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Xbox 360
Oct 29, 2008

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Xbox 360
Oct 08, 2008

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Blitz: The League II currently has an average Reader Score of 6/10.
Vote Now to contribute to this score. Before Blitz: The League II was released, 8 OS members voted and gave it a Hype Score of 7/10.
# 13 55 @ 02/19/11 11:34 PM
Reader Score: 6


# 12 str8artist @ 10/02/09 11:26 AM
Reader Score: 6

This game is going in the wrong direction since the first blitz on arcade. SMH

# 11 deaduck @ 05/09/09 02:34 AM
Reader Score: 3

Like the saying goes...

More of the same

# 10 TheRunAndShoot @ 05/05/09 09:48 PM
Reader Score: 7

Great arcade fun but it gets repetitive after 15 hours or so. Career mode is well done though.

# 9 DeskCoder @ 03/05/09 01:08 PM
Reader Score: 7

Very addicting game, but a lot of small things that really tick you off. Rent it, or buy it for under $20, you won't be disappointed.

As of October 13, 2008 Blitz: The League II has been released. It received a Hype Score of 7/10 from 8 voters.
# 8 Tomba @ 11/17/08 12:20 PM
Hype Score: 5

Interesting to see it still in dev.

# 7 CeltBhoy33 @ 11/13/08 10:42 PM
Hype Score: 6.5

It's on ok game.
Get's kinda old.

# 6 dkgojackets @ 11/13/08 08:56 PM
Hype Score: 6.5


# 5 TJdaSportsGuy @ 11/12/08 05:32 AM
Hype Score: 8

I've always enjoyed this series.

# 4 wyliam @ 10/04/08 02:38 PM
Hype Score: 9

Having already PLAYED Blitz 2 a hundred times, it's clear that its a major step up from the first version.
Where animations and player control was sloppy in the first as you wait for cut scenes of trash talk only to be met by a "treat or juice" button, I can tell you guys that we took major steps in this one to keep the pacing fierce and the tension high. You'd hold back and strategically use your Unleashed in BTL 1. In BLT2 you get rewarded for just about every cool thing you do on the field. You feel like a bad *** throughout the game.

Not to mention there are over a thousand plays in this one compared to the couple hundred in the first.

All in all this version is more true to it's arcade roots of fast pace and high action plays.


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