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The Unexplainable Mystery of Madden 10 
Posted on August 29, 2009 at 02:22 PM.
I think Madden 10 is the best football game yet. I'm very happy with the majority of the game, despite a few flaws. I'm also very optomistic that the current dev team at Tiburon can, and will, continue to tweak and polish the game to get it where we want it to be.

However, I have one huge pet-peeve.

Why are there so many features and settings left unexplained? A quick search on the OS forums and you will literally find dozens of threads asking how some aspect of the game really works. It can be pretty confusing for no good reason.

Probably the best example is the sliders. I love the customization in this game, but it's impossible to fully take advantage since it's so unclear what they actually do... There is no reason why EA shouldn't have a website dedicated to explaining this, and all the other question marks.
What is the difference between Advanced and Hardcore play calling?

How do the player attribute ratings truley interact?

How do the CPU skill and Player skill balance?

What is the true default skill setting? (All-Pro?)
EA should be really embarrassed with the instruction booklet, but I could look past that if the in-game explanation was any better. The controller layout actually says the R-Stick has no function for engaged defenders! What a joke. Again, why not at least put together a website to explain it? ...this is the closest thing we have, and it's weak at best:

Please EA Tiburon... come back to the OS boards you praised so much during the dev cycle, and help us understand how to actually play the game. I know how to spin and juke, how about really explaining all the sliders?

I'd like to grab Ian and Phil by the shoulders and scream "You guys made the best Madden ever, with all these great customizable features... but you didn't tell anybody how they work!?!?!"
# 1 stlstudios189 @ Aug 29
I understand the "green" aspect of a lack of instruction manual but, I don't feel like forking out $20 for the stratagy guide.
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