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Xbox 360
Dec 23, 2005
Aug 18, 2005

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Aug 12, 2005
Dec 20, 2006

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# 18 bacon96 @ 02/15/16 08:55 PM
Reader Score: 8

I was gifted this game and played it until I bought a ps3 when Madden 11 came out. Lots of hours, lots of fun.

# 17 flyingcow84 @ 04/28/15 07:33 PM
Reader Score: 2

as what it was not what they promised nothing more

# 16 NoTiCe_O @ 09/17/14 03:53 PM
Reader Score: 8

Vision Cone really brought Skill into the Game, which Warranted any Trash Talking that Ensued. Unless You Picked Tom Brady or Peyton Manning of Course. Solid 8

# 15 ROABS @ 09/07/13 09:38 AM
Reader Score: 5

makes you appreciate the newest madden

# 14 The_Wise_One @ 06/24/13 12:30 AM
Reader Score: 8

Good game for its time

# 13 AussieChiefsFan @ 05/13/12 08:49 AM
Reader Score: 9

This was a near perfect game back in the day. Had a wide range of features in franchise and superstar mode which made it a game you could play for the whole year and even more. One of the best Madden games I've ever played if not THE best!

# 12 BuffaloBull7 @ 04/30/11 08:06 PM
Reader Score: 7

An okay Madden of of the ones I enjoyed. Like the addition to superstar mode got used to QB Vision. and I also like the addition to running game. (Truck Stick). even though it was not needed... in my opinion

# 11 Lexicon @ 03/21/11 12:56 AM
Reader Score: 7

Madden NFL 06 had to follow a game that revolutionized football games in Madden NFL 05, which is why many people feel like 06 wasn't very fresh. 05 introduced the Hit Stick feature, which made playing defense fun. 06 answered with a couple new features of it's own: QB Vision Cone and NFL Superstar Mode.

The QB Vision Cone is infamous for being one of, if not the most, rejected feature by consumers. It required gamers to move a 'light cone' in the direction of the intended receiver before throwing. If you didn't align the cone correctly, your accuracy dropped drastically. Vision Cone was not user friendly, but did offer a certain degree difficulty that some welcomed. One big problem is that it felt forced on gamers, as it was set as the default control scheme.

Superstar Mode was a feature I'd been wanting to see in Madden for years. It allowed gamers to create a player and take him through the process of an NFL Superstar. From rookie to veteran, you had to hire an agent, practice, and give interviews. While it wasn't exactly what I was looking for, it was a good start for a feature that has since lost all and any steam.

Gameplay, graphics, and presentation was similar to the prior years game. Overall, Madden NFL 06 was a solid entry, but I understand how some fans felt cheated.

# 10 55 @ 02/10/11 05:46 AM
Reader Score: 1

This game was like a bad joke. You couldn't avoid it and it wasn't even remotely funny.

# 9 TreyzAllDayz @ 12/07/10 01:01 PM
Reader Score: 9

I honestly really liked Madden 06 for PS2...I feel the best Maddens were the ones from 2004-2007. Now on the new systems, EA has to step it up...the exclusive license is a joke.


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