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Feb 28, 2013
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Xbox 360
Mar 11, 2013

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Jan 09, 2013
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May 07, 2013


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Major League Baseball 2K13 currently has an average Reader Score of 7/10.
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# 25 C.J.S. @ 01/07/14 01:04 AM
Reader Score: 8

Thank god!!

# 24 burjeffton @ 01/06/14 07:19 PM
Reader Score: 6

Hey Hey, Goodbye!

# 23 BoomBoom @ 09/25/13 12:50 PM
Reader Score: 3

Not sure why I picked this game up...

# 22 Joeyboots @ 09/05/13 02:02 PM
Reader Score: 8

I don't think MLB 2K13 is nearly as bad as it's made out to be, it's just that "the Show" is such a tough act to follow. 2K13 does have it's brilliant spots, and I enjoy the pitching and batting interface over The Show. I also think the commentary is leagues better than The Show. I enjoy the individual player career mode over The Show's offering myself, but that is my personal preference, as The Show is obviously no slouch in this area either. In my opinion, the hate this game has generated is more due to lack of new features over 2K12 than it necessarily being a "bad game". In any event, it's a decent choice if you have a PS3, and the only choice if you have a 360. For PS3 it comes down to which gameplay style and career mode you prefer, and whether or not you care a lot about the graphics, and The Show definitely trumps MLB 2K13 in that department. For 360 owners, well, here's your baseball game. Don't worry Xboxer's, it's not as bad as the critics make it seem. Peace.

# 21 CzingerX @ 05/25/13 05:19 PM
Reader Score: 9

Solid title, not too many changes from 2k12. Most sports games are like this though.

# 20 Beastly Wayz @ 04/07/13 12:41 PM
Reader Score: 5

Bought this on Release Day, as I am an avid baseball fan and 360 Owner. So no "SHOW" was available for me to enjoy the gaming thrill of a baseball game. AS enjoyable as the game is, and gameplay is Actually enjoyable, the graphics, presentation, sound, and features are all the same. I have now had ample time to play the game, no rush for a review, and look back at this as a failure of 2K Sports. No time consumption was spent on this game to advance anything, exactly the same game as the previous years version, minus a new Perfect Game Challenge. Hopefully the lack of development, isn't turning 2K into EA...

# 19 Mt Oread @ 03/28/13 02:58 AM
Reader Score: 8

Edited: Best in series.

# 18 SlowDownTurbo86 @ 03/26/13 11:06 PM
Reader Score: 8

Game is fun screw haters

# 17 R0ver @ 03/26/13 07:00 AM
Reader Score: 5

Very disappointing for 2K.

# 16 GRONK IS AMAZIN @ 03/15/13 09:09 PM
Reader Score: 10

Best game in series


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