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Testing my Metal---from JUST playing to REALLY playing! 
Posted on September 15, 2015 at 02:11 PM.
Normally each year I play HOF, 12Min, Sim settings against my fellow OS brethren with whatever team (just so I see a good matchup)…Me being a jump shooter, it normally takes me a quarter to figure out how/who can shoot…I've had some great games against the likes of AsainPowwwa, AllStarDaDon, WeaponX, etc (way 2 many to recall)…this time around, I am gonna try it DIFFERENTLY…

This time, I will run in 2 Leagues…On the PS4 (PSN is Crown_n_Smoke) in CoachK's League as the Milwaukee Bucks (a favorite of mine over the last few years--loved their size and youth, forces me to play more up and down)….On the Xbox (GT is Iceberg760) I am playing in VannwolfHawks "Sim City" Lge as the Sacramento Kings (another favorite of mine; again, young legs--putting more shots up!)….first time since2k9\2k10 that i'm just gonna focus on a couple teams---has me excited!!

Between the 2 leagues, the prerequisite on games is 8 games a week, I believe…Will make the time weekday evenings and my weekends are pretty much clear since my kids get on my nerves (17 & 19----you KNOW what I'm talking about!). The first couple October weeks will be spent breaking apart each team, every lil' Iso, learning each players hot spots (is he a good dribbler, can he shoot off the dribble, which SG, SF has a back to the basket game, what can I extract from my 10th man off the bench---as I ALWAYS go 10 deep), etc..actual league play does not start until the end of the month, ample enough time to figure out both teams identity.

So far I've played a handful of games in CoachK's Coach2K League/1st off I gotta say…some STIFF competition…I've ran against the Celtics, the Nuggets, the Clippers. Great coaching! I really like how league is setup (Zero on the Help Sliders, Game must be Twitched, Google+)…I have to figure out how my SG Middleton shoots---his release is one way offline and another Online//I need consistent play from him…Been able to get some Great minutes out of Mayo and Bayless but if Middleton isn't the anchor, it is for nothing…Greg Monroe, John Henson, and Jabari Parker have been adequate on the Block but I really need to focus on more point production out of them (Monroe and Parker if I'm calling out names) -- Parker had a great game against the Clippers: 9pts, 9rebs, 7dimes but I have to find ways to maximize him on the Offensive end. The Greek Freak is an entirely different quandary---he has been my defensive stopper on the perimeter but dude can't shoot a J to save his life---gotta work on my 'cutting' game with him!!

I haven't had the pleasure of playing against any of the Guys from Sim City league but have been taking a look at the folks within the league/over the years I've ran against AlabamaRob, City of Bpt43, Gator yall kno, and TyFromPhilly…I am planning for the stiffest competition that I've come across on the One--Will not be bringing a dull knife to a gunfight!!! I see where the Commish VannWolfHawk has implement On Ball & Off Ball D--Interesting…b/c that pick and roll has to be the hardest to defend when the CPU has to damn sense half the time; yeah, look forward to exploring that on 2k16..I expect my Kings to be highly competitive/Rudy Gay being a poor man's Durant while Cousins will hope that the Coach will make him into the beast that he is on the blocks (if he isn't an all-star, blame goes to the Coach/Owner!!). Do I play Rondo the lion's share of the PG minutes when he doesn’t give me anything outside of the paint? Does McLemore force me to play him just because he's the most athletic guy even though I just read a killer article in SI on Seth Curry (lol), do I have too many bigs (Cousins, Cauley-Stein, Koufos)---NOPE!!! We enter into the Season with questions, but we will answer them or heads will roll---I'm talking Executioner type head rolling!

***the way I see it, I'll be playing about 8 games a week with ONLY 2 teams--I will live, breathe, and eat Bucks/Kings basketball..these 2 teams are middle of the road--now the question remains" will I drive into oncoming traffic or will I be able to navigate this upcoming season while stopping off for the occassional burger, brew, and _____ (fill in the blank)…stay tuned, I'm gonna do a weekly blog update on OS to keep you up to date with my squads…I'll use it as therapy and a checklist to make sure that I'm heading in the right direction…

my homeboy RobRey told me once "I treat my body like a Temple, you treat yours like a Crackhouse"…so on 9/25----we will see…
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