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Nov 18, 2008
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Nov 17, 2008


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Nov 27, 2008


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NCAA Basketball 09 currently has an average Reader Score of 7/10.
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# 54 Sammidysam @ 05/17/11 08:03 PM
Reader Score: 8

Fun game, but gets too hard for me at All-Conference.

# 53 TreyzAllDayz @ 12/07/10 09:38 PM
Reader Score: 7

Great graphics, so-so game play made it hard to hit three-pointers in transition. Fun to play with real names, though.

# 52 FootballSchemer @ 05/03/09 06:18 PM
Reader Score: 8


# 51 bamaCT12 @ 04/05/09 07:42 PM
Reader Score: 5

Needs to be more like NBA Live.
Why would it not be? Who says that I (the buyer) want anything different. I pretty much want a NBA Live with college teams. Needs a more NCAA Football like recruiting, and needs a imported draft class like in NCAA Football.

# 50 njd.aitken @ 03/31/09 12:48 PM
Reader Score: 5

Why can't this just be Live with college teams?

# 49 NoDakHusker @ 03/29/09 06:13 PM
Reader Score: 7

good game...not 2k but it gets the job done. major improvement over EA's previous ncaa bball games, but still work needs to be done. zone defense is too effective and the computer tends to get some ridiculous intercepts. but the graphics are good and with the right sliders (try roadless' sliders, they get great results) you can produce a very realistic game with good stats close to real life. still wish 2k could have put one out...but this works if you want a college bball game.

# 48 marcoyk @ 03/27/09 09:19 PM
Reader Score: 2

This game is soooo unrealistic.
My personal favorite is trying to block a shot and having my player jump in the opposite direction of where he should jump.
Few post moves.
Unrealistic with poor gameplay.
As a side not, when editing players, there's only the option to give them wristbands; no sleeves, no elbow pads, no knee sleeves, nothing.
Wouldn't have bought it if it wasn't the only NCAA Basketball game out there.
Thanks EA!!

# 47 kram438 @ 03/13/09 01:41 AM
Reader Score: 8

The turnover issue when playing zone defense is a huge one. However, the game's presentation and overall play is glorious. I love this game and everything about it.

# 46 NAFBUC @ 01/20/09 11:44 AM
Reader Score: 8.5

My son brought over a bunch of sport PS3 games since I am home for awhile. I really enjoyed NCAA 09 and would recommend it highly. Lots of fun playing against a friend.

# 45 JohnDoe8865 @ 12/21/08 06:59 PM
Reader Score: 7.5

I ended up buying this one. It isn't CH 2k8, but that is OK. It's a decent game with a solid base. Needs a LOT of work with the art (jersey numbers and names are ridiculously small, shorts are way too large universally), but the game is very playable which is more than I have been able to say about this series since the first edition on ps2.


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