hell at every show for months, but the time that put Punk over the edge happened right after the angle where Jimmy Rave and The Embassy tried to scrape off Punk's stomach tattoo with a cheese grater. Now I have to say in my friends
defense, this angle looked totally ridiculous. Rave was down there with the cheese grater for what seemed like 5 minutes and it looked like he was just rubbing his belly. To make matters worse Punk stood up when it was over without so much as a mark on his stomach, and we were all supposed to take this seriously as some heinous assault. Of course the building was dead silent not knowing what to make of this nonsense. My friend, as he is apt to do at times, took advantage of the silence as an opportunity to get up on his chair and loudly let Punk know his thoughts on the angle. He stood up and screamed "ARE YOU BLEEDING YET? NO? THEN WHO THE HELL CARES?" It was then that I saw a look in C.M. Punk's eyes that told me things were about to get interesting. Now I've seen plenty of times where wrestlers would get in the face of my friend at ringside and try to provoke him into doing something physical which he would never do, but the look in Punk's eyes told
me this would not be one of those times. Punk did come down to the guard rail, except he didn't stop there. He went right over the rail and knocked my friend to the floor (my friend is not a big guy). He got down on the
ground and started mushing his face and yelling "DO YOU CARE NOW??". Then he stood up and started putting the boots to him as security ran in and pulled my friend away. I spent the rest of the show trying to convince people that what happened was not a part of the show (my friend was let back in). As for my friend I think he got great satisfaction when C.M. Punk would come back to town so he could stand up and yell "I STILL DONT CARE."" (thanks to Scott)

Stevie Richards vs. Opie & Anthony

Stevie Richards got into a little scuff with radio hosts Opie and Anthony a few years back. Apparently Opie was being a smart *** and Richards started to choke him out. They actually got the incident on video. Here is a link to download: Opie was talking about it and he said that he was just joking around with Richards, but Richards really did choke him. (thanks to Tom)

Ken Patera & Mr. Saito vs. Wisconsin Police - UPDATED

Back in the days of the AWA, Ken Patera and Mr. Saito took on the police force of Waukehsa, WI. If I remember from my youth, the newspapers reported that the two threw a rock or boulder through the door of a McDonalds when they couldn't get food. The police visited the two at their hotel, and a melee ensued. The reports said that the backup units came to find the first squad was unconscious (a female officer) or getting headbutted (her male partner). I can't remember how many squads it took to bring them down, but one of the officers reported hitting Saito in the back of the leg as hard as he could, and Saito looked down and smiled at him. Patera later built an angle around it in the WWF, where he came in as a face ex-Olympian who had found trouble but had reformed. He feuded with Heenan (his AWA manager), saying Heenan abandoned him in a jail cell. (thanks to Dave Erickson) UPDATE: Got this email: Hi there. Just have a detail about the Ken Patera incident with the Wisconsin police. I'm being trained as a referee by a former AWA wrestler who was in the organization at the time it happened. He says that it was not a rock or a boulder that was thrown through the McD's window, it was a one of those parking spot cement blocks that are held to the pavement with steel bolts. Patera ripped the whole thing out of the pavement and chucked the entire cement block through the window. This was the basis of his "World's Strongest Man" gimmick. (thanks to Paul)

Bruno Sammartino vs. Big Bill Miller

Got this email: I ran into Larry Zbysko at my bank and he told me about a shoot fight, which involved Bruno Sammartino and Big Bill Miller. Big Bill was a collegian Big-10 Champion and National AAU Champion, who stood 6'7'' and tipped the scales at 320 pounds. According to Larry, ''Big Bill thought he could wrestle, so he changed levels and shot down on to Bruno's legs, as Bill's head went down Bruno hooked him in a front face lock and nearly decapitate Bill.'' (thanks to Robert)

