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How to make the NBA 2k series even BETTER 
Posted on September 29, 2013 at 10:13 PM.
Constantly thinking of new ideas can burn you out...

I can relate to the 2k dev team because I know that having to come up with new ideas and concepts constantly can be quite the burn out. I wanted to give a few tips to improve modes going forward that I hope the devs will take into consideration when making 2k going forward, or even patching the current title (2k14).

How to improve team parody

I was thinking of ways to tell a team apart from the rest by using stat tracking thats already in the game. This can be implemented in a franchise mode or just in the regular game based on real life action.

My idea involves using what teams typically do on the court as far as style of play. Do they run any offensive sets? How many 3s do they shoot? Do they play inside out/or outside in? What teams should be doing can be suggested to the player based on the average 3pt shot rating for the entire team, and how many individual players shoot 3s well on the team. Whether they should be playing through the post on offense should be determined by the offensive ratings of the big men on the team (ie do they have a high rated post hook that they can go to? Or maybe they have a great overall post proficiency).

The game should take these ratings and determine whether the player should or should not go to the post more often and make those suggestions known through in game commentary. How cool would it be for steve kerr to point out that our playstyle has changed over the last 5 games to a faster pace? Very cool I say. And this would all be determined by stat tracking already within the game, they are simply triggers that tell the game what the user is doing, then it can act to defend against it in-game, and also comment about it within the presentation.

Additionally, in a franchise setting, playstyle can be used as something to attract or deter free agents. If you play a faster paced style you would attract more 3 point shooters, but have a hard time attracting a proficient post player. The same goes for a team that plays inside out; great perimeter players may be reluctant to go to a team that is focused on inside play. So it all balances out in the end. This goes for players on the team as well, does the style you play fit with the type of players you have? Maybe this affects their role on the team or attitude, which then in turn affects chemistry and maybe even a hit to their attributes.

The key here is everything would be connected and provide an immersive experience due to the game responding to user input with commentary, in game changes, and all of these changes reflect what goes on in real life. The best part about all of this is that it is stat/tendency driven. How you play can then tell the game how to respond accordingly. All that is left is to provide the proper responses and prompts to each stat.

In addition, this translates to myCareer as well. Currently, players are often placed at positions at random such as a point guard being placed at center, etc. This should be a possibility because players often play out of position. Sometimes this hurts gameplay when players are put in a position that they cannot perform at such as a center at point guard.

This can be fixed by opening positions to players based on attributes, height, and weight. Players that play center may very well possess the ability to play point, so as long as their dribbling is at a certain attribute level the point guard spot should be open for them to be placed there. Same goes for putting a center out on the perimeter. They would need proper speed, quickness, or at least a midrange game to play out there, so that would be the trigger to open the forward spots to a center.

There are certain things that would never happen, such as a 6'0 pg playing center, or a 7'5 center playing point guard, etc. So certain exceptions should be built in. But overall with these examples one can see that there are many doors to open up with these ideas for myCareer.

These are just a few random thoughts I had so I thought I'd jot them down. I really hope this gets to Mike Wang so he can pass it along to the team either as a whole, or even in part.

Thanks for reading and as always any suggestions feel free to expand in the comment section! #SIMNATIONstandUP
# 1 chunt04 @ Sep 30
I like this idea a lot in terms of opening up strategy and taking immersion to a whole new level. Your team would truly be that, yours. If my play style affected the choice of certain free agents coming to my team in a franchise/ association, that would be amazing.
# 2 tril @ Oct 1
I thought 2k already did this, as far as going to a teams strength. This is based off of the teams personnel and the coach.

Great IDEA on the attracting free agents.

Another possible way to properly implement this is by implementing the number of touches a player gets.

personally the best way to implement this is to use some sort of algorithm that uses a current team's player's signature skills, player ratings, potential, role, and weight it against a free agents ratings to determine interest.

and while we're at it Id like to see free agent salaries based on the number of free agents during said off season. If the shooting guard free agent pool is thin on talent and # of players, then the current free agents in said pool could command more money. so some years, a 60-70 level player could get more money, as a opposed to a year that has an abundance of free agents at said position.

to further add to this -signature skills could be weighted like the star system found in APF2k8. in other word a team woudl be allotted a certain cap for certain or all signatures skills.

As far as players playing out of position, Ive seen this before in ai controlled teams. I dont know if this is by design or by some sort of default.
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