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NBA 2K14 currently has an average Reader Score of 6.5/10.
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# 164 SportSeasonsNetwork @ 07/25/17 12:56 PM
Reader Score: 9


# 163 Kevin82485 @ 04/07/16 02:46 PM
Reader Score: 7


# 162 trey31 @ 12/07/14 01:08 AM
Reader Score: 4

[PC] Not having the "Next Gen" graphics killed this one.

# 161 KickassJohnson @ 09/15/14 10:32 AM
Reader Score: 7

could be a lot better

# 160 thechamp923 @ 08/08/14 07:43 AM
Reader Score: 5

Really disappointed in 2k this year. Beautiful graphics and player models. But the game play is extremely laggy and turnovers happen way too often. The menu is too convoluted and ugly. I hope 2k steps their "game" up for 2k15, I hope they don't end up like Madden.

# 159 Vice @ 07/08/14 11:55 AM
Reader Score: 8

Well, although it seems I'm in the minority, plant me in the camp of finding this to be a great game. Not legendary as some may have expected, but great.

I find that the game plays better than its predecessors. No longer do I have to play as Kobe Bryant or LeBron James to make contested shots or lay-ups. I can get hit on the way up as a 75 and still stand a chance of dropping the shot just like any NBA-caliber player would, and the stars just happen to see more of them go in. My "full-court-charge-for-a-layup" only works if the other team has a press on during the inbound. Otherwise, I don't stand a hope in hell of getting there. I find fouls are more realistic. I even don't mind the rebounding -- of course my guy should struggle on the boards, as opposed to automatically getting the handle on it for every attempt like he did in 2K12.

The MyCareer and MyGM modes, VC aside, are so close to what I've always wanted in a sports game. I want to feel the progression of my player with a bit of a roleplay element. I want to know what it's like to need a good relationship with the owner, with the GM, with the coach, and with other players. I want to be forced into difficult choices, and I want them to have consequences. Maybe I'm in the minority, but the RPG-element to these game modes is reason enough for me to purchase it.

That being said, I recognize its flaws. This game is a hollow shell of its 360 sibling when it comes to customization. Some of the things one needs to spend VC on -- i.e. being able to fire your own staff as a GM -- are non-sensical. The Park is a madhouse. I also appreciate that the game is trying to cater to a more casual basketball audience. In a way, I guess this is no different than politics. Once a party gets elected, they need to see how much they can try to give their opponents before making their loyal base angry. The 2K brand was the saviour of the sport gaming world when they first hit the mainstream, and now they're evolving. 2K is likely just trying to see how many casual sports gamers they can get to drop money on the game before they lose the fan base on which they rely. Perhaps we're nearing that tipping point, I don't know. I see the division in public opinion, and I cannot ignore it.

For me personally, though, I think it's a great effort and a great game.

# 158 flyer1985 @ 06/30/14 04:43 PM
Reader Score: 7

Next gen 2k was good although it had some flaws. Graphically amazing. Quick games are always a blast, but the other modes leave something to want.

# 157 C.J.S. @ 06/16/14 10:12 PM
Reader Score: 10

Go Spurs!!

# 156 jonkaf @ 06/13/14 02:08 PM
Reader Score: 2

beautiful graphics, great animations, beautiful game except for a few players. But the graphics are not everything in video games. still many bugs, illogical passes, the ball trajectory after a steal attempted make no sense, as well as some blocks. the man to man defense system is frustrating (when you trying to leave your opponent you're slow to your opponent can catch you up, as if they were connected by a virtual string), impossible to get rid of. FastBreak while the player is subjected to an attraction that the slow which does not correspond to a 90 speed for example. The script is really too visible, some animations are not apropriate to some situations, foolish reactions. 2k should focus on the improvement of gameplay before graphics improvement. there was a lot of progress since the first NBA 2k, they had to work hard, but some things are frustrating and are still not corrected, many things are not reflected what happens on the court in the NBA. Maybe they improve whenEA Sports becomes a real threat!

# 155 MAGboyswifT27 @ 06/07/14 11:21 PM
Reader Score: 8

The game looks amazing but there are a lot of small details that need to be fixed. User friendly options, customization, gameplay, glitches, online play.. Just to name a few, lol..


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