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Xbox 360
Mar 27, 2013

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Mar 26, 2013
Xbox 360
Mar 26, 2013

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Reader Score
Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14 currently has an average Reader Score of 6/10.
Vote Now to contribute to this score. Before Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14 was released, 6 OS members voted and gave it a Hype Score of 6.5/10.
# 19 CatScratch14 @ 07/28/13 08:13 PM
Reader Score: 7

Very enjoyable & I would say worth $60 but could definitely be better

# 18 football200414 @ 07/23/13 10:55 PM
Reader Score: 7

Haven't had it very long but has been pretty enjoyable so far...not quite as good as I'd hoped but still good nonetheless

# 17 KickassJohnson @ 07/19/13 12:09 PM
Reader Score: 8

pretty good

# 16 DJMaybz33 @ 06/08/13 01:56 PM
Reader Score: 10

Best Tiger ever. Have to play on Simulation mode.

# 15 sbunce5 @ 05/17/13 11:23 AM
Reader Score: 6

Decent game. No sense in charging $60 and paying for more courses.

# 14 cooljoey29 @ 04/29/13 12:22 PM
Reader Score: 4

Prolly not gonna buy this game...just not looking that good

# 13 Kevin82485 @ 04/24/13 09:21 PM
Reader Score: 8

Haven't bought a new TW game in a few years, so this was a major upgrade both graphically and gameplay wise.

# 12 Beastly Wayz @ 04/07/13 01:29 PM
Reader Score: 8

Great and smooth gameplay. Graphics do not look much enhanced from previous years. Love the Old Master's Course and Players. Playing as Bobby Jones was nice, along with the clubs they used then. Bought The Master's Edition and so far so good. EA has lost a ton of my interests for having to purchase DLC to play courses and online if other gamers are in the same house. We already pay $65-$70 per copy, give us the features.

Overall I will rate 8.5

# 11 ROABS @ 03/28/13 09:01 PM
Reader Score: 7

had a chance to play at a friends today and had fun. i havent played a tw game in a cpl years so i enjoyed it.

# 10 Mt Oread @ 03/28/13 03:56 AM
Reader Score: 2

Broken stats, banners, and cameras. Fake increase in difficulty be elimination of yardage makers. Greens have been nerfed. They added a feature to no longer let you lock courses, as now you have to buy them all.

No freaking way is this game an 8. That is a joke.


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