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Complete Player Control and Precision for Madden and NCAA 
Posted on June 26, 2012 at 12:24 AM.

As a user, I don't have full control over my player's actions when playing Madden or NCAA. I hate being engaged in a block when I don't want to be. I hate hoping that I'm close enough to a receiver so the computer can automatically jam him for me. I want to be able to do that stuff myself and pay for it if i mess up, wether it result in a penalty or just getting flat out beat by the opposing player.

In almost every other sports game, an animation or action does not occur by a user controlled player unless there is a user input. Games like fifa and nhl feel satisfying because they give you complete control over what is happening on the field/ice.

Here are a few addition controls that give the user complete control of their player;

Defensive Controls:

- Break down/Engage - LT - My main gripe is basically controls on defense. I think holding LT as an "Engage" mechanic is my main suggestion. LT in theory would allow the player your controling to "break down" and engage in things like bracing for a block, squaring your hips in coverage (backpedalling), and setting up to perform a wrap up tackle.

- Total control hitting RS I think the elimination of X and moving all tackling to the RS would really help how we tackle. Just using the RS would be for regular hitting basic hitting.
- Big Hits RT + RS
- Wrap up tackle LT + RS

- Bumping/jamming a receiver pressing B button - obviously within 5 yards or results in a penalty.

- Jostling/getting into position on a receiver repeatedly tapping B button If anyone has ever played fifa, this bumping/jamming/jostling system is very similar to how their take away/positioning mechanic works with the B button. Abusing this button will result in defensive holding.

- Shoulder Barge RT + B - this is be perfect for blitzing and blowing up blocks

- Special Move X - this is mainly for Linemen and LB's trying to avoid a blocker. Players may have moves like spins, rips, jukes, and swims.

Here's a situation. You're playing LB and the QB pitches it to the right. As you make your way to the RB, you see a pulling guard. You have the option to either brace up for the hit LT (if you don't hit LT to engage in a block to "brace up" or "fight back" against a pulling guard or FB, you get handled pretty easily or pancaked), put your head down and blow up the block RT + B, or try an avoidance move X. After you successfully avoid the block, you have to decide what kind of tackle you will use to take down the RB (Wrap up LT + RS) (Basic tackle RS) (Hard hit with shoulder RT + RS)

Offensive Controls:

- Precision running LT + LS - This would be mainly used for finding the hole in the back field. Holding LT shortens the ball carrier's steps to help time hitting the hole. Holding LT and pressing the LS left or right would result in the ball carrier to sidestep to that direction instead of turning, this way your always facing upfield (I hate having to juke my own players to get out of the backfield). This will help get around and avoid your own blockers easier. Imagine how satisfying it would feel being able to side step into the hole, letting go of the LT, and watching the ball carrier explode upfield. Ratings would tie in very well with this. ex. Adrian peterson would feel more explosive than a cedric benson. This would be perfect when they implement their all new foot-planting/momentum system in madden 14.
- Stutter Step/ Shake N Bake Moves LT + RS - As you are in this sort of controlled speed with LT, you will be able to perform more precise quick special moves with the RS. Imagine the possibility of being able to do things like a quick stutter step (LT + RS) then going right into a spin (RS). Combinations like this will really give people with still skills an edge over their competition.

**If you haven't caught on, LT is a "tension" mechanic on the offensive side of the ball. Holding LT would also naturally be used to sort of slow down, tense up, and protect the ball. Those who are conservative and patient would benefit most with this running mechanic and bring a whole new style to the run game.

- Engaging in blocking LT - again this is pretty much the same as defense. If you are an OLineman or WR blocking for a run, you will not engage in a block unless you hold LT.

- WR/TE Push off coverage B - Pretty much to counter the DBs ability to play bump and run. This will give you separation as well as the ability to push off a receiver to separate while he's jostling you.

- Special Move X - Again the "non physical" ability for a receiver to avoid bump in run

- types of catches Y (possession catch use LT + Y, acrobatic catch RT + Y, standard catch Y alone)

Consider this situation. You are a receiver lined up against a DB and see that hes trying to play bump n run. As you explode off the line, you hit B to get separation (physical wide receivers will push while smaller guys will try a quick move to get by). As you run your route, you feel the DB pulling on you so you tap B to push away his hands. The more you hit B the more likely you gain separation, but you risk getting an offensive pass interference penalty. As the ball is in the air, you have to decide what kind of catch you want to make using the Triggers + Y.

This can easily go the other way. Your a DB and your playing up on a WR. As he gets off the line, you hit B to jam him and disrupt his route (If you do this outside of 5 yards however, this will result in a penalty and you also risk getting burned if your DB isn't good at bump n run coverage). You see the WR has a step on you as hes running down field, so you can tap B a few times to slow him down (tapping B too much it will result in PI). As the ball is in the air, you then have the choice of what you want to do, swat, intercept, or punch out of receiver's hands (Triggers + Y).

Note: Make that "fight" those players experience more fun to the user by giving us more control. I think more people would want to play positions like OL and DL if they had this sort of intense "mini game" or "battle" to protect/get to the qb. I hope for this type of user control to ultimately result in successful online team play one day.
# 1 rdogpawns @ Jun 26
this is good because i hated it in madden 12 when my o-line runs by the people going for me. instead the run to the middle of the feild for a guy whos not even in the play.
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