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Five Excuses for the BCS Championship Disappointment Stuck
Posted on January 8, 2013 at 12:07 PM.

The Crimson Tide's route of the Irish has left us with a paper-doll puppet show as college football's master thesis to the 2013 season.

When there is disappointment in the air, the blame game is close behind -- and in each zinger; an overreaction. So considering last night's BCS extravaganza was a dud, let's get the knee-jerk reaction party started.

Here are five excuses for the BCS championship disappointment:

1. Karma
ESPN forked over huge amounts of money to pull the BCS off the air waves and into cable land. We are worth more to networks and suit pockets as spectators on our couch than in stadium seats, but that also means the game needs to be close or we'll switch over to reruns of Duck Dynasty. College football is supposed to be an amateur sport, but has grown into anything but that.

The BCS format has survived controversy because it fattened the wallets of the decision makers. Not until it was deemed "monetarily advantageous" was a playoff approved to start in 2014. Perhaps the football gods wanted to get a quick zinger in on the suits because a 42-14 blowout doesn't rake in the advertising dollars.

2. Notre Dame Didn't Belong
Perhaps the Irish didn't play a tough enough schedule to warrant an appearance in the title game. But even if they were a mid-major program, an undefeated season is hard to deny a spot in the title game. This is why a playoff is so important though. A semi-final game would have allowed Notre Dame to find their place among the nation's elite; a victory earning them a place in the title game.

But this is the same problem any team faces. There are too many teams and not enough games to make adequate comparisons throughout the season to determine who truly is the best for the title game (without a playoff anyway). Notre Dame did the best they could with the schedule they had, they just weren't on par with Alabama.

3. Alabama is Unbelievably Good
Sure, Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M snuck one in against the Crimson Tide in Tuscaloosa during the regular season. But the Aggies were quite possibly the best offense that 'Bama faced all season, and when you're as tough as Alabama you're allowed one letdown a year. Sorry BCS, but not every game counts.

The Alabama offensive and defensive lines completely dominated that of Notre Dame, making it impossible to run for the Irish and leaving few clean shots on the Crimson Tide rushers. Even when the likes of Manti Te'o had a chance for stops they couldn't adjust to the more powerful backs of Alabama. Was the poor tackling due to inability or did the layoff cause the Irish defense to lose form?

4. Extended Preparation Time Ruined Notre Dame's Chances
The first and last games of the year are the least relevant to the flow of a season considering the amount of time allowed to prepare for each. Teams grind it out on a week-by-week basis but are then allowed nearly a month to prepare for their final opponent in the championship game.

It goes against the integrity of the season and takes away any advantage a lesser skilled team may have by giving all involved a chance to prepare for literally everything.

Several times last night Notre Dame audibled on offense at the site of 'Bama's alignment, only to have the Crimson Tide switch into the perfect defense for the audible. When you have enough time to gameplan in that detail you've had too much time to prepare in the spirit and integrity of how 95% of games are prepared for and played. Granted, both squads had the same opportunity, but the lack of any schematic advantage for Notre Dame nullified any chance to overcome physical mismatches.

5. Katherine Webb
I'm not sure how this relates but who cares, she may just be the new punctuation/punch-line/meme to everything college football -- relevant or not. She's Miss Alabama, a student of Auburn, AJ McCarron's girlfriend, and has the power to make blind men see.

If a Notre Dame player had a side-kick this gorgeous they might have tackled Eddie Lacy a little better or broke free of a few more of Barrett Jones' blocks. Did I mention she gained 90,000 new Twitter followers during the game? In a contest that otherwise stunk, the night's most memorable moment may have been a gushing Brent Musberger proclaiming a creepy "Wow!" at the site of Katherine.

Roll Webb.

Sound Off: What are your BCS Championship reactions?

Justin Mikels is a staff writer for Operation Sports. Give him hell in the comments below or on Twitter: @long_snapper.
# 1 bedwardsroy19 @ Jan 8
She gained 90,000 followers during the game lol
# 2 Jadakiss88 @ Jan 8
I think #4 is the best conclusion. I compare them to my Gators, all season we were hot and it seemed like (outside of the GA game) they had perfect rhythm in playing calling, play making decisions, and just overall will to win.

Then they ran into to Louisville after a month and some weeks off. Now all the rhythm is gone. Same with ND, ND was a hot team all year winning game after game but the extended time off really hurt them. You could tell on offense they couldn't get anything going.

Also, the Big stage of the BCS Title Game, going against the Reigning Champs, and the fact ESPN and other sport outlets repeated that ND has never lost to the #2 team when they are #1 or something of that Nature.
# 3 TreyIM2 @ Jan 8
Didn't watch the game, for the most part, but seen the running back get the first TD and then the run that almost got him to the endzone for the 2nd one.

That said, it's funny how there are certain "looks" that ppl can have such as Ms. Webb. She looks very simiar to this Belizean woman I blew a GREAT chance to date after being shocked that she was so cool when I approached and gave me her number. TOTAL model looking woman just like Ms. Webb but ALSO she reminds me of another woman I've seen online and my co-worker who is from Trinidad...but a dude! Lol.
Ms. Webb and the woman online remind me of my co-worker so much I dunno if I could ever mess with a woman with that look. The Belizean didn't have as heavy a set of eyebrows so she didn't remind me too much of dude. Lol.
# 4 BCDX97 @ Jan 10
I guess I'm attracted to duckfaces.

The game was pretty bad if you wanted a competitive matchup. I just felt sorry for my friend who loves Notre Dame.
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