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Maxed Out??? 
Posted on June 9, 2009 at 08:21 PM.

Hey, I just got through reading this article, and I am not surprised at all. I knew at some point this would happen.

But, this isn't an 360/PS3 Bash blog. I came up with an idea.

You guys know how EA Sports has the ALL-PLAY brand that's exclusive for the Wii? Well, what if they did the same thing for the PS3? And, I don't mean give it a cartoony look either.

What I mean is using the Cell Processor and Blu-Ray to it's fullest capability when making their sports games, and giving the PS3 it's own brand. ALL the games in this brand would be top of the line, uber-realistic, and tailored for hardcore gamers. I even have a name for it:


And NOBODY try and steal that name!

It's just an idea, but a very serious one. Just imagine how Madden NFL 11 or 12 would look if they did this.

I need AS MUCH feedback as possible, as I'm gonna go to EA with this. Sound off, don't hold nothing back!!!

P.S. - I had to move this from the forums because it got locked...
# 1 MattIntellect @ Jun 9
That is a good idea however it won't work. The Wii platform is different because of the motion sensor controller and the goal of the platform is to appeal to "family gamers". Madden 10 is developed on the Xbox 360 and ported to the PS3 because when the Madden team rebuilt the next-gen graphics engine, the PS3 did not exist. In nearly every game, the Xbox 360's and PS3's graphics look the same. In the future, Xbox 360 might get blu-ray to go along with Project Natal which was revealed at E3 2009. Right now, you should be thankful that Madden on the PS3 doesn't look much different than the Xbox 360 version. Madden has made great strides this year in making both platforms equal and hopefully that will continue for future iterations of Madden.
# 2 jWILL253 @ Jun 9
That being said, though, I always hear PS3 owners complaining about how Madden (along with other EA games) is falling short of expectations because of space limitations...
# 3 Kado456 @ Jun 9
I mean everbody knows the PS3 is the beast, but unfortunately like microsoft proved in the 90's, and were smart enough to be able to position themselves for with this generation of consoles, it's all about software.

By being the first to come out with a so-called next gen console first, and getting the exclusive software deals that sony gave up, Microsoft was able to win the battle for software.
# 4 deaduck @ Jun 10
If you don't min me asking, how'd this get locked in a forum?
# 5 jWILL253 @ Jun 10

It got locked because it was posted in the Madden forum. They said it had nothing to do with Madden directly.


I couldn't agree with you more. It's not even a battle of the "best" console available, it's basically just a race...
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