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MLB Bobblehead Pros Retires From Xbox Live Marketplace Stuck
Posted on January 9, 2013 at 09:00 AM.

Xbox 360 baseball fans just took another foul tip to the nads with yesterday's revelation that Konami's MLB Bobblehead Pros -- along with all of its downloadable content -- has been permanently removed from Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade service.

If you've already purchased MLB Bobblehead Pros but don't currently have the game installed to your hard drive, you can still redownload it without issue by scrolling through your account's download history.

Online play also remains fully functional as of this writing, though finding an opponent outside of your friends list is about as likely as a Chicago Cubs World Series championship.

During the eight-year history of Xbox Live Arcade, only three titles -- Doom, Totemball and Hexic HD -- have ever reappeared on the marketplace after being delisted. Xbox Live Arcade games typically retire whenever a product license or league licensed has expired, or whenever a title simply cannot sell enough units to offset Microsoft's marketplace listing fees.

Debuting in the summer of 2011, MLB Bobblehead Pros was originally announced as both a PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade release, but poor initial sales of the Xbox Live version caused the PlayStation Network release to be canceled. PlayStation 3 owners can still purchase the Japanese retail version of MLB Bobblehead Pros by importing the game through an international retailer like Play-Asia.

Konami's excellent Power Pros franchise can also still be experienced on the Nintendo Wii or PlayStation 2, so browse your local game stores or surf online auction sites for a copy of MLB Power Pros 2008 if you want to experience the game that many fans view as the best overall Power Pros entry.

Finally, consult Operation Sports' original reviews for MLB Bobblehead Pros and the DLC add-on, MLB Bobblehead Battle, if you'd like to read more about the newest member of the Xbox 360's baseball retirement community.
# 1 Wiggy @ Jan 9
Bobblehead Pros is actually a pretty entertaining game once you realize it's quirks and kinks. I've definitely had lost of competitive games with my brother.
# 2 Wiggy @ Jan 9
^^ ha... that should be "lots," but I have lost a good deal of them, too.
# 3 DJ @ Jan 9
I still have the demo ... never got around to purchasing the full game. I can play 08 on my PS2, though, so no big deal.
# 4 jyoung @ Jan 9
You can actually redownload and play the Bobblehead Pros demo by going through your download history the same way you would for the full game. The demo just won't allow you to upgrade to the full game anymore since the purchase link and all the DLC links are dead.

But really, if you have the 2008 PS2 version, you've already got the best entry in the series, so it sounds like you are all set.

That said, Bobblehead Pros was the first baseball game I've finished a 162-game season for since Ken Griffey Jr. Presents MLB for the Super Nintendo.
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