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The Perfect Coaching Carousel How EA Should Develop the CC 
Posted on April 19, 2011 at 04:28 PM.
With all of the new information coming out it's going to make the wait until July 12th incredibly difficult. So I thought I'd take some time and obsess over my favorite game on PS3, and tell you what I would love to see in this franchise. Hopefully this will get to the devs at EA, and hopefully they'll like the positive criticism from a fan who loves their product, and not one who's sending hate mail.

Here's what I personally would love to see implemented into NCAA. I know some of this stuff is going to take a long time to develop, but I want to take the time and let you know what I as a fan want in the game. I'm sure that I will leave out huge discussions on gameplay, but please comment below on what you would like to see from EA, and what you agree/disagree with in this blog. I would greatly appreciate feedback.

Coaching Carousel (CC)
First thing I want to include is the largely discussed Coaching Carousel. EA please comment back to this blog and tell me that you have learned from your mistakes from NFL Head Coach, and that just calling plays is not actually coaching. Please implement a system that isn't "technically accurate". Let the player work his way up from a coordinator to better and bigger things at more prestigious schools, and head coaching positions. This could be an amazing feature and this is how I would love to see it introduced, but before you read this please give us an option to actually play with our team or side of ball if we are a coordinator.

With the new trailer's description below I would love to see EA use the Road to Glory as a stepping stone to becoming a coach.
"Experience the pageantry of gameday Saturday as you go from high school superstar to top college player to head coach in NCAA Football 12. With an enhanced in-game presentation, new traditions, and an all-new tackling system, make an impact with NCAA Football 12."
I think it would be perfect to become either an offensive or defensive coordinator based on what position you played in your Road to Glory Dynasty. You could also bring back studying that influences the players GPA as long with other attributes to "transfer" to coaching abilities as a coach.

EA loves to try to transfer modes from NCAA to Madden, but to the best of my knowledge they have never transferred anything back to NCAA from Madden. A lot of people that I know only buy NCAA, but I think you would gain a huge audience in both NCAA and Madden if you were able to continue your RTG dynasty into Madden as a professional NFL athlete with an option at the end of your career to retire into coaching College.

Light bulb!
I think you would not only gain huge praise for something so amazing, but I think you would gain a large audience that would be more than happy to dish out money for both football games without thinking twice.

Many games still have that quality and playability that they are able to be replayed years later such as NCAA Basketball by 2k. The only reason that I still play this game is because I can take a mediocre school, and try to coach them into a powerhouse. Coaching is much more than just coaching a single game. Ask any coach what their job title means, and I'm sure they will have an answer that is along the lines of taking their team to a greater level of success and achievement. If NCAA is able to implement a Coaching mode similar to the old NCAA Basketball Coaching Carousel I can't even fathom the success of the Title.

To succeed in the Coaching Carousel, and for me to even consider this feature I would have to actually be able to take complete control of my team. This includes my largest priority in Coaching Carousel which is actually letting the player play the games through the team. I know that the Coach doesn't actually play(Obviously). But please give me the ability to play with your team. I have had multiple thirty plus year dynasties that I have played until I had successfully taken smaller schools into unbeatable powerhouses. For me that's why I love NCAA, and why I think CC would be a great addition.

Other great additions I would love to see implemented are stadium and equipment upgrades. If you start with a small school as you would most likely have to in CC it would be a great feature to have a budget as well as a way to upgrade your stadium. Small colleges aren't know for having a huge stadiums, but with an indept Coaching Mode it would be possible to receive "donations from alumni(example)" if you hit certain goals such as winning a bowl/championship, recruiting a top recruit, or even winning a rivalry game. In my dream Coaching Mode we would have a budget that we can upgrade our stadium as well as getting scholarship funds for recruits.

You wouldn't even necessarily need a "budget". I would be completely happy with having interaction with the Athletic Director or Alumni to donate new additions to your current stadium if certain goals are meet, and even to possibly build a completely new state of the art stadium like in previous Madden's dynastys. Setting prices, and upgrading my stadium was always one of my favorite things to work towards in my Madden dynasties.

EA. I know that implementing a huge mode such as Coaching Carousel is impossible to do in a year or two with the quality that must be attained before you can actually release it to us. But please bring me a quality Coaching Mode EA. I know it would take some time, but it would put NCAA Football over the top and impossible to compete with.

Here's a little list of things that EA has brought into the game that had been on my list: The Oldies from last generation with possible create a sign coming back plus the long hair. Jumping over the line, bowl patches, players that can cut and not juke five yards sideways, physics, and finally CREATE A TEAM.
# 1 RUFFNREADY @ Apr 19
JJ.US, i like everything your saying, and would like to see all the stuff formentioned; but lets get the gameplay down first !!! then throw everything in on top like gravy. To have a game that gives you a creative A.I experience would be amazing. To weave this into what JJ.US is stating is; having a coach and his coaching style truely implemented well into the gameplay. Something a bit more free flowing, and not soo scripted, and predictable.

nice post.
# 2 @ Apr 19
Thanks Ruffnready. I agree on the gameplay but it's hard to write a blog without sending EA 9 million clips of film to study lol. I doubt this could even be put into a finished product for a couple years, but I would love to have EA prove me wrong!
# 3 joh_tem @ Apr 21
I agree with you on this topic. I wish that 2K would have taken over the NCAA Football series. In my opinion, 2K probably would have been the best football series ever. ( That's just my opinion ) Furthermore, EA hasn't been doing nothing for the NCAA series in the next gen series. Okay. graphics and new plays are cool but come on what about the game play. It's a shame that a PS2 version of NCAA can beat a next gen series. For crying out loud how can a 5 or 6 year old game be better than a next gen game. There are exceptions though. NFL 2K5, which is a old game, is still competing with these new football games. Guess what it's a 2k game.
# 4 joh_tem @ Apr 21
Oh yeah. I wasn't trying to argue if anyone tries to start an argument. Also nice post by the way.
# 5 RM938 @ May 13
Damn these are some good ideas. But unfortunatley EA doesn't exactly think of stuff the way we do. I feel like if they did have a Coaching Carousel they would add it in but they would do it in a way where they could expand and not implement it to the fullest extent. What I mean by this is that they obviously want to sell the game and if they were to make the game perfect or the way everyone wanted, they wouldn't know what to add year after year to make more money.

I'm all for the Coaching Carousel idea though.
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