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First Blog - What if 
Posted on October 2, 2010 at 10:22 PM.
hey everyone at OS my name is Andrew im 18 years old and love Basketball. Anyways i jus finished watchin an old Bulls vs Lakers game from 1998 and i saw michael and kobe go at it. Not to compare the 2 but kobe and michaels game have so much similarities skill wise and kobe was only 19. i remember seeing kobe bryant and michael duke it out in the all star game at msg and jordan got the best of kobe but kobe put on a show too(behind the back dribble then floater in the baseline).so this had me thinkin what if kobe would have gone to college for one year under coaches like dean smith, coach k, or bob knight . would he have matured faster and would his skills have grown faster? i mean dont get me wrong del harris was a good coach(1996 coach of the year) but he is nowhere near the coaches mentioned above. when i was younger i loved the fact of athletes coming straight out of hs but now that i think about it everyone could benefit from college even lebron james(hate him btw but respect his game) as stated my kareem abdul jabbar not to long ago. I believe now that kobe would have benefited from college and a better coach. he could have been playing starter min his rookie year and become the RoY . he also would have developed his mind more which intern would have him be more of a phenom then he is now but thts jus my opinion what do u guys think?

Thats it for my first post jus my 2 cents thanks for reading OS make sure to comment as i would love to hear from someone elses prospective.
# 1 stlstudios189 @ Oct 3
I think so but I hate the 1 and done college athlete
# 2 j3bit0 @ Oct 3
yea but wouldnt one and done be better then straight out of high school?
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