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RTG thoughts 
Posted on August 20, 2011 at 04:46 AM.
Itís really killing me. I want to love RTG mode, but thereís still so much that this game mode could be.
EA needs to hire me. They need me to work on the RTG team and add a bunch of stuff that will make the mode not just playable, but addictive. I have some crazy ideas, as Iíve been known to emit.
Itís whatís inside that counts.
Video games are cool, but when youíre essentially playing a role playing football game, if the role playing ainít there, how cool can the game really be? Take away the mental aspect of your budding young collegiate athlete, and all you have is an automaton in shoulder pads. I want to see the player go through hot and cold streaks, worry about tests, make time for his campus sweetheart, and occasionally check in with mom and dad. And, I want all these things to add up to a richer, more realistic game experience, meaning that if heís just broken up with his sweetie, he might not play so well. Maybe if he knows his little brother is signing his letter of intent to big brotherís school, he might find that extra motivation. As a freshman, maybe if he survives in practice long enough to impress some of the upperclassmen, he might be encouraged to work a little harder in the weight room.
These realistic activities should modify your player, sometimes permanently, throughout his playing career on campus. They should have meaning. They should be random and controllable. They should engulf the gamer in much more story than just pressing A to snap the ball.
Now, there is a school here?
NCAA12 is missing almost any sign of the unique characteristics of the campus and campus life. This is college football, not just Ėblank- football. What about team pride, program integrity, momentum, program history, etc.? The way the game plays now, you feel more like a hired hand on a farm than a football player. The whole school aspect has been stripped away in favor of cool graphics and a simple interface. Iíd build in a more robust campus atmosphere that you need to be part of.
A continuing education
There are many recently graduated seniors that come back to the collegiate environs to coach. Theyíve learned all there is to absorb from the coaching staff, and now wish to share the tribal knowledge with the new recruits. Football is a game of continuity, where games are won and lost based on executing the game plan. And how better to pursue greatness than to trust great teachers who impart knowledge passed down from those whoíve walked the walk.
Nobodyís perfect
I want a way to teach the program strategies and plays to the team. I want the players to absorb what theyíve learned and turn that knowledge into a greater chance of success. I want plays to be called by the coaches that reflect playbook knowledge as well as game situation. I donít want every player to have an intimate, perfect productivity the first time they hit the field.
Final thought
Base RTG on echoing, if not mirroring, dynasty as it does now, and youíre asking for complaints. I get the idea of streamlining the interface so itís easy to move around in the game, but without significant internal overhauls, itís just dynasty in a stripped down form. Itís like HD DVD which eventually lost to Blu Ray. Why play it, when dynasty is the king?
Tons more ideas to come somedayÖ
# 1 SkillzKillz719 @ Aug 20
I feel like they have a nice foundation for RTG. But like you said, it can be taken SOOO much further. And I feel like all I'm doing is playing with player lock on. No emotional connection.
High schools were a nice touch, but they were not the fix that RTG needed. The progression system was way too easy. I was 99 OVR in about my 7th game freshman year.
I really want to like the mode, but I dont feel any connection. I think that (Not to be the person to refer to old games and wish things were like that) NCAA 06 did a great job of making you feel like you were in college. The dorm room. The girlfriend picture. The Sports Illustrated issue where you checked after every game if you were on the cover. The Heisman race bar on the top right. The classes you had to take. The time you had to dedicate to either study, weight room, or study the playbook. I think that would be amazing if they brought that back and even just did little updates. I felt like I was there to some extent.
That being said, I think it's a lot easier talking about it getting done than actually doing it when it comes to adding features in games and whatnot.

I really got into Online Dynasty this year, and offline Dynasty are pretty fun, so I'm not upset at what's there at RTG this year, it's just a little frustrating that it hasn't realized it's full potential.
# 2 JL58BA @ Aug 20
its fun but as you said not so addictive. it could b way better. so much potential though
# 3 goalieump413 @ Aug 21
Based on the approach to resurrect RTG, I find it down right silly that more story building content was not included. Sure, it might have been considered, and if I was voting, they'd drop in several additional nuggets that help keep people playing, having fun, and reducing the chances the mode goes stale to quickly.

One thing specific I'd like to throw out there: I want my position coach, coordinator, or head coach to provide me a goals list per play, per game, per practice, or per season. It's nice that we score points for stuff, but it seems disconnected from reality. The points should be based on what the program requires from its players, not from what the players tabulate generically.
# 4 BRxSKINSx @ Aug 21
RTG could be GREAT....but with all the things the OP is talking about doing, you'd almost have to make RTG kinda like NFL Headcoach or sumthin......not that i disagree with what u r saying.....I just think the folks at EA wouldn't take the time to do those things.....If they did, we'd probably have some of 'em already.....May next year they'll take giant steps forward toward giving us an addictive RTG....
# 5 rakkasan12 @ Aug 22
I get where your going but i want a more robust college "football" experience. More focus on the football part like you said with the coach's objectives. RTG commentary as if they were your homeschool's sportscasters that talk about your team and your progression. Now where i disagree is the notion of having to worry about a girlfriend or your grades i think that would be tedious after week 3 and i just want to play football. I do think they are going in the right direction and hopefully some of the great ideas in these forums are considered.
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