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Are Baseball Writers Proving a Point by Inducting No One in 2013? Stuck
Posted on January 9, 2013 at 02:33 PM.

The Baseball Writer's have struck again. For the eighth time in their history they've decided that no one is worthy of induction into Cooperstown. 2013 will go down as a blip on the screen.

I've written previously regarding my desire to see Baseball's Hall of Fame include the tainted past (including players who admit to PED use) even if it meant incorporating an "Asterisk Room."

But this ballot wasn't just about PED users or suspects. There were plenty of viable candidates. Curt Schilling. Craig Biggio. Mike Piazza. But not a single one of them was worthy, according to the writers in sum.

What is the purpose of Baseball's Hall of Fame these days? Is it a tool by the voters used to show up the steroid-era by refusing to include those deemed too impure?

The funny thing is that guys like Schilling, Piazza, and Biggio will likely get in -- eventually. But why wait? They aren't playing any more. Nothing they can do will enhance their chances any further. If the writers won't let them in now, what makes them worthy the next time around, or the next?

Maybe many of you understand it better than I do, but it's approaching a level of sense common to that of the BCS system in college football -- not very clear at all.

Baseball is supposedly America's passtime but the number of young people engaged in the sport has been declining over the years. The sport is in dire need of a boost, something dynamic that shows off a progressive push to an enlightened future. Baseball needs a group of writers who embrace the past both distant and near and include it in the shrine of history and fame -- clean or not.

Then again, maybe that's the way "Baseball" and the writers who cast votes (or lack thereof) for the Hall want it to be; an exclusive clubhouse. But if they continue on this course we may see a growing gap in inductions as the wall is placed in front of players of the past twenty years. An enlarging gap of emptiness than may soon replicate the favor Americans have for the sport in the coming years.

Sound Off: What is your reaction to the results for baseball's 2013 Hall of Fame Ballot?

Justin Mikels is a staff writer for Operation Sports. Give him hell in the comments or on Twitter: @long_snapper
# 1 cgalligan @ Jan 10
Baseball is stupid.... They keep the records that these Players broke in the record books, but, they don't let them in the Hall of Fame?

Joe Jackson isn't in the hall of fame? cmon... Its been 100 years...

imo the hall of fame should be a collection of artifacts and players that tell the story of the HISTORY of the game... Steroids will forever be linked to the game now, so, you can't just "not talk about it" and think its going to go away...

Either put them in, or, erase all of their stats and records from the record books... you can't pick and chose...

Also, one more thing... If theses guys are for sure never getting in, why were the Percentages different for all of them as far as the voting is concerned? Bonds got 34% i think, and Sosa only 12%... Very hypocritical if you ask me
# 2 gsize19 @ Jan 16
Having played the game professionally, and no, no where near the level to ever be considered to the HoF, I will say that the Steroid Era, love it or hate it, existed, and the players during this era should NOT be shunned for records, play, etc., that they had during their careers. Do I condone steroid use? No, did I use, them? Yes, why, because in entertainment you pay to be entertained, correct? Remember the strike of 94? I do! this was also the last season I played baseball due to injury and the only year I was actually "called up", but never having played a game, due to the strike. Sent back to the minors and then blew Rotator Cuff. Anyway, back to the reason behind this. Those in the hall, like I read from someone else who commented, it is like it is the Gates of Heaven, or so they think, but the fact remains, cheaters of all sorts are already in.

The "steroid era", may have been created before the strike, but it was enhanced after the strike and why? Because it brought fans back to the seats, it inflated pocket books of players, etc. being paid to do something you love is one thing, now if you knew you could be making more by say, taking profermance enhancing supplements, why wouldn't you? I for one say to my kids, athletes are not role models, and no athlete wants to really be a role model, they all have skeletons in their closet from one aspect of their life. Parents should be role models bottom line!

Back to finishing my point, the baseball writers, none of which played the game, or if some have, very few, don't understand the mid 90's to say 2002, and they can't shut it out either! Players like McGwire, Sosa, Bonds, Clemmons, they deserve to be in the Hall, as does Pete Rose! The hall should be artifacts and a collection of players who were the best, and because the best took steroids, so be it! It didn't hurt John Q. Public, it hurt the player, probably took years of their and my life, but when money is involved, that is what you think about. So I live to say 70 instead of 75 because of steroids, the fact is, my family will be finacially secure, and the woners were happy at this time because it put money back into their pockets! It also put more money in the pockets of the players, which in today's age of sports, it is all about the Green!!! If someone says anything different, as a former athlete, I can tell you, they would be lying to you!!!
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