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Apr 15, 2008

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Feb 24, 2008


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Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds currently has an average Reader Score of 8/10.
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# 18 hawkeye2188 @ 01/07/10 11:20 AM
Reader Score: 7


# 17 Chrmcityzfinest @ 05/06/09 01:48 PM
Reader Score: 8

I've loved the Hot Shots series since the very beginning, and this title fit in perfectly.

# 16 Skyboxer @ 04/16/08 06:13 PM
Reader Score: 8

Great game but more courses and customization is needed.

# 15 aukevin @ 04/15/08 04:13 PM
Reader Score: 8.5

I think Hot Shots golf out of bounds is great game. The strategies of golf are wrapped within a fun and nice looking interface which caters to both serious and casual golf fans. The courses in the game look great and all offer a unique experience. The courses also have a very nice range of difficulty assigned to each.

The only negatives I have for this game is no online voice comm. Typing is ok if you have a USB keyboard attached the PS3, but if you don't, having to fumble through the text-messaging type interface is a pain especially with the limited "talk" time between holes online. The only other negative I have is the lack of courses. Six courses just isn't quite enough for a PS3 game IMO. I realize that each course has a long tee mirrored version of the regular tee course, but it is still the same course environment. And yes maybe some will trickle through DLC, but it stinks that we will probably have to pay more $ on top of this $60 game for more courses.

Overall, I give the game an 8.5. Just the online experience online is a great reason to get this game if you enjoy videogame golf.

As of March 19, 2008 Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds has been released. It received a Hype Score of 8/10 from 14 voters.
# 14 Wasted Penguins @ 03/13/08 10:28 AM
Hype Score: 8.5

can't wait...

# 13 ExtremeGamer @ 03/11/08 10:51 AM
Hype Score: 8.5

Pretty excited for this one after being let down by the Tiger Woods games so many times.

# 12 donbo63 @ 02/28/08 03:04 PM
Hype Score: 8

I like what I'm seeing so far.

# 11 fishepa @ 02/27/08 09:42 AM
Hype Score: 9

Can't wait!

# 10 ChrisHero @ 02/27/08 06:07 AM
Hype Score: 9

As Manny the Hippie would say.


# 9 Addy @ 02/25/08 12:08 AM
Hype Score: 8

Demo is fun...hope online is solid.


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