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Jul 16, 2015

Jul 16, 2015

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Xbox One
Aug 26, 2015
Jun 14, 2016


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Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR currently has an average Reader Score of 6/10.
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# 33 Kevin82485 @ 04/07/16 09:48 AM
Reader Score: 6

Golf Club is better imo

# 32 tsbraves @ 03/21/16 01:01 PM
Reader Score: 7

Good game but it can use more courses and modes. Appreciate the updates that keep making it better.

# 31 brandon27 @ 03/11/16 10:47 AM
Reader Score: 8

Good game. It's really improved since launch with the content and course additions.

# 30 jake44np @ 01/20/16 09:28 AM
Reader Score: 7

Great graphics. Fun gameplay.

# 29 capitaine25_ @ 01/08/16 09:59 PM
Reader Score: 6

Getting better and better but need way more customization. This game has extreme potential, need to be polished simply.

# 28 ShivasIrons @ 12/29/15 09:19 PM
Reader Score: 1

Terrible. Multiplayer is awful. A huge disappointment, esp considering how good TW14 was on simulation difficulty.

# 27 AMSchieffer @ 11/11/15 01:25 PM
Reader Score: 4

The game looks nice for the most part. However, with the next gen systems the details within the courses could look much better. There is simply a lack of content. Customization of characters is lacking. Career mode become repetitive quickly. Far too few real golfers to choose from. Like another reviewer noted, game face would be a welcome addition. I know it not required content, but I really disliked the "Night Club" feature.

Just wan't feeling this one.

# 26 DivotMaker @ 07/29/15 07:04 PM
Reader Score: 7

Gameplay and graphics are the only real redeeming qualities of this game. Really needs more Career content, courses, GameFace2, etc. An "OK" start, but honestly should have come out with far more than it did.

# 25 rmaccari @ 07/28/15 05:26 PM
Reader Score: 10

The most important thing is to add new real courses and included in the calendar of the career mode

# 24 Ninerman @ 07/19/15 12:21 PM
Reader Score: 6

I think the ball needs to have more roll on the greens (faster greens) to make the game more challenging and the cups need to have a shaper edge because the ball seems to fall to easily on side edges. I think by fixing these two things in the game could make this game great! Make them an option in game settings.


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