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NCAA football 2013 
Posted on January 9, 2012 at 04:18 PM.
In my opinion, Ea sports needs to add these features into NCAA football
- updated bowls
- the Long snapper position on the roster
- add the city of Winfield onto the WV cities list
- add the ability to make created players redshirted (due to jucos)
- more broadcasters, I personally am getting tired of looking and listening to the same three people over and over again
- learn how to pronounce schools names and players names or give the player the opportunity to do so via mike
# 1 Jadakiss88 @ Jan 10
Updated Bowls...they do this every year but every year new bowl games are added so this is expected.

The Long Snapper postion is already on the roster. It's not a position you recruit for the CPU usually just put the best O Lineman at LS.

I haven't created a recruit in a long time but if it's the same as it was you can make (JUCO) recruits..not sure I know alot of content was removed from the last-gen's compared to the Current Gen

More Broadcasters....YES I completely agree. Or at least give Kirk and Brad an entirely different script to read from that has maybe 15 to 20 different comments for each situation. Also, they can take a page out of 2k12's book and talk about the history of the teams and the history of the games. But I completely agree.

They usually just use the same names from Madden since they can't pronounce too many names due to NCAA constraints.

Somethings I would like to see:
Spring Games
An option to have specific training for players (i.e. If you want your linebacker to improve his coverage skills)
All Star Games
Pro Days (This could correspond with Madden if they decide to implent a combine for incoming rookies)
Better Juke Animations
And I still don't feel the excitement of winning a National Title they have to find something.

I like the team specific intro's but I would like to see some better presentation and intro's. And bring back the school newspaper in the game not just through Online Dynasty.
# 2 haroldsHHS2011 @ Jan 10
I agree with you about the Pro Days and the All Star Games. I mean i can watch the Texas vs the Nation on CBS, so it should be part of the video game experience as well. Has for the pro days I'd love to be able to pick the seniors off of my team that will go pro, especially for a created team. There is Spring games in the older installments, but I don't usually try to play them so I don't know what there is about them. And has for the Juco thing I'm talking about during the season recruiting. It doesn't happen.
# 3 Vaporub83 @ Jan 10
For coaching carousel be able to let the country know where you want to go in your career. Ex. If I'm the coach of UL Monroe I want the cpu to offer jobs that I might actually want. My goal could be to coach in the SEC one day or coach my alma mater.
# 4 haroldsHHS2011 @ Jan 10
That would work out. I play dynasty and when it comes down to some of the CPU coaches I have. I don't always want to see them on the same team. It changes on real life based on how good and how bad each coach and each team does. So, in the game it should has well. I'd also like to have EA sports name the coaches, so the player doesn't have to.
# 5 xirdneh132 @ Jan 10
I'd like to be able to pick several teams to control for dynasty. I know you can create a coach and then pick a team but you always had to deal with a coach with a D+ prestige rating when you did that, I want to be able to keep the rating whatever it was from the beginning.

Better and more Teambuilder options.

Maybe editing recruiting prospects. I know you can edit them after recruiting is done but maybe the option to edit them before recruiting starts entirely rather than creating them. There was just too many 5 star WR and RB in the game.

The option to control the depth charts of all teams on dynasty at all times. Once the dynasty starts, unless you control the team you can't control the depth chart and sometimes freshmen needed to be playing.

To not have limited formation subs. You have 50 subs you can make, there shouldn't be a limit.

Control of weather, personal pet peeve of mine.

More options for gloves. This year is the first year in a while I've seen teams wear black gloves. My Sun Devils had black gloves on, not just the gray and white options the game gives you.

Giving us more options in how coaches look because this year the coaches were butt-ugly.

A little more sense in coaching carousel. Northern Illinois went 10-3 in my first year in dynasty and they fired their coach, it made no sense at all.

The one cosmetic thing I want more than anything is the ability to have two players with the same number. If the game already has them on there you can use them but you don't have the option unless they are already on the roster.
# 6 Retropyro @ Jan 10
I would love it if they could cut the damn loading time in half. Seriously the loading time for NCAA 12 is just ridiculous.
# 7 newtonfb @ Jan 10
WTF??? you are the reason why the game doesnt get better......"long snapper position" ?? jesus

I guess you never played real football or youd know how bad the gameplay is. I am a realist and know we probably wont get a new engine til next generation of systems but for now they can atleast work on ...

DB/WR interations
Line interations
have real physics
Smarter AI....i swear the ai was better in madden 99
Creatable plays on offense and defense
How bout lets fix the ball and players going through eachother!!! How many times have you noticed a ball go though your DB's hands?? or RB going through lineman on the ground??
# 8 freeballnit @ Jan 11
Coaching carousal - when you are named head coach, you should be able to hire your own assistant coaches.

Updated jerseys - sucks to not be able to wear the OSU unis

Fix Virginia and Mizzou's bowl endzones - messed up for years

Wish recruitng were more difficult - even on heisman, it was pretty easy to build a dynasty w/ a decent program.
# 9 malky @ Jan 11
At the plus one system, they are seriously talking about the system for 2014, would love to see the official game have it a year early
# 10 haroldsHHS2011 @ Jan 11
I agree with the jersey things. I see real teams have players on offense and defense that have the same number. So, it'd be appropriate for the game to have the same thing. I can't even begin to explain how many times I got mad I couldn't double up on a number.
Yes, the recruiting does need to get harder. Even when my team has penalities, I still somehow manage to get all the top recruits especially from my state.
I agree the ai needs to get smarter, because I hate putting up 800 passing yds against a team every other week (because I usually run too).
Has for the created plays, i'm pretty sure that wouldn't work. Unless you could control the ol and dl allignments has well and then you'd have to know a lot about football.
I'd love to be able to recruit players a few years before they are even able to come into college. I've seen some teams in my state do it. Basketball teams do it all the time. So, the game should be able to let you do it. Sure that might take more time, but it would be fun.
# 11 Dval7 @ Jan 11
What about equipment as far as cleats, socks, gloves, ankle tape(better tape) , team color tape cause they wear it , mouthpieces that hang on facemask or the ones that cover the mouth , eye shadow all of this is huge additions that needs to be put in the game
# 12 Dval7 @ Jan 11
Gang tackling ( more than 2-3 players) better sideline and crowd animations... and this probably far fetched but have fans rush the field after upsets would have me in love lol
# 13 Eski33 @ Jan 11
For me, I want the game to ship without game breaking issues.

As far as features:
1) Classic teams and uniforms

Multiple broadcast teams wont matter because if you play the game enough it all becomes repetitive.
# 14 scottyo60 @ Jan 12
Hey newt long snapper is one of the most important positions on the field and one of the reasons this game lacks. No special teams care. Marshall's MLB was the snapper this year. Not a random OL. Please put some love into special teams. Bobbled snaps, more fake options, more onside kick options. How about overload instead of generic field goal block? A guy can dream...
# 15 Jadakiss88 @ Jan 12
I remember one year on the PS2 I believe it was 05 or 06 EA got everything right. You could block punts with a player coming from the outside and if you were skilled enough you could block them with a lineman up the middle.
It was rare but big upsets the fans actually rushed the field.

They need to redefine the onside kick options. Onside kick the kicking team is always at a disadvantage because the receiving team can touch the ball as soon as it's kicked the the kicking team has to wait for it to go ten yards. I just wish it was more of a surprise it seems like fake field goals, fake punts, or onside kicks the CPU already knows it's coming and is lined up for it.

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