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Apr 12, 2013


Nov 02, 2016


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# 12 vikeshnair @ 05/28/20 09:42 AM
Reader Score: 7

Thanks for sharing the details!

# 11 Gleebo @ 12/23/15 09:49 PM
Reader Score: 3

A very distant 2nd choice to Strat-O-Matic baseball.

# 10 JamieHall @ 12/23/15 04:35 PM
Reader Score: 10

I wanted to comment on the accusations in the last review.

I personally wrote the game engine code for Dynasty League Baseball. The game absolutely is NOT scripted. There is never a single pre-determined moment in any game. The game doesn't care who is playing and doesn't "favor" anyone. Apparently some people who lose get mad and make up conspiracy theories for why they lost.

As for the dice not being properly random, we continually publish the up-to-date stats on our dice roller here: http://www.dynastyleaguebaseball.com/DiceStats.aspx

If you visit the page, you will see that every number is rolling within about 5%u0025 of what would be a perfect distribution.

I apologize for having to give a rating with this comment, but it was the only way I could figure out to respond to the accusations in the comment below.

# 9 eMLBCommish @ 06/18/15 03:27 PM
Reader Score: 4

The engine has promise, but there's no real randomization of the results. Too many games feel scripted. For the supposed amount of probabilities of 1,000 different rolls per at bat, it seems the dice fall in specific patterns. For playing most of a season, I find K's on the high side, I find the reply leagues weighted to teams who were contending at the end (Trades benefit the acquiree, not the acquirer). Above all else, I find service questionable, and the brain behind the game suffering from a god complex and deaf to consrtuctive criticism. It has a place for the older guys who were table top gamers, but this leaves a lot to be desired in the end. The only attraction is the head to head online play. If OOTP ever develops that part, this game is as historical as its preferred mode.

For my $160 I spent for a year to play, I found myself wishing I'd never played, and should've trusted my instincts when my 6 month renewal came up.

# 8 dgcruz @ 04/14/13 07:05 PM
Reader Score: 10

League play is top-notch and realism is incredible!

# 7 djtreuden @ 04/14/13 01:22 PM
Reader Score: 10

Great statistical accuracy without sacrificing playability

# 6 jbay6752 @ 04/14/13 01:18 PM
Reader Score: 10

Great all around simulation. Designers working tirelessly to maintain best in class platform and experience.

# 5 garym @ 04/12/13 10:03 PM
Reader Score: 10

The on-line game is in-depth and realistic, yet it has options for newcomers to ease into the game. The organised leagues are very popular, though I prefer solitaire. The time flies by. Hard to stop once started.
With all that said, the board game is the absolute ultimate for me Both games are easy 10's in comparison to other baseball games. Not even close-

# 4 bradw @ 05/11/11 12:02 AM
Reader Score: 10

This is what has been missing in the table top, computer baseball community untill now. The 15 bucks a month is cheap for how many hours of enjoyment I get out of it. The bullpen warm up rule is new to me but it adds so much stratagy to a game. The idea of a baseball game like this online is long over due and greatly appreciated. Waiting for the draft leagues to start, that was the main reason I signed up, but on often doing tournaments most days.
It is a bit better than Strat, but Strat has nothing like this online.

# 3 chris431 @ 05/01/11 09:10 AM
Reader Score: 10

I played the trial version and really enjoyed the game. I got hooked on it and when I got the message that my trial was up and saw the monthly subscription cost, I got sticker shock. Great game, too expensive to continue to play.


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