Johnny Fairplay vs. Ron Niemi- UPDATED

From Figure 4 Weekly: "Everyone hates Jonny Fairplay. Well, that’s not fair, I’m sure he has one or two supporters left in the company. He got into a near-brawl with Florida promoter and TNA gorilla-position man Ron Niemi at the Orlando Ale House last week. Fairplay was shooting off his mouth as he is want to do, Niemi got mad, both were drunk (which, comically, was later used as an excuse to justify this behavior), and Fairplay was asked to leave. He came back and was tossed out again, then tried getting into a fight in the parking lot. Personally, I think I would pay to see a fight between Jonny Fairplay and Ron Niemi. Anyway, the police showed up and had to escort Jonny away, and Niemi was allowed to stay and continue drinking. Fairplay was not at Impact this week, and apparently on last week’s show he cut a horrible promo when challenging the other reality TV stars, so his days may be numbered. How long does it take a person to get a clue?" (thanks to Bryan Alvarez, Starrno, and many others)

Brock Lesnar vs. Bob Holly, 2002- UPDATED

The whole thing started when Holly was told that he would be jobbing to Lesnar. Unlike Steve Austin, who simply walked out on the company when he was told he was going to do the j-o-b to Brock, Holly decided that he was going to teach the rookie a lesson. Holly worked the whole match stiff (which didn't seem to bother Lesnar one bit). When Brock went for a powerbomb, Holly decided to be a dick about it and went dead mid-lift so that Lesnar couldn't get him all the way up. Lesnar decided to show him what's up and just dropped him right on his head. The best part about it is that Lesnar was not punished at all, and from what I understand Vinnie Mac was actually pretty PO'd at what Holly pulled (since Lesnar was being pushed to the moon as an indestructible monster). Not that they would fire Holly, mind you, but the guy was out for a year with his busted neck. It was pretty impressive that Lesnar got a free pass for what he did, and ironically Holly's ******* routine worked in Brock's favor. He got a huge rep from it on TV, because they showed the clip for weeks on end on Smackdown! and pushed Lesnar as a monster for dropping Holly on his head. Try l (thanks to Jumpy, George, Grant, Virou, Mike, Parker, Chris, Craig, and Gerard. Whew.)

Ken Timbs vs. a DJ - NEW

This happened at an indy event in Georgia. The late Ken Timbs was on the card. The “DJ” who was providing music during intermission had the volume up a little loud and fans were complaining. Ken’s teenage son turned the volume down, which pissed off the “DJ” and he said a few F bombs to the young man backstage. As fans were watching this, Ken intervened trying to defuse the situation. At one point the ”DJ” punched the younger Timbs, and the senior Timbs did what any father protecting his children would do. There was a BIG headbutt to which the “DJ” went down and a few kicks until it was broken up. The “DJ” took off running and no one saw him again during the show. (thanks to Duane)

Satoru Sayama (Tiger Mask) vs. His Students - NEW

Not really a fight per se, but there has been a video making its way around the internet for a few months now
about a "kung fu teacher beating up his students." It's actually Tiger Mask, sans mask, in the dojo for his fighting style, SHOOTO. A few of his greener students were not doing safe falls right, and an aggravated Sayama barked "Do a fall, damn it!" in Japanese, hitting one in the cheek with a bokuto (Wodden kendo sword), and kicking another square in the gut after he does a spin kick instead of what Sayama asks him. WINNER: Tiger Mask, but then again he had a 40 or 50 pound weight advantage and more than 20 years of experience on these kids, so it was a one-sided battle. (thanks to Maikeru)

A drunken fan vs. A light post - NEW

At a RAW house show in Ft. Wayne, Indiana in 2003, after the show in the parking lot the Dudley Boyz were leaving when a drunk fan came up cussing them out to no end. The Dudleyz at first ignored him, but he wouldn't stop so they put their luggage in the trunk and started in on the guy (who was only separated by an 8-ft high chain length fence. The Dudleyz started a '**** you' and 'you're a fag' chant toward the guy which made him more pissed off, the guy got so mad that he threw a hard right hand onto the nearby street light post ... which had to break his hand because thereafter he took off holding his hand and the Dudleyz got a huge ovation. (thanks to no name given)

