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Xbox 360
Aug 08, 2007

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Xbox 360
Dec 12, 2007

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The BIGS currently has an average Reader Score of 6/10.
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# 11 bacon96 @ 03/13/16 09:41 PM
Reader Score: 3

Played once...I wouldn't play again.

# 10 55 @ 02/20/11 12:36 AM
Reader Score: 5


# 9 Hitman3315 @ 02/12/10 02:37 AM
Reader Score: 6

Alright. Played after I already tried BIGS 2, and it's not even close. BIGS 2 was a huge improvement.

Fun for a bit, but quickly loses its luster.

# 8 bigal093 @ 07/07/09 09:58 AM
Reader Score: 5

really fun, but i got bored after about 2 days.

# 7 windseer90 @ 11/30/08 05:04 AM
Reader Score: 7

Fun game for awhile, but lacks depth. Good for an arcade game.

# 6 dkgojackets @ 11/14/08 11:31 AM
Reader Score: 6


# 5 A.M. Son @ 02/26/08 07:58 PM
Reader Score: 7.5

A fun game for what it is- and that's a fun pick up and play baseball game. There's some depth here too, with the career type mode, but it never takes itself too seriously. This is a fun game to play with a buddy for sure!
The graphical style is endearing, and with some more work and polish can actually be considered a great looking sports game!

# 4 Steelerfan2k1 @ 02/25/08 09:54 AM
Reader Score: 2

I absolutely detest this game on the Wii. I really wanted a control system that mimicked the motions you use in real baseball. Instead, you have a batting system that forces you to swing early, and probably the most arcadish and tedious pitching control system that I have ever seen. The game literally forces you to contort your wrists just throw basic pitches. The control system is the anthesis of "pick up and play."

# 3 donbo63 @ 02/24/08 10:43 PM
Reader Score: 8

Fun game

# 2 Altimus @ 02/24/08 05:10 PM
Reader Score: 7.5

Pretty fun game but the career mode was really lackluster and got boring fast. Fun game but the game modes were a little too repetitive.


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