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The OS Daily Ten - MLB Cutting Deals With Cheaters, Sending Mixed Message Stuck
Posted on August 2, 2013 at 01:45 PM.

Top Sports News for Friday, August 2, 2013

QOTD: Should the MLB be offering "plea deals" to PED users and cheaters? Share your response to the QOTD and today's links in the comments section below.
# 1 JaySwizzlez @ Aug 3
The only way that the suspensions are going to be handed out and put into effect is if they cut deals. The MLB doesn't want this to drag on any longer and hurt the face of the game. It is just better if baseball closes this chapter in their book and moves by cutting deals.
# 2 F0rl3fclov3r @ Aug 4
PED's are part of the game. The players like Braun, Cruz, Rodriguez, Pettite, Sosa, Bonds, etc, etc!! ...are some of the best in the game. They are punishments every day for minor league guys that the media doesnt talk about. The fact is, everyone is doing it and by everyone I mean greater than 50%, most likely around the 80% mark. They just can't catch everyone, they need slip ups like this whole biogenesis scandal to uncover them. At this point the game is forever "tainted" and not because of this generation specifically, but because we know that everyone will cheat to get ahead. Stop criticizing the ones who get caught and realize its everyone doing it, just not everyone is getting caught. Think about it, why would the best of the best at multiple positions use PEDs but other guys wouldn't. You're telling me a rookie coming in to camp and being in front of all these guys and seeing them using they won't use? It's peer pressure, of course they are going to use. Escpecially when it's a little lozenge or so that is guaranteed to have no side effects for positive test results hours after you take it. Sorry for this rant, I am just so sick of hearing about PED's, I don't care anymore.
# 3 Reed1417 @ Aug 5
Personally I don't understand why the MLB is trying to get these deals done with A-Rod and Braun. Unless there's something I don't know but last I checked these guys cheated. Before they no problem suspending these guys NOW they want to strike deals? No no that's not how this works. If I had a good analogy I'd share it.
# 4 timbosliceGB @ Aug 6
mlb is scared these things will not hold up in court which is why they are getting deals done to not make them go to court.
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