Andre The Giant vs. The Ultimate Warrior - NEW

Taken from Bobby Heenan talking about the incident on the Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior DVD. This wasn't a fight but Andre just taught the Warrior a lesson at a house show in front of the crowd this took place over 2 or 3 nights before Andre got mad. Andre was going over the match with Warrior and told Warrior do 3 steps then clothesline and Andre would get knocked back and tie himself in the ropes. So the match goes on, they go for the spot, and here comes Warrior 150 mph. The next night it's 220 mph. The next night Andre is fed up so here comes Warrior 350 mph and Andre just puts his fist out and warrior runs full force into it. It knocks the Warrior back next. The next night here comes Warrior 1...2...3....clothesline spot goes off without a hitc. Winner: Andre. (thanks to Andrew Betts)

Eddie Guerrero vs. A fan - UPDATED

From During a house show on 9/27/03, Los Guerreros were wrestling the Bashams. During the match, one of the Bashams whipped Eddie into the guardrail on the outside. While Eddie was down, an older, middle aged fan with grey hair poured an entire cup of beer on Eddie's face. Security
quickly grabbed the guy and began hauling him away, with a big smirk on his face. Eddie jumped straight up, pissed off and rightfully so, jumped over the rail and charged the guy into the hockey boards. The impact pushed back security, and Eddie landed a whole bunch of shots to the guy's head, even punching the glasses off his face. The action stopped in the ring and everyone was looking on. Security managed to haul the guy away before Eddie kicked the crap out of him some more. The crowd was crazy for Eddie at this point. The four guys talked for awhile and then decided to continue to match. Eddie and Chavo showed their professionalism and completed the match. Afterwards, Eddie took the mic and apologized to the Winnipeg fans and to
God for his actions, talking about his past battles with alcohol. The fans kept chanting "Eddie, Eddie" showing their support. Eddie went totally unpunished for this one. Winner: Eddie (He got a free drink out of it) (thanks to Daniel Simpson & Dan F.)

Security vs. A fan - NEW

A reader says: "At the RAW/SmackDown draft back at a RAW in March of 2003, there was a WWE Championship match between Eddie Guererro and HHH (who had just been drafted but was traded right back to RAW). During the match, a fan jumped the railing. He didn't even get into the ring before security tackled him, quite viciously I might add. A security guard ran from the complete other side of the ring at full speed and took him down. I was at this event and wasn't sure if it was a spot or not. The guy was taken by security right near my seat to the backstage area. He was actually crying, from what I remember. I was so excited to have seen this and when I turned on the tape of the RAW, I didn't see the rail-jumper. Turns out the guy decided to pick the worst timing to jump the rail and actually jumped it during a commercial." (thanks to Mike P.)

Johnny Devine (Team Canada) & Andy Douglas (The Naturals) vs. Some thugs - NEW

Not quite sure of the details but but this happened outside a club called the Mix Factory in Nashville. Johnny and Andy both got stabbed during this fight. Johnny got the worst of it, as he got stabbed in the gut and had his gallbladder removed and got stabbed in the leg. (thanks to Andrew Betts)

Security vs. A fan - NEW

A reader says: "I live in England and I was at the first Raw live in the UK at the MEN Arena. A drunk fan who jumped in the ring was stopped just as he was getting in the ring by HBK and I think either Chris Benoit or Edge (face at the time) who held him down so security could escort him out. HBK then posed for the crowd while saying something along the lines of 'don't mess with HBK' or something like that, which the crowd ate up (from Jack T.)

