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May 23, 2013

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Dec 02, 2013

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Aug 12, 2014


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Forza Motorsport 5 currently has an average Reader Score of 7.5/10.
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# 14 Kevin82485 @ 04/05/16 12:57 PM
Reader Score: 8

I give them a pass for a short development cycle going to a new console and literally having to rebuild car and track models from scratch. That takes an insane amount of time to do, so I forgive them for the lack of content.

# 13 Vice @ 07/08/14 12:42 PM
Reader Score: 7

I suppose I don't have much to add. It is a stunningly beautiful game, no way around it. When I see the scratches on the side of my cars, I weep and pick up the phone to get a rush job done at the body shop before I remember that it's just a game. Truly incredible.

That being said, the depth simply isn't there in the way I expected it to be. As others have said before me, the number of vehicles is disappointingly low, and the career mode is hollow. I've never gotten much of a sense of accomplishment out of progressing in Forza's career mode, and I don't get it here either.

The realism of Forza has always been enough to distract me from its unfleshed game modes, and that goes double for the next-gen version. However, I'm always left wanting more at the end.

As of November 22, 2013 Forza Motorsport 5 has been released. It received a Hype Score of 8.5/10 from 12 voters.
# 12 Mendota @ 12/13/13 10:17 PM
Hype Score: 9

Drivatars are so much better than I would have imagined.

# 11 geisterhome @ 12/02/13 05:24 PM
Hype Score: 1

lack of cars and especially tracks is very dissapointing

# 10 ROABS @ 11/25/13 09:28 AM
Hype Score: 9

Edited: cant wait for this to release

# 9 thagrandson @ 11/10/13 09:02 AM
Hype Score: 10

whoa this game is gonna be nasty....and they got the muscle cars right with 3 firebird trans ams......cop'n it...

# 8 Airmaxpenny1 @ 11/06/13 12:39 PM
Hype Score: 8

So i'm guessing Porsche will be available in a special pack in the future similar to Forza 4?

# 7 phantomremix @ 10/22/13 02:50 PM
Hype Score: 10

Cannot wait! never has disappointed me

# 6 doubledeuceR6 @ 10/11/13 11:47 AM
Hype Score: 9

Can't wait!

# 5 Henry81 @ 09/26/13 04:53 PM
Hype Score: 9

Looks awesome!


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