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The OS Daily Ten - Where Should Leagues Draw the Line on Post-Game Corrections? Stuck
Posted on December 31, 2013 at 11:29 AM.

Where do we draw the line in post-game corrections? According to the NFL, an apology is all that is given when officials miss calls that determine playoff qualifiers, but stats and records can be shifted arbitrarily to fix missteps by official scorers.

Peyton Manning's seven-yard pass to Eric Decker at the end of the first half may be reversed to reflect a running play since the pass appears to have been a backwards lateral. The change would slip Manning behind Brees' mark with 5,470 yards -- still an impressive feat.

Should statistical adjustments and rulings changes be allowed once a game is complete? Or should leagues implement an all-or-nothing philosophy in regard to post-game corrections?

Sports Headlines for December 31, 2013
# 1 moose616 @ Dec 31
Leave the game on the field. Whether it was a penalty-related issue, or a statistical error, it's the officials' job to make that call during the game. There are referees, spotters, statisticians, and all other sorts of people at the game doing a job. Everyone makes mistakes, but once the game is done, let it be done.
# 2 HozAndMoose @ Dec 31
If it has no effect on the outcome of the game change it. In this case it needs to be changed if it was indeed a backwards pass. It wont change the game at all. MLB does it fine. No one complains when player A gets a double changed to a single + error.
# 3 Bad_Intentions @ Dec 31
I'm fine with correcting stats, but you can't change calls.
# 4 andy112382 @ Dec 31
The thing that stinks with this particular case, you know Manning would have been out there for a series in the second half had they ruled it a run (as it would be with the lateral) instead of a pass. Manning says the records don't mean the world to him, but it's something special to be able to claim and given the stage in his career that he is at, it just seems in bad taste to go back and alter the stats in the final game of the season in that particular scenario. Some guys get paid performance bonuses, what if going back and altering a state meant a substantial bonus for a player?
# 5 soonermagic88 @ Jan 2
I think they should leave it alone. I think it is safe to say that stats were not altered post game because of replays in the 50's, 60's, 70's etc. They should keep all things even and not do away with the human element of the game. If we are going to take back those yards from Manning, then we need to review every single pass that Brees threw in his record setting season, and every pass from the previous record holder and so on.
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