Lanny Poffo vs. Gene Anderson - UPDATED

Taken from a Lanny Poffo interview. Not sure of the source, so if you know, please tell us: "I'll tell you a little incident that happened. When I was working in 1976-77, working for Charlotte, North Carolina, that's why George Scott and I are friends, he was the booker. There was one particular wrestler that used to draw sellout crowds every night no matter who his opponent was. Maybe you've never heard of him... "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Well they used to run three towns a night, and the town with Ric Flair would always draw a sellout crowd, even if it was the presidential election for Jimmy Carter, even that night, even that Tuesday. And the other two towns, you know Ole Anderson would say, 'How do they expect us to draw with the presidential election?' At the YMCA the next day I said, 'What town were you in? I was in Fayetteville. We had a sellout.' 'Who was on top?' (Ole asked) 'Ric Flair.' (Lanny replied) Case closed. Maybe the polls were closed early that day. So then Ole Anderson used to knock Ric Flair behind his back and then kiss his *** to his face all the time. So he would be holding court in the dressing room making excuses why the Andersons vs. Bravo and Woods weren't drawing again. And he said, 'Well don't forget, Ric Flair entertains them, but we convince them.' And I said, 'How do you convince an empty chair?' And he said, 'How dare you talk to me, in this business? Just for that, we're gonna teach you a lesson tonight.' It was a battle royal, everybody was in the ring. And when the ring was half empty, he got Gene Anderson to try to stretch me. Gene Anderson unbeknownst to me, the late Gene Anderson, got behind me, picked me up in the air, took me down, I did a short sit-out, pinned him, and kept him pinned while Tim Woods and Dino Bravo and my brother are laughing their asses off. And I wouldn't let him up. Now if I were another kind of a person... I liked Gene Anderson... if I were another kind of a person, I would have put a... hold on him and made him submit or die. But instead I just kept him pinned. And everybody was saying... so when I let him up I said, 'Okay Ole, your turn,' and he turned white. He didn't wanna face me. But what I found out was that Gene Anderson was the tougher of the two Andersons. And what they didn't know was that at any weight, even my brother's skinniest weight, that Lanny Poffo was the weakest of the two Poffos." A detailed account is at (thanks to Dave at

The Hardy Boyz vs. Ron "The Truth" Killings - NEW

In some Charlotte, North Carolina High School in 1989, Ron Killings (Junior) and Matt Hardy (Freshman) were discussing wrestling. As they traded opinions, Ron Killings got pretty pissed when Matt said that he thought Jimmy Snuka was better than Rocky Johnson. Ron basically roughed him up after school one day because of the dislike he got from Matt because of their difference of opinions. Matt later came back at Ron somewhere out of school and egged him on, Ron was pretty much ready to throw another punch, only this time Matt brought his younger brother Jeff with him. The Hardy Boyz got enough blows in to get away unscratched and Ron was never able to do anything to Matt at school with the teachers around. However when K-Kwik made his WWE debut he was very apologetic to Matt about the way he acted in high school. Winners: The Hardy Boyz. (my name is Pete)

Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero - NEW

Supposedly after their match at ECW One Night Stand, Guerrero was pissed at the finish of their match. Words were exchanged before they both shook hands. WINNER: No one. (thanks to Stephen)

Dick Slater vs. John Matuszak- NEW

This was a bar fight between Slater and famous football player turned actor John Matuszak (Best known as Sloth from the Goonies). We're looking for more info on this. (thanks to Rupert)

Dick Slater vs. Sting, 1986- NEW

This is the infamous fight in which Slater flushed Sting's head down the toilet. We're looking for more info on this one. (thanks to Rupert)

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Re: REAL Backstage Fights Between Wrestlers....An Official List....

longest post ever...

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Re: REAL Backstage Fights Between Wrestlers....An Official List....

Originally Posted by Fiddy
longest post ever...
Longest and one of the most interesting.
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Re: REAL Backstage Fights Between Wrestlers....An Official List....

Great post dude. Thanks a lot.
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Re: REAL Backstage Fights Between Wrestlers....An Official List....

Originally Posted by candyman56
Longest and one of the most interesting.

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Re: REAL Backstage Fights Between Wrestlers....An Official List....

Thanx Y'all . . . just contributing to the community.
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Re: REAL Backstage Fights Between Wrestlers....An Official List....

great read and time killer here at work. I wonder how much of it is true.
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Re: REAL Backstage Fights Between Wrestlers....An Official List....

Very interesting post, thanks!
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