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The OS Daily Ten - How Should GM's React to Injured Superstars? Stuck
Posted on January 8, 2014 at 04:10 PM.

The injury saga of Derrick Rose has been a tough one to follow for those that empathise with the plight of the Bulls' talented point man. It's not as easy, however, for us to relate to the front office in Chicago. What is life like when the heart of your franchise goes down for an entire season -- or more? The injury to David Robinson that led to San Antonio drafting Tim Duncan was one of the most impactful twists of fate for any professional sports organization in recent memory. But allowing your organization to struggle in the current season with the hope it leads to gains in the future (draft positioning) is a tough call to make.

Last year the Bulls pushed forward to reach the Eastern Conference semifinals despite the void Rose left. This year, however, Chicago is struggling with a sub-.500 record and the organization has responded in kind. Luol Deng has been traded away and Andrew Bynum immediately released -- perhaps a sign that Chicago is looking past the current season and banking on the future when Derrick Rose returns.

If you were the GM of a sports franchise that lost a star player to injury, would you push forward or plot for free agency and future draft picks?

Bonus Question: What strategies have you tried in the virtual world as a sports video gamer?

Sports Headlines for January 8, 2014
# 1 tarek @ Jan 8
I find the injury question very interesting. Not for the decisions made in light of a high profile injury, but that actual rate and severity of injuries.
This question always leads me back to the question of PEDs in professional sports, which I suppose isn't the focus of this daily ten post. But to go along this thread, in a vacuum, how are some players able to avoid injuries whilst others don't? The Spurs manage the minutes and effort for their elder players, thus reducing impact and lowering the risk of injury. Kobe played almost 40mins a game and his body broke down. Chris Paul is injured. The list goes on and on.
Do PEDs play a part in injury frequency? Is that why some players like Lebron (who is either a physical freak of nature or using PEDs) avoid injuries? Is it why some players consistently nurse minor injuries whilst other rarely have any minor injuries? Is it just simply a factor of better nutrition or doing yoga or something? The question of injuries is really interesting.
# 2 TheEmanHTX @ Apr 6
Great read. Have always pondered this question myself. Being from Houston, our GMs always seem to be after the bottom line, but injuries have seemed to stave off the executioner's chop.
As GM, my goal would be to rehab my investment. If the player was worth my time to draft/sign/etc., then I should show that desire to win and succeed when its needed most.
# 3 bryceisdabest @ Apr 10
I think that this is a quite interesting topic. I think that I would go for picks and look at the long run, especially if the players is going to be out for a good deal of time. Coming from a sports background where I have not seen much, of any success in terms of NBA. I feel that you should move and look at what options you have for free agency and in the draft. This is interesting because it would be different for a playoff team late in the season. In that case, I would just move forward without the player and just go for it all. If it was earlier I would trade for a better player. I think it depends on the teams, and the players that you have around your star.
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