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Mid-Age Gamer... 
Posted on October 8, 2012 at 11:24 AM.
37....wife and kids....Great Gig....Read Books...Ryhme Writer/recording in home studio...and i'm a Sports Gamer...

That's my a nutshell. Look forward to my latenight/early morning gaming...the wins/the losses ~~ doesnt matter much as long as i get that sense of kill or be killed adrenaline rush out of's a balancing act between my 2 sons, wifey...and numerous hobbies but hey......

Pleasently suprised by this years Madden (13)...great game---although i still yell & scream @ the tv for my bonehead mistakes...and then 2k dropped last week---wow/immersed in that for the past week and i cant seem to get do i get to the basket without button mashing.stick swiveling...gotta work on that----why do i control freak it and manually switch my guys in & out...nah, thats cool--that's just me...Bang, Vince Carter still has some life in those there legs...yeah, yeah~~i know i gotta work on my D---must stay in front of Lebron//dont let em turn the corner...

yeah--just a ramble but i dig these games for helping me live out a few daydreams...

# 1 bigdoc85 @ Oct 8
45 .... wife and kids. Also kinda like Madden this year. Purely a sports gamer (including the occasional driving / racing game). I use the games to relax and give some simple pleasure. Guess it's better than using drugs or having an affair! LOL!
# 2 rainesdaddy @ Oct 8
42....wife, 2 kids,BUT...Firefighter, my advantage over you guys. When they are at work and school, um at home with about 5 hours to myself, life is good. Strictly sports guy myself, love this years madden, and cant stop with MLB. but the wife always knows where I am. LOL, so understand the drugs and affair thing.
# 3 bigdoc85 @ Oct 8
We need to sell our wives on the fact that at least we're at home and not out getting in trouble so they should embrace our gaming! Fortunately, my 7-year old son loves sports games. In fact, he's playing Konami's Professional Baseball Spirits 2010 right now!
# 4 truintellectplaya @ Oct 8
Glad I have no wife or kids, but I am not a fan of any game other than NBA 2K at the moment. Played games too long to be able to appreciate Madden
# 5 iceberg760 @ Oct 8
Yeah -- @ Bigdoc22/i tell my wife "everyone has a Vice/some smoke Crack ~ some are religious nuts"...i just wanna play a
# 6 Da_Czar @ Oct 9
Salute men. I turn 40 this year. Hell this month !!
# 7 keator @ Oct 10
Just turned 30 in july, and its amazing ive been a video games kid since my childhood. Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, PS2, PS4. The remember the stressfull days of the nintendo when my brother and I would have to write all our passwords done in a book, bc there were no memory cards. From Tecmo bowl to Madden 13, the way games have changed over my life still amazes me.
# 8 keator @ Oct 10
*ps3 sorry
# 9 Lukin4 @ Oct 10
35, girlfriend expecting our first baby any day now, mainly sports games and driving here too, totally agree with you...
# 10 tril @ Oct 10
sounds very similar to me. 42, 1 kid, full time job, beat maker/home studio. and not enough time to game. 2012 will go down as the best year for sports gaming. IMO, every release has delivered
# 11 tarek @ Oct 11
Awesome post. 33, married with 2 daughters. I'm desperately trying to get my 3 year old into gaming and/or sports. I'll take any tips. I'm losing the battle to 'My Little Pony' and its brutal.
# 12 bigdoc85 @ Oct 11
Tarek -- start with the Wii. Then work your way up to the PS3 or Xbox when he is about 6.
# 13 statum71 @ Oct 11
41.....daughter, two jobs, married soon. Sports gamer....not quitting anytime soon.
# 14 statum71 @ Oct 11
@ Tril

Agree. I think every sports title has put out its best edition yet this year.

Best Madden yet
Best 2K yet
Best Show yet
Best FIFA yet
Best NHL yet
Best NCAA yet

I mean, they each can still improve but its been the best year so far IMO.
# 15 tshokunbi @ Oct 11
Excellent blog. I'm 36, in the army with a wife and 3 kids and love gaming. Never seen a post like this but much props to the blogger. It's a lot of us out there.

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