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Mar 31, 2016

Mar 31, 2016

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Dec 05, 2015
Sep 16, 2016


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MLB The Show 16 currently has an average Reader Score of 8/10.
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# 58 dtlm6 @ 12/23/16 05:07 PM
Reader Score: 9

Game of the year nominee once again.

# 57 bacon96 @ 06/01/16 12:32 AM
Reader Score: 10

Best so far in a great franchise!

# 56 bribuckler @ 05/26/16 07:34 PM
Reader Score: 7


# 55 Vechi8 @ 05/15/16 08:53 PM
Reader Score: 10

The games is as tight as it ever has been. The one thing that drove me crazy was the depth of the outfield especially right field in which made 1st to 3rd impossible. I was reading the gripes here and one mentioned that he can't pick up the spin on the ball this year but could last year!?? I fully disagree in that hitting to me has become near perfect. I always felt like I was hitting 0-2 in every count in previous years and just hoping to hit the ball somewhere but this year, I feel like the hitter has the hammer on 2-0,3-1 counts. When you make contact the ball drives now where on previous years I didn't feel it.
Another loved the gameplay but had online issues so he gave it a 2? 2? really

The game is absolutely unbelieveable and if this is not the sports game of the year.. I can't wait to play what is

# 54 decga @ 05/08/16 10:12 AM
Reader Score: 8

A very good game. It plays great out the box. I like the player morale system in the franchise mode. I love the additional stats, but I would have like to see done in the old Topps traditional baseball card. I was disappointed to see some of the equipment brand style of batting gloves and cleats removed. But overall very pleased with my purchase.

# 53 perksg @ 04/27/16 04:48 PM
Reader Score: 6

I've only been playing The Show since the 2014 version. And although the graphics are better in 16 than 15, I'm not sure the gameplay is better. In fact I thinks it's down from 15. The pitches are harder to recognize in 16 than 15 or 14. The new Showtime feature is a waste aside from stealing bases. Mostly it's a game gimmick as is the throwing meter, which to me, slows down the gameplay. The game announcers seem like they're speaking from under water. And all the license apparel adds little to the game other than advertising for manufacturers. Overall, I feel that MLB The Show 16 is a step in the wrong direction from MLB The Show 15.

# 52 WhiskeyTr1pper @ 04/26/16 06:51 PM
Reader Score: 8

I have never really enjoyed playing sports games online until MLB The Show 16. I have exclusively played Franchise modes and other non-online modes, but I have completely changed my tune thanks to this game. Diamond Dynasty is really great, and I am currently in an online franchise that I am really enjoying. I really love this game, my only complaints would be the servers being so terrible at launch and the fact that I spent 40$ on stubbs and got 1 gold player and zero diamonds. In fact, I have opened well over 80 packs and have still yet to get a diamond card. Oh well, guess I will have to grind out the missions..... even more replay value!

# 51 conwall @ 04/24/16 04:06 PM
Reader Score: 10

Best game I have ever played

# 50 steagles @ 04/24/16 02:49 PM
Reader Score: 9


# 49 HypoLuxa13 @ 04/22/16 02:10 PM
Reader Score: 9

Best version of the Show so far.


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