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 # 18 commenting on Dynamic in game stadium ad... picture @ Jul 10, 2020
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# 17
thunderstruck81 @ Apr 28, 2017
I have some Revolution Helmet Templates that I'm having trouble with. I was wondering if you would be able to help me out with them?
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# 16
TheLully @ Oct 4, 2011
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# 15
StaubachKid @ Aug 25, 2011
Originally Posted by
hey man did u need a custom logo?
Yeah man I sure did! Can you make one?
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# 14
chdmartin2 @ Jun 28, 2011
Could you make an "E" logo that was blue with black and white outlines or maybe an oval "E" similiar to Georgia's with the same colors?
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# 13
Falcons11497 @ Apr 20, 2011
Originally Posted by
Hey, Falcons I saw you made the last cover template I used. Are you planning on making a template for NCAA 12 or just using the same template. Thanks!
Yeah, I'm working on one as we speak. Just waiting on a couple things before I release it is offline
# 12 @ Apr 19, 2011
Please view and comment on my last blog on implementing a Coaching Mode in NCAA Football here. Thanks! is offline
# 11 @ Apr 8, 2011
Check out the on going 2012 FCS Project here. Come help us create realistic FCS teams to play with in the upcoming NCAA Football.
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# 10
NightmareEvolution @ Apr 2, 2011
That's cool. No rush. Thanks.
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# 9
NightmareEvolution @ Apr 2, 2011
Hey man, whenever you get a chance, could you maybe make me a logo?
It's for a team called the Texas Gunslingers and the team colors are black, maroon, and white. If you could, I want a cowboy/gunslinger with his guns raised or at least ready to shoot if need be with Texas at his feet. I really don't care what it looks like, just as long as it looks like a fight is about to start in a western movie.
OR if that's to hard, the state of Texas (like you would find on a map) with a "G" in the middle of it. That's it for that logo.
OR make both, I don't care.
Sorry to bother you, if you can't do it or its to hard, I understand.
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# 8
NightmareEvolution @ Mar 27, 2011
I just got your message of the new Flames logo (I kinda lost my password lol). I got to say, it is awesome. I love the flames inside the logo. Great logo! Keep it up, man.
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# 7
The Chef @ Mar 21, 2011
Originally Posted by
hey chef how do you get your ps trophies as your picture is there an app or is it just a picture of your trophies. just wonderin if theres an app for your gamercard or if its just a pic. thanks
Just a simple copy and paste job of the trophy display on the PS3 website. is offline
# 6 commenting on Interception Blindside by... video @ Mar 21, 2011
Definitely one of my all time favorites WOW! is offline
 # 5 commenting on BroncosLogo picture @ Mar 18, 2011
This is a modified version of the old Boise State Broncos Logo used from 1974 until 2001. I tried to encorporate the new logo's bronco into the old logo to bring it more up to date. You can find the original logo here. is offline
# 4 @ Mar 18, 2011
Check out my two latests logos on the Official CAS Logo Thread here! is offline
 # 3 commenting on The Tool Shed Logo request by... picture @ Mar 11, 2011
Completed March 11, 2011
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# 2
cubsfan128 @ Mar 2, 2011
Originally Posted by
Hey man, do u use anything custom for the year in ur cover designs, and what do u use for the players filters, brushes, topaz, etc. thanks man i really appreciate it
Hey Justin, for the year I use the text of each team as it would appear on the jersey. And for the players, I play around with a lot of the filters and topaz! That is pretty much it. I encourage you to start making some covers and try to find a unique effect! is offline
# 1 @ Feb 15, 2011
What's Up?! Add me on psn: jonzy23
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