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Xbox 360
Feb 05, 2008

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Xbox 360
May 23, 2009

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Burnout Paradise currently has an average Reader Score of 7.5/10.
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# 25 AussieChiefsFan @ 05/19/12 06:04 AM
Reader Score: 9

Great game! Perfect graphics, features, music, online, cars list.

# 24 wepr3 @ 07/28/10 02:43 AM
Reader Score: 8


# 23 hawkeye2188 @ 01/12/10 03:48 PM
Reader Score: 8

Fun game, cant say im addicted to it though.

# 22 19 @ 07/05/09 11:58 AM
Reader Score: 9

Haven't been able to put this down since release.

# 21 boritter @ 05/28/09 03:02 AM
Reader Score: 6

Add the Burnout series to the long list of franchises that were better on last gen systems. This game is no where near as addictive as Burnout 3 was.

# 20 afro_dogg20 @ 05/24/09 03:23 AM
Reader Score: 1


# 19 FootballSchemer @ 05/02/09 09:05 PM
Reader Score: 0


# 18 rspencer86 @ 02/23/09 10:09 PM
Reader Score: 9

As a general rule, I grow tired of racing games rather quickly. I usually find them to get extremely dull and repetitive after a week or two. This is simply not the case with Burnout Paradise.

This game gives players so much to do. The game features several main play modes: Race, Stunt Run, Road Rage, Marked Man, Burning Routes. In addition to these there are hundreds of crash gates and Burnout billboards to find and smash and every street has its own record time and crash value to try to beat. And that's just the offline stuff. Online has a whole host of features, including cooperative challenges, races, and the ability to just drive around and takedown friends.

Graphically the game is very strong. The developers did a good job making Paradise City have its own feel and atmosphere, and it's fun to get to know the ins and outs of every nook and cranny of it.

Burnout Paradise has raised the bar significantly higher when it comes to developers supporting their titles post-release. Since hitting the market, Burnout Paradise has received a number of substantial updates, the majority of which have been free. Although EA is now producing several packs that cost money, they seem to be generally well-done and worth the money.

If you have yet to play Burnout Paradise, I would strongly recommend you pick it up, especially since it is relatively inexpensive now.

# 17 SpartanBaller @ 01/29/09 01:29 AM
Reader Score: 9

Just started playing this again. So much better with a bigger tv! Can't wait for the Legendary Cars!

# 16 Sandman42 @ 11/15/08 07:25 PM
Reader Score: 8.5

Fun game


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