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NHL 16 currently has an average Reader Score of 0/10.
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# 34 MrOrangeDk @ 09/10/15 04:25 PM
Hype Score: 8

i have played this game since 1995 mostly offline seasons and some multiplayer. Have been playing 4 offline games and so far I am loving it. This is how it iwas supposed to be last year.

# 33 G_e_e_z_e_r @ 09/03/15 02:06 PM
Hype Score: 5

Same old, same old. Core game issues still not addressed.

# 32 s_mkheidze @ 08/30/15 09:29 AM
Hype Score: 6

I think that it will make vast improvements in some areas but as always severely disappoint in others. They just cannot seem to put together one complete and solid product. It's always this, this and this got fixed, but we did not have the time or resources to fix that, that and that....next year.

# 31 Yari @ 08/28/15 08:02 PM
Hype Score: 3

While the little things are being added such as morale and fans taunting after goals, the little things are not being added in the correct areas as of yet. Sure these features are neat, but the game has to be engaging first. If NHL 15 on the new consoles was any measuring stick for the new game, EA has a lot of work to do. The new EASHL is a minor bright spot in this otherwise bare bones game.
The offline modes have seemingly yet again been neglected and the AI could use some improvements. If you are someone who plays the game for the Be-A-GM mode like I am, prepare to be underwhelmed. The morale is a nice touch however the mode seems so barren and devoid of life in recent iterations that unless you're writing your own story the mode becomes about as exciting as watching grass grow.
While the gameplay itself works, every team still feels the same (in previous editions) whether you're playing as an NHL team or one of the European clubs, which may be in part because of the AI again.
Overall: Unless EA steps up their game it looks like NHL 2004 will still have more features than a game released 12 years after. If you're an offline player like I am, you will be S.O.L. yet again.
Edit: I forgot to mention the lack of a PC release for the 7th straight game.

# 30 Rhaze48 @ 08/13/15 12:49 PM
Hype Score: 9

Glad they made the changes people wanted.

# 29 Kougar @ 08/06/15 05:33 PM
Hype Score: 9

I think it'll be the biggest in the series, of course the much anticipated return on the modes we liked, along with great presentation, revamped modes and better gameplay.

# 28 Burge88 @ 08/02/15 02:38 PM
Hype Score: 10

Nothing could be worse than the empty game they sold last year! Should be a good one this year! GO STARS!

# 27 atom27 @ 07/30/15 11:44 AM
Hype Score: 10


# 26 HypoLuxa13 @ 07/28/15 09:54 AM
Hype Score: 5

After last year, I don't have my hopes too high. At least it sounds like the game will be back up to where NHL14 was on PS3. Not as thought that is good enough, but at least it will hopefully be better than last year's game.

# 25 Balrog @ 07/26/15 07:11 PM
Hype Score: 7

We will see how good it is.


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