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My Madden 2010 Wishlist 
Posted on April 3, 2009 at 07:52 PM.

toggle on/off options and adjustable sliders for every single feature

bring back defensive matchups (CB on WR at least)

total button customization

custom playbooks (offline)

custom play creator (offline)

out of game playbook browser

formation changes shouldn't make D players unnecessarily change position with huge drop in AI

CPU time management improved

CPU play calling logic improved

CPU play calling more team specific

more red flags thrown by CPU

add an individual penalty-discipline player rating category

add a "play-action sell" rating for QBs and RBs

bigger variation in ratings (scale down ratings to include lower numbers under 40, so high numbers mean more)

improve replay viewing outside of game (allow all the different angles after replay is saved)

allow more replays to be saved/uploaded

remove smart player weapon

add depth chart category for goal-line and short yardage RB (in addition to 3rd Down)

complete color instructions booklet covering everything in the game

bring back in-game saves

intelligent auto subs should only replace 1-2 starters per position (DB, LB, DL) at a time

intelligent audibles that move players to and from similar positions when formations change

profile should load most recent roster file, then auto load ‘online’ file for games online

option to have play clock be a ratio to the quarter length (maybe 45 sec for 15 min, 30 for 10 min, 15 sec for 5 min?)

get rid of the rings, and just use the trophy rooms, record books, and 360 achievements (please add PS3 trophies) and include easy to navigate user stats


add multi player fumble pile ups (IMO, the most noticeable thing missing from madden when I watch NFL games)

improved blocking mechanics & AI (get a NFL line coach to help break down NFL film v Madden replays)

add several more pass types in between lob and bullet throws

slightly increase size (width) of QB pocket and/or improve OT outside blocking

make QB slide holding down button, dive should be tap

better RS/R3 controls for QBs to slide step and avoid rush/sack (mini jukes, but only in the pocket)

bring back full analog stick control (HB)

add more weight/momentum to movement, and remove unrealistic cuts/change of direction

bring back user jump/catch and strafe on all levels

bring back squib kicks

great AWR QBs should see open receivers by having icons grow slightly larger the more the WR is separated from the DB (not on hardcore mode)

eliminate HB speed burst causing defenders to shed blocks

eliminate faster players getting caught from behind by slower players

allow pre-play adjustments before lines are set (like within 2 min)

choose exactly what exact part of a play you want to challenge amongst several feasible options based on the play type, on any play (except within 2 min)

good WRs should attempt to play like a defender and swat pass if really bad or coverage is really good

ability to cancel/reverse a player while still in motion, start on WRs when switching through O players at line

quicker D reaction to scrambling QB, especially in zone when a linebacker is in zone looking right at the QB pull the ball down

there should be a defensive AI boost on 4th downs

offensive pass interference called more frequently when players user-catch (and in turn, often run into defenders)

use randomized blitz angles ONLY for low AWR defenders


better uniform editor (more options) for custom teams

add practice squad and increase roster size to stash young players, allowing a number of specific attributes to be chosen for a practice squad player to work at in practice that will slightly improve those ratings over the course of their season

ability to edit existing NFL team uniforms (minus logos) for custom teams

ability to use expansion for custom teams instead of replacing an existing one


better overall fluidity, less disconnects (crucial for launch, since a bad 1st impression will keep a ton of users from attempting to go online again, even with later patches/fixes)

add full online franchise mode

remember saved depth charts and substitutions

bring back fair play option (filterable option?)

ability to track disconnects differentiated by user quits or actual bad connections

more filters to search for similar players with similar sliders and options

ability to use custom team v custom team (filterable option?)

allow all alternate uniforms online

somehow control the "cheese" playing and glitchers (sorry not more specific, this is a tough one)

new UI (sorry this isn't more specific, but the lobbies have been rough)

weather channel feature from NCAA (with options for clear, random, or actual current weather conditions)


jersey pulling

player towels/hand warmers

slight equipment movement on hits (pads, towels, etc...)

defenders should watch the QB more, even in man coverage unless WR is streaking and DB has to turn and run

better DB head tracking (even if just spying receiver going for ball, could possibly result in specific face guarding pass interference calls)

more QB throwing animations (even if it’s just 4-5 generic styles)

tattoos, long hair, etc...

correct helmets in pro bowl

movable pile-ons

smarter player celebrations depending on situation

more arm and wrap up tackles animations

big hits knocking helmets off

have a check in place to eliminate more than one player doing the same animation within a couple seconds of each other (kills immersion when players look like robots)


display option for 4:3 standard TV users to be able to see the field properly (CRUCIAL)

totally customizable camera angles (CRUCIAL)

utilize ESPN license for pregame/halftime/postgame shows

commentary needs a lot more variety and improved accuracy based on the current situation

show the entire field goal and PAT kicks from one view instead of changing angles last second

on field referees (either with collision avoidance, or possibly ghost-like so players run right through them like they're not even there, not getting in the way of WR routes, like they could in last gen)

chain gangs

busier, more crowded sidelines (even if they're just canned animations)

crowd volume, tone, and pitch should dynamically adjust to current game situations, playoffs, broken records, etc… (compare to NFL & NCAA game film to hear a huge difference from game)

slightly less camera flashes

slightly less camera shake on big hits

don't allow action camera to zoom in on break aways, then zoom back to regular, and so on...

start game with a (hopefully interesting) load screen going straight to menu, without several button prompts, demos, etc... (ie GTAIV)

show preview of uniforms when selecting options pre game

allow us to choose jersey/pants combos individually (or at least include all options the team uses)

the game unrealistically knows exactly what has happened instantaneously, instead of leaving some brief suspense for the user (ie, every player on the field simultaneously relaxes the instant a whistle is blown, or even worse the defense always just stops the moment the ball carrier hits the end zone, even if about to engage in serious contact. also, how the announcers comment how a player is injured a split second after it happens, or an instant red flag that would normally take a few seconds for the coach to decide to throw, etc...)

option whether camera should pause and zoom around 180 degrees on a turnover

custom soundtrack from HDD

team match up screen should show more than just overall rating, ie:

....................... OVR 91 .......................
.. OFF .... 94 .... DEF .. 88 ..... ST . 89 ....
.. QB ...... 89 ......................................
.. OL ...... 91 ..... DL .... 90 ....................
.. WR/TE . 92 .... DB ... 83 .....................
.. HB/FB .. 96 .... LB .... 86 ....................

move the score overlay display to the very top (or bottom) of the screen

decrease overall size of screen overlays

try to eliminate load time when game advances to play calling screen post play (or at least don't let the clock tick)

once "By Formation" play calling is selected, remember this throughout, i.e. don’t automatically go to the ‘ask madden’ punt return or field goal on 4th down, but rather just go to special teams formation screen.

the ask madden option shouldn't even be in all pro or all madden games (or hardcore mode)

keep passing icons consistent regardless of formations and audibles

no cut scenes to the scoreboard (injuries, halftime)

show players kneeling over injured teamate, waiving for trainers, trainers running out to player

remove or reduce the color filters for some stadiums/weather
# 1 njd.aitken @ Apr 3
Just glanced at it but it looks good.

I'll look at it in greater detail tomorrow